Britannia House



The imposing and ornate municipal central area building has in floor space 1,370 square yards in the basement, 1,170 square yards on the ground floor and 6,445 square yards in the six storeys of showrooms and offices. It has been named Britannia House

The widened street spaces cause this central building to be remarkable for the exterior lighting. The interior rooms are also well supplied with daylight, derived from a considerable unroofed area over a central yard for the loading and unloading of goods.

There are three handsomely appointed general entrances to the upper floors, one on each street frontage. At each of the entrances double passenger lifts are in service for communication with every floor, including the basement. The floor space is being partitioned by degrees to suit the varied requirement of tenants.

Though the building is fireproof, ample provision has been made for the installation of fire hydrants in suitable positions as a measure measure of precaution against any possