1900 - 1924

Bradford Timeline

1950 - 1974

Architecture Trades Hall, Sunbridge Road   
Events Bradford Corporation Act (Bus Bill)
Great Yorkshire Show, Woodhall, Thornbury (21/7)
Horse cabs cease to operate 
Lord Mayor - Joseph Stringer
Bradford Daily Telegraph
move to Hall Ings (30/9)
Bradford City 16 (D2) - Avenue 5 (D3) - Northern 26 (RL) 
National Soccer offside law changed to 2 players (not 3)  Contributury State Pension scheme introduced
International USA - Calvin Coolidge  Rudolph Valentino died (23/8) 
Sport FA - Sheffield United (Cardiff)
RLCC - Oldham (Hull KR)
1st - Huddersfield (West Bromwich Albion)
RL - Swinton (Hull KR)
RL - Hull KR (Swinton) - playoffs 
Firsts Western Electric - recording system
Charleston - dance
Transatlantic radio broadcast (12/3) 
"Eros"  - Shaftesbury Memorial - Piccadilly Square
Frozen cooked food - Clarence Birdseye
Arts/Media Mein Kampf (Volume 1) - Adolph Hitler (19/7) 
Carry on Jeeves - PG Wodehouse
The Battleship Potemkin - film 
Songs of Praise
The Great Gatsby 
- F Scott Fitzgerald
The Gold Rush - film (Charlie Chaplin)
Products Sherbert Fountain
Masking Tape - 3M
Cadbury's Brazil Nut chocolate

Architecture Lloyds Bank, Hustlergate
Connaught Rooms, Manningham Lane fnd stone [Ross & Briggs]
Midland Bank, Market Street
Water filtration plant, Thornton (21/9) 
Events Bradford Telegraph & Argus {1947}
Bingley Town Hall - was Myrtle Grove
Motor bus service (13/5)
Train crash at LNER station
Scala cinema becomes St Mary's Church Hall
Orphan Girls' Home closed (31/3)
Princess Mary visited the Alhambra (9/10)
Lord Mayor - Richard Johnson
Freeman - Frederick Priestman (14/9)
St Georges Hall cinema (1/4) {1949}
Wyke cinema (4/9) {1931/1959}
Bradford City Manager - Colin Veitch {1928}
Bradford City 16 (D2) - Avenue 2 (D3) - Northern 23 (RL)
National General Strike (4/5) 
Voting age for women changed from 30 to 21 (7/5)
Agatha Christie disappears

International Rudolf Valentino died (23/8)  Claude Monet died - Germany (5/12) 
Sport FA - Bolton (Manchester City)
RLCC - Swinton (Oldham)
1st - Huddersfield (Arsenal) 
RL - Wigan (Warrington)
RL - Wigan (Warrington) - playoffs
Firsts British Grand Prix - Brooklands (7/8) 
Waterproof sandpaper (3M)
Electric chair - USA (6/8)
Round the world flight
Greyhound racing - Belle Vue
Traffic lights - Piccadilly Circus (3/8)
Gertrude Ederle - first woman to swim English Channel (6/8)
Arts/Media Winnie the Pooh - AA Milne (14/10)

Metropolis - directed by Fritz Lang
Ben Hur 

Architecture Greenfield Greyhound Stadium, Dudley Hill (8/10) {1969} Theatre de Luxe cinema demolished 
Events Brown Muff Co - January sale - coats 30s
Decision made to build Britannia House
Electric street lighting extended
White Abbey slum clearance begins
Butterfield Signs - Harry Butterfield 
Lord Mayor - Michael Conway
St Georges Hall damaged by fire
Scotland Yard purchases fleet of Jowett cars
Bradford City 22R (D2) - Avenue 3 (D3) - Northern 28 (RL)
National BBC incorporated by Royal Charter  
International Lindbergh flies from New York to Paris in 37 hours   Jerome K, Jerome died (14/6) 
Sport FA - Cardiff (Arsenal)
RLCC - Oldham (Swinton)

1st - Newcastle United (Huddersfield)
RL - St Helens Rec (Swinton)
RL - Swinton (St Helens Rec) - playoffs 
Firsts BBC Royal Charter (1/1)
Live radio football commentary - Arsenal v Sheffield United (22/2) 
Plastic toothbrush (Addis/Wisdom)
Arts/Media Jazz Singer - first talkie movie
Showboat - musical [New York] (27/12)
Tarka the Otter - Henry Williamson
Products Thorntons chocolate  Model T Ford ceased production 

Architecture Ye Olde Crowne, Ivegate - rebuilt
Olympia (public hall), Thornton Road {?}
Electricity Works extension 
Greengates cinema (4/10) {1959}
Connaught Rooms, Manningham Lane (29/9)
Kings Road [officially opened]  (27/4)
Events Double-decker motorbus
Bradford City Transport moved to Bolton Road
Royal visit - Duke of York [King George VI]
Textile trade makes heavy losses
Bolton Lane abattoir closed (27/10)
Bettys Ballroom opened
Lord Mayor - Herbert Thornton Pullan
St Ives purchased by Bingley Council
Cost  to London on train 10s (50p)
Bradford City Manager - Peter O'Rourke {1930}
Bradford City 6 (D3) - Avenue 1P (D3) - Northern 16 (RL)
National Voting age for women reduced to 21 (from 30)  Thomas Hardy died (11/1) 
International Graf Zeppelin transatlantic flight  Flying Doctor service, Australia
Sport FA - Blackburn Rovers (Huddersfield)
RLCC - Swinton (Warrington)
Olympic Games (9th) - Amsterdam, Holland  
1st - Everton (Huddersfield)
RL - Swinton (Leeds)
RL - Swinton (Featherstone) - playoffs
Firsts Heinz started to manufacture in the UK
Speedway racing on cinder track in UK - Essex
Automatic traffic lights - Bond St/Park Row, Leeds
Woman to fly across Atlantic - Amelia Earhart (18/6) 
RCA and Victor merged
Penicillin discovered by Alexandra Fleming
"St Michael" - Marks & Spencer trademark
Madam Tussauds, London (26/4) 
Arts/Media The House at Pooh Corner - AA Milne
An American in Paris - George Gershwin
Bolero - Maurice Ravel
MGM Logo (31/7)
Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse) - Walt Disney
The Threepenny Opera - Kurt Weill
"Glass and a half . . " - Dairy Milk advert 
Products Brylcreem  Elastoplast 

Architecture Civic Playhouse
Regal cinema (7/1) {1966}
Extensions to Children's Hospital opened by Princess Mary (4/4) 
St Columba's school
BRI patients block foundation stone 
Events First "talkie" film - The Singing Fool, Savoy
Design competition for Britannia House
Marks & Spencer, Darley Street [Jacksons]
Sports Turf Research Institute founded
Marks & Spencer - 38/40 Darley Street
Transport Inquiry : Trams to trolley buses (11/4) 
Lord Mayor - Argus Hardy Rhodes
Royal visit - Prince of Wales [King Edward VIII]
T&A Nignog childrens club
Double decker motorbus enters service
Bradford City 1P (D3) - Avenue 3 (D2) - Northern 28 (RL)
National PM - J Ramsay MacDonald - Lab {1931} 
Growth of the telephone service (11/4) 
Votes given to women over the age of 21 (29/3) 
International USA - Herbert Hoover
"Wall Street Crash" (24-29/3) 
Karl Benz died (4/4) 
St Valentine's Day Massacre, Chicago (14/2) 
Lily Langtry died (12/2) 

Sport FA - Bolton (Portsmouth)
RLCC - Wigan (Dewsbury)
1st - Sheffield Wednesday (Leicester City)
RL - Huddersfield (Hull KR)
RL - Huddersfield (Leeds) - playoffs 
Firsts Fyffes "blue label" introduced
Richard Byrd flies over South Pole 
Church of Scotland formed by mergers
Graf Zeppelin flies round the world 
Arts/Media Good Companions - JB Priestley
All Quiet on the Western Front - Erich Remarque
Popeye - cartoon character in newspaper (11/4) 
Showboat - musical - Jerome Kern
A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
Academy Awards [cinema]
Products Yo-Yo - name trademarked - Donald Duncan Fry's Crunchie 

Local Shipley Town Guide (Flickr)

Architecture New Victoria/Gaumont/Odeon cinema (22/9) {2000}
Cosy cinema (4/6) {1961}
Lido, Lister Park {1983/1991}(Flickr)
"Duke of York Home" - BRI
John Street Open Market
St Clare's school
Bierley school
James Street Market exterior shops
Events Clayton joined Bradford
Busbys move to Manningham Lane
CH Wood, photographers (11/10)
Bradford Round Table established
Textile strike - 8 weeks
Leeds & Bradford Aerodrome (17/10)
Bradford Gliding Club founded
Prince's Theatre - The Luck Of The Navy (8/9) 
Pantomime (Mother Goose) at Alhambra - see 1902
Lord Mayor - Alfred Pickles
Board of Guardians abolished
Bradford Womens Cricket league
Bradford Music Clib is founded
Ideal Picture House closed (31/3)
King's Hall cinema closed (30/9)
Bradford City Manager - Jack Peart {1935}
Bradford City 18 (D2) - Avenue 4 (D2) - Northern 28 (RL)
National Road Traffic Act 
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died (7/7) 
R101 Airship Disaster (5/10)
Daily Worker (1/1) became Morning Star in 1966
International Amy Johnson - Britain to Australia solo flight
French start to construct Maginot Line
US National Institute of Health - Human Services Degree Online
Mahatma Ghandi opens Civil Disobedience campaign
Planet Pluto discovered (13/3) 
Sport FA - Arsenal (Huddersfield Town)
WC - Uruguay (Argentina) - Uruguay
RLCC - Widnes (St Helens) 
1st - Sheffield Wednesday (Derby County)
RL - St Helens (Huddersfield)
RL - Huddersfield (Leeds) - playoffs 
Firsts Robertson's Golly brooches
Acrylic plastics - Perspex, Britain & Lucite, USA
Sydney Harbour bridge 
Photoflash cubes
Pluto discovered
Arts/Media Private Lives - Noel Coward 
Birds - Three Birds logo
Daily Chronicle and Daily News merged 
Products Snickers/Marathon bar
Cadbury's Milk Flake - short version for 99 ice cream
Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate
Scotch cellophane tape - 3M 

Architecture Esholt Sewage Works
James Street Fish Market
Bolling Girls school
Wibsey school
Leeds/Bradford aerodrome
Ludlam Street Transport Depot
Shipley Town Hall rebuilt
St Theresa (RC) church
Sacred Heart (RC) church
Technical College extended 
Events Population 298,692
Bradford Historical Pageant - Peel Park (13/7)
Imperial Wool Industries Fair, Olympia
PDSA opens in Bradford
Textile wages reduced by further 11%
Harry Ramsdens- fish and chips
Knights of St Columba's moved to Clarendon Academy
Margaret McMillan died (29/3) 
Lord Mayor - George Walker
Import duty of 50% on textiles helps industry
Thackley station closed (2/2)
Eccleshill station closed (2/2)
Idle station closed (2/2)
Shipley/Windhill station closed (2/2)
List of cinemas
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Avenue 6 (D2) - Northern 28 (RL) 
National PM - J Ramsay Macdonald - Nat Gov {1935} 
Dixie Dean's 200th league goal for Everton (4/4) 
New Party formed by Oswald Mosley 
International Al Capone jailed for tax evasion - 11 years (25/10) 
Anna Pavlova died (23/1) 
Star Spangled Banner became USA national anthem (3/3)
Sport FA - West Bromwich Albion (Birmingham City)
RLCC - Halifax (York)
1st - Arsenal (Aston Villa)
RL - Swinton (Leeds)
RL - Swinton (Leeds) - playoffs 
Firsts Empire State Building (1/5) 
RCA introduces 33 1/3 rpm records
Abbey Road recording studios, London
Stereo recording patented - Alan Blumlein
Highway Code (14/4) 
Sadler's Wells Theatre, London (6/1)
Arts/Media City Lights - Charlie Chaplin
Dracula - Bela Lugosi 
Frankenstein - Boris Karloff
Products Bostik
Quink ink
Alka Seltzer [USA] (19/3)
Scrabble - Alfred M Butts
Scotch Clear Tape [3M]

Architecture City Greyhound Stadium, Legrams Lane (15/8) {1965}
Co-op Assembly Hall, Southgate
Glenroyal cinema, Shipley (5/9) {1962} [Souvenir Programme - Flickr]
Swain House school
St Peter (RC) church
Events Plans passed for Emporium, Sunbridge Road
Bradford's debt is £68 per head of population
Grand Picture House closed (30/4)
Lord Mayor - John William Longley
Freeman - Frederick Delius (23/7)
Shipley cinema closed (31/8)
Bradford City 7 (D2) - Avenue 6 (D2) - Northern 28 (RL)
National Wigan Athletic FC formed as a professional club
Three letter car number plates 
Methodist Church formed my mergers

International Charles Lindbergh son kidnapped (1/3) 
Rin Tin Tin died (10/8) 
Andre Michelin died (4/4) 
Amelia Earhart Solo Flight Across The Atlantic (25/8)
Sport FA - Newcastle United (Arsenal)
RLCC - Leeds (Swinton)
Olympic games (10th) - Los Angeles  
1st - Everton (Arsenal)
RL - Huddersfield (St Helens)
RL - St Helens (Huddersfield)
Firsts London Philharmonic Orchestra - Thomas Beecham
Broadcasting House, Regent Street, London 
George V - Christmas broadcast
Route 66 completed - Chicago to Los Angeles
Sydney Harbour Bridge (19/3) 
Arts/Media Brave New World - Aldous Huxley   Tarzan the Ape Man - Johnny Weismuller 
Products Terry's All Gold chocolates
Terry's Chocolate Orange
Mars Bar 
Zippo lighter

Architecture Bradford College extension (7/10)
YMCA extension, Canal Road
Britannia House
St Aidan (RC) church
Butterfield Homes, Wilsden 
Events Royal visit - Prince of Wales [King Edward VIII]
First traffic lights
Bradford Property Trust purchases "Saltaire"
Demolition work for construction of Broadway
Pollards' Tobacconists, John/James Street {199?}
Lord Mayor - Capt AW Brown
Leeds - Civic Hall
French aeroplane lands at Yeadon Aerodrome
Bradford City 11 (D2) - Avenue 8 (D2) - Northern 23 (RL)
National Housing Act  Sir Henry Royce died (22/4) 
International USA - Franklin D Roosevelt
Adolph Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany (30/1)
Prohibition repealed in USA (5/12) 

Sport FA - Everton (Manchester City) 
RLCC - Huddersfield (Warrington)
1st - Arsenal (Aston Villa)
RL - Salford (Swinton)
RL - Salford (Swinton) - playoffs 
Firsts Odeon cinema circuit
London Underground map [Harry Beck]
Comet founded as Comet Battery Stores in Hull
Synthetic detergent - ICI
Battersea Power Station
Arts/Media Shape of Things to Come - HG Wells King Kong 
Products Black Magic chocolates
Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate 
Ambrosia tinned Devon cream

Architecture Odsal Stadium (1/9)
Odsal Stadium - Opening Ceremony Ticket (1/9) 
Brown, Muff store extended
Grattan, Ingleby Road
Ideal Ballroom, Bankfoot {1964}
Events Bradford Northern v Huddersfield
Great Yorkshire Show - Thornbury (10/7)
Plans adopted to demolish 20,000 slum houses
First buses converted to diesel
Fire at Woolcombers, Hall Lane (27/3) 
Lord Mayor - Walter Hodgson
Freeman - George Edward Priestman (23/10) 
Frederick Delius died (10/6)
Bradford City 6 (D2) - Avenue 5 (D2) - Northern 27 (RL)
National   Peterborough United FC turned professional
International Hitler appointed president of Germany
German Election Result (19/8) 
Gustav Holst died (29/5) 
Bonnie & Clyde killed in an ambush (23/5) 
John Dillinger killed in Chicago (22/7) 
Sport FA - Manchester City (Portsmouth)
WC - Italy (Czechoslovakia) - Italy
RLCC - Hunslet (Widnes)
1st - Arsenal (Huddersfield)
RL - Salford (Wigan)
RL - Wigan (Salford) - playoffs 
Firsts Queen Mary launched (26/9)
Mersey Tunnel opened (18/7)
Battersea Power Station - Sir Giles Scott
Royal Christmas broadcast (25/12)
Wurlitzer,Rock-Ola,Seeburg jukeboxes
Driving tests introduced by Road Traffic Act
Arts/Media Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller I, Claudius - Robert Graves 
Products Gibbs SR - toothpaste Anglepoise Lamp 

Architecture Police entrance opened in Town Hall
Marks & Spencer, 16/20 Darley Street (29/3)
First Martyrs church, Height Lane

Events Esholt joined Bradford
Firework display in Peel Park

Lord Mayor - Jonas Pearson
Bradford City Manager - Dick Ray {1938}
Bradford City 20 (D2) - Avenue 15 (D2) - Northern 25 (RL)
National PM - Stanley Baldwin - Nat Gov {1937}  Silver Jubilee of King George V 
International Elvis Presley born (8/1)  T.E. Shaw - Lawrence of Arabia died (19/5) 
Sport FA - Sheffield Wednesday (West Brom)
RLCC - Castleford (Huddersfield)
1st - Arsenal (Sunderland)
RL - Swinton (Warrington)
RL - Swinton (Warrington) - playoffs 
Firsts Parking meter
Masking tape (3M)
Twentieth Century Fox film studio
Richter Scale [Earthquakes]
Nylon fibre
Hawker Hurricane flight (6/11)
American Institute of Public Opinion - George Gallup
Practical radar equipment - Robert Watson-Watts
Alcholics Anonymous, Ohio USA (13/5) 
Arts/Media Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - Disney
Porgy and Bess - George Gershwin
Top Hat - Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
Ovaltine jingle
The 39 Steps - Alfred Hitchcock [D]
Products Aero chocolate bar
Trebor Mints
Kodak Kodachrome colour film
Monopoly - Parker Bros/Waddingtons 
Brooke Bond Dividend Tea
Milky Way chocolate bar
Seven Sea Cod Liver Oil 

Architecture Co-op Emporium [Sunwin House]
WN Sharpe, Bingley Road
Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane (7/6)
Broomfields area demolished - slum clearance
Scar House Reservoir, Nidd Valley(7/9)
First Martyrs church, Heights Lane
Bradford Girls Grammar school
Events Electricity Works fire (25/2) - power cut
School leaving age raised to 15
Zeppelin Hindenburg flew over Bradford (22/5)
Sir James Hill died (17/1)  
Lord Mayor - George R Carter
Bradford baseball team formed {1939} (27/3) 
"Old" Bradford Infirmary closed
Bradford City 12 (D2) - Avenue 16 (D2) - Northern 19 (RL)
National George V died (20/1) 
Abdication of King Edward VIII 
Duke of York became George VI {1952}
New fighter will be named the Spitfire (2/7) 
Crystal Palace fire - burnt down (30/11)
Ipswich Town FC turned professional
Rudyard Kipling died (18/1) 
International Volkswagen factory opened by Adolf Hitler  Spanish Civil war 
Sport FA - Arsenal (Sheffield United)
RLCC - ?
Olympic Games (11th) - Berlin (2/8) 
1st - Sunderland (Derby County)
RL - Hull (Liverpool S)
RL - Hull (Widnes) - playoffs
Firsts BBC tv (2/11)
Gatwick Airport (6/6)
London A-Z street atlas
Spitfire maiden flight (5/3)
BASF/AEG tape recording of live concert
Penguin Books
Music Chart - Billboard, USA (4/1)

Arts/Media How to win friends & influence people - Dick Carnegie
Eyeless in Gaza - Aldous Huxley 
Peter and the Wolf - Sergei Prokofiev
Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin)
Products Dairy Box chocolates
Quality Street sweets
Milky Bar white chocolate
Robinson's Lemon Barley Water
Maltesers chocolates

Architecture Civic Playhouse (29/1)
Musgrave Homes (8/3)
Oriental cinema, Oak Lane (25/1) {1958}
Old Infirmary - demolition commenced 
Events Jukebox installed in Farmer Giles, Market Street
David Hockney born
Leeds - Queens Hotel
Official Town Guide (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Henry Hudson
Bradford City 21R (D2) - Avenue 20 (D2) - Northern 15 (RL)
National PM - Neville Chamberlain - Con {1940}
Colchester United FC formed as a professional club
Duke of Windsor marries in Paris (3/6) 
George VI coronation (12/5) 
999 phone number introduced
Sir James Barrie died (19/6) 
International USA - Franklin D Roosevelt
Zeppelin Hindenburg crashed in New York (6/5) 
Irish Free State becomes Eire (29/12)
Jean Harlow died (7/6) 
Amelia Earhart disappeared (2/7)
Japanese - Chinese war
Golden Gate Bridge (27/4) 
George Gershwin died (11/7) 
Sport FA - Sunderland (Preston)
RLCC - Widnes (Keighley)
1st - Manchester City (Charlton Athletic)
RL - Salford (Warrington)
RL - Salford (Warrington) - playoffs 
Firsts 999 - emergency telephone number (1/7) 
Nylon patented
Supermarket trolley [Oklahoma] (4/6) 
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (27/4) or (27/5)
Prototype Jet Engine (Frank Whittle)
Arts/Media The Road to Wigan Pier - George Orwell
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves - Walt Disney
The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien - The Times book review (21/9) 
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck
A Star is Born (Judy Garland & James Mason)
Dandy - UK comic (4/12)
Products Smarties - UK sweets
Kit-Kat chocolate bar
Rolo - UK sweets
Paynes Poppets - UK sweets
Spam (Spiced Ham - Hormel Foods Corp)
Ambrosia Creamed Rice - rice pudding
Goblin Teasmade
Refreshers - UK sweets (circa)
Milky Bar

Architecture Odeon Cinema, Manchester Road (17/12) {1969} (Flickr)
Bolton Lane abattoir demolished 
Bolling Road extended

Events Valley Parade Midland Rd stand admission 1/-
Jaffa oranges 1/- for 12

Lord Mayor - Tom J Robinson
Bradford City Manager - Fred Westgarth {1943}
Bradford City 14 (D3) - Avenue 7 (D2) - Northern 12 (RL)
National Len Hutton scores 364 (23/8) "peace in our time" - Neville Chamberlain (30/9) 
International German troops invade Austria (11/3)  
Sport FA - Preston (Huddersfield)
WC - Italy (Hungary) - France
RLCC - Salford (Barrow)
1st - Arsenal (Wolverhampton)
RL - Hunslet (Leeds)
RL - Hunslet (Leeds) - playoffs 
Firsts Photocopier - Chester Carlson  Ball point pen patented - Georg Biro & J Ladisla 
Arts/Media Superman - Action Comics (30/6)
Scoop - Evelyn Waugh
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Walt Disney 
Brighton Rock - Grahame Greene
Beano - comic
Picture Post
Products Cadbury's Roses chocolates   

Architecture Ritz cinema, Broadway (8/5) {1987} (Flickr)
Alterations to Lido, Manningham Park - terraces, diving board, water chutes
Old Infirmary - chimney demolished (28/1)
Events Population 287,500 (estimate)
Last tram leaves Saltaire depot
Greengates & Tong Street cottage baths closed
John Dixon awarded the George Cross
Lord Mayor - Meredith Farrar Titterington
Savoy cinema closed (15/4)
Harris Street mill fire (1/3) 
Bradford City 3 (D3) - Avenue 17 (D2) - Northern 16 (RL)
National Building Societies Act 
Precautions against war dangers (9/3) 
Howard Carter died (2/3) 
Conscription introduced
International World War II (3/9) {1945} 
Battle of the River Plate : Graf Spee (12/12) 
Spanish Civil War ended (28/3) 
Sport FA - Portsmouth (Wolverhampton)
RLCC - Halifax (Salford)
1st - Everton (Wolverhampton)
RL - Salford (Castleford) 
RL - Salford (Castleford) - playoffs
Firsts Airfix company founded by Nicholas Cove
Anderson bomb shelter 
Nylon stockings on sale in New York (16/2)
"Oscar" used for first time at Academy Awards
Arts/Media Dalesman - Yorkshire magazine
Batman - Detective Comics
Gone With The Wind - film 
ITMA (It's that man again) - Radio
"Glass and a half of milk . . ." - Cadbury's chocolate advert
Wizard of Oz
Products Nescafe instant coffee Parker 51 pen 

Architecture Arcadian cinema (16/3) {1964} 
Linton Camp school (10/7)
Bank Street (Exchange) Post Office (?/5) 
Events Air Raid - 3 bombs on Heaton  Woods (22/8)
Air Raid - 4 bombs caused minor damage (28/8)
Air Raid - Lingards/Rawson Market bombed (31/8)
George Formby appears at the Alhambra
Christ Church, Eldon Place closed
Street List - Air Raid Shelters - Buses 
Lord Mayor - William Illingworth
Preparations to evacuate 8000 children
Esholt station closed (28/10)
Northern 1 (RL)
City & Avenue consider ground share (10/1) 
National PM - Winston Churchill - Coalition {1945}
George Cross award instituted (23/9)
Rudolph Hess escapes to Britain (10/5)   
Ministry of Food - Food Facts No. 6 (?/9)
Food Rationing begins (8/1)
John Lennon born (9/10)
Battle of Britain 
Churchill - "This was their finest hour" speech (18/6) 
Churchill - "Never in the field of human conflict" speech (20/8) 
Newspapers - January
Newspapers - February
Newspapers - March
Newspapers - April
Newspapers - May
International Dunkirk evacuation (3-4/6) 
France surrenders (25/6)
Leon Trotsky died (22/8) 
Walter P. Chrysler died (19/8) 
Tom Mix died (12/10)
Sport   RL - Bradford Northern (Huddersfield) - Yorks
RL - Swinton (Salford) - Lancs
RL - Bradford Northern (Swinton) - playoffs
Arts/Media Captain Marvel   

Events Air Raid (14/3)
German bomber crashed in Idle (?/5)
An Information Guide For Use After Air Raids 
Lord Mayor - LFWS Smith
Connaught Rooms fire
Manningham Mills fire (1/6)
National Amy Johnson died  (5/1) 
Sir Arthur Evans died (11/7) 
Utility scheme for retail goods
Virginia Woolf died (28/3) 
Ministry of Food - Food Facts No. 69
International USA - Franklin D Roosevelt 
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Sinking of the Bismarck (27/5) 
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour (7/12)   
Britain & USA declare war on Japan (8/12) 
Sport RLCC - Leeds (Halifax)

RL - Bradford Northern (Hull) - Yorks
RL - Wigan (Warrington) - Lancs
RL - Bradford Northern (Wigan) - playoffs 
Firsts Television commercial, NBC (USA)  - Bulova watches(1/7)  
Arts/Media see above   

Architecture Jowett Car Factory {ceased production 1953} (Flickr)  
Events Royal visit - King George VI (26/3)
First female taxi driver
List of Cinemas
Lord Mayor - James Harrison
Freeman - Joseph Stringer (5/11)
Northern 2 (RL) 
National Beveridge |Report published (1/12)  Rationing : New points values for foods (1/6) 
Sweets & chocolate rationing (26/7)
International Battle of El Alamein  1000 bomber raid on Cologne (30/5) 
Sport RLCC - Leeds (Halifax)
RL - Dewsbury (Bradford Northern)
RL - Dewsbury (Bradford Northern) - playoffs
Firsts UK television license issued (1/6)  Dried egg
Arts/Media Famous Five - Enid Blyton  Desert Island Discs - BBC radio
Products Duck/Duct tape - Johnson & Johnson  

Events Bradford City Manager - Robert Sharp {1946}
John Dixon awarded the George Cross 
London Symphony Orchestra at the Princes Theatre (6&9/4) 
Lord Mayor - Walter Henry Barraclough
Northern 3 (RL) 
International Dam Busters raid (16/5) 
Germans surrender at Stalingrad (2/2) 
Allied invasion of Italy (10/7) 
Mussolini overthrown (25/7)
Sport RLCC - Dewsbury (Leeds)
RL - Wigan (Dewsbury)
RL - Dewsbury (Halifax) - playoffs
Firsts Reflecting road studs laid (13/3)
Ball point pen
ABC Network (USA) 
Arts/Media Oklahoma!- New York [Rogers & Hammerstein]  
Products Slinky - Richard James   

Events New soccer stadium suggested
Freeman - Lt Col Sir A Gadie (31/10) 
Lord Mayor - Cecil Barnett
Northern 6 (RL)
National Education Act  PAYE introduced (6/4) 
International D-Day landings (6/6) 
Paris liberated (25/8)
Sinking of the Tirpitz (12/11) 
Operation Market Garden - "A Bridge Too Far" (17/9)
Battle of the Bulge (16/12)
Sport RLCC - Bradford Northern (Wigan)

RL - Wakefield (Wigan)
RL - Wigan (Dewsbury) - playoffs 
Arts/Media Le Monde  
Products Murray Mints   

Events Picture House/New Tatler destroyed by fire (13/12)
Lord Mayors Chain stolen from car in Leeds
James Joseph awarded the Victoria Cross

Lord Mayor - Kathleen Chambers
Provincial Building Society (after merger)
Odsal Stadium speedway
Northern 1 (RL)
National PM - Clement Atlee - Lab {1951}   
International USA - Franklin D Roosevelt died in office (12/4) 
USA - Harry S Truman
UN charter signed by 50 nations (26/6)
United Nations founded (24/10) 
Vidkun Quisling executed (24/10) 
Germany surrenders (7/5) 
Adolf Hitler commits suicide (30/4) 
VE Day (8/5) 
Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (6/8) 
Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki (9/8) 
VJ Day (15/8) 
B-25 bomber crashes into Empire State Building (28/7) 
Sport RLCC - Huddersfield (Bradford Northern)

RL - Bradford Northern (Halifax)
RL - Bradford Northern (Halifax) - playoffs 
Firsts Tupperware on sale [USA]
Waterloo Bridge, London
Atomic Bomb, White Sands, New Mexico (16/7)
BBC  Light Programme (29/7)
Arts/Media Animal Farm - George Orwell   

Architecture Valley Road Power Station extended   
Events Bradford City Manager - Jack Barker {1947}
City centre flooded (20/9) 
CH Wood - Sodium lighting - RAF 
Alhambra - Henry Hall (23/09) 
Prince's Theatre - The Cure For Love (25/11) 
Lord Mayor - Thomas Illingworth Clough
Northern 4 (RL)

National H.G. Wells died (13/8) 
Winston Churchill "Iron Curtain" speech (5/3) 
Cambridge United FC turned professional
Disaster at Burnden Park, Bolton (9/3) 
International Italy declared a republic (11/6)
Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company founded (Sony)
United Nations - first meeting in London (10/1) 
Sport FA - Derby County (Charlton)
RLCC - Wakefield (Wigan) 
RL - Wigan (Huddersfield)
RL - Wigan (Huddersfield) - playoffs 
Firsts Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Beecham
Meeting of UN General Assembly [London] (10/1)
Bikini - Fashion show, Paris
Sony founded - see also 1958 
Arts/Media Baby and Child Care - Dr Spock (14/7)  Mallory Towers - Enid Blyton 
Products Penguin biscuit   

Architecture Telephone Exchange, Manchester Road   
Events Jowett Javelin
City Centre flooded
Rolarena re-opened after the war
Electricity cuts because of weather (15/2)
Sir Edward Victor Appleton won Nobel Prize
Bradford Northern won Challenge Cup (3/5)
Lord Mayor - FJ Cowie
Freeman - Sir Edward Victor Appleton (9/6)
Telegraph  & Argus

Bradford City Manager - Jack Milburn {1948}
Bradford City 5 (D3) - Avenue 16 (D2) - Northern 6 (RL)

National Elizabeth & Philip married (20/11)
Stanley Baldwin died (14/12) 
Transport Act 
International Roswell Incident - UFO crashed? (2/7)
Henry Ford died
Al Capone died (25/1)
Sport FA - Charlton (Burnley)
RLCC - Bradford Northern (Leeds)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United)
RL - Wigan (Dewsbury) 
RL - Wigan (Dewsbury) - playoffs
Firsts Duty Free shop, Shannon airport  Televised FA Cup Final
Arts/Media Oklahoma! - London [Rogers & Hammerstein]  
Products Subboteo - football game   

Architecture Valley Road Power Station extended   
Events Bradford Magic Circle formed by Hassan Noor
Bradford City Manager - David Steele {1952}
Civic Race Course suggested 
Lord Mayor - FJ Cowie
Bradford City 14 (D3) - Avenue 14 (D2) - Northern 4 (RL)
Pantomime - Red Riding Hood 
National Railway nationalisation 
SS Windrush from Jamaica
National Health Service (5/7) 
International Sri Lanka (Ceylon) gained independence (4/2)  Ghandi died (30/1) 
Sport Manchester United (Blackpool)
RLCC - Wigan (Bradford Northern)
Olympic Games (14th) - London 
1st - Arsenal (Manchester United)
RL - Wigan (Warrington)
RL - Warrington (Bradford Northern) - playoffs
Firsts Adidas founded (Germany) - Adi Dassler
British supermarket - Coop Manor Park
Ampex tape recorder
World Health Organisation (7/4)
Frisbee (Russell  Frisbie Pie Co, CT, USA)
Hoover washing machine 
Columbia 33 1/3 rpm microgroove LP

Arts/Media Sooty - Blackpool North Pier
First televised Rugby League game - cup final
"Bertie Basset" - Liquorice Allsorts logo

Products Walkers Crisps
Spangles sweets {1984}
Land Rover [Amsterdam Motor Show] (30/4)
Polo Mints (Wikipedia)
Morris Minor - £358 {1971}

Architecture Bradford Grammar school, Keighley Road (12/1) Blackhill Scout Camp, Cottingley 
Events Prize medal won by Hammonds Brewery (16/4)
Picturedrome cinema changed name to Astra (11/4) {29/1/1956}(external link}
Royal visit - Duke of Edinburgh (12/1)
Associated Dairies (ASDA) - see 1965
Tong St Cottage Baths reopened (5/8)
Bradford Northern won Cup
Lord Mayor - G Thomas Meggison
St Georges Hall cinema closed (12/3)
Carlton Grammar school fire (30/11)

Bank St car park closed for public meetings
Bradford City 22 (D3) - Avenue 17 (D2) - Northern 10 (RL)
National Clothes rationing ends (15/3) 
Eire declared Republic of Ireland (18/4)  
Oxford United FC turned professional
Issue of new petrol coupons (28/4) 
International USA - Harry S Truman  Margaret Mitchell died (16/8) 
Sport FA - Wolverhampton (Leicester)
RLCC - Bradford Northern (Halifax)

1st - Portsmouth (Manchester United)
RL - Warrington (Wigan)
RL - Huddersfield (Warrington) - playoffs 
Firsts RCA 7" 45 rpm record
BBC tv weather forecast (29/7) 
NATO founded (4/4)
Arts/Media 1984 - George Orwell  South Pacific - stage musical USA (7/4) 
Products Lego - Ole Chritiansen 
Tipped Woodbine, Capstan, Gold Flake - cigarettes
Seabrook Crisps (website)

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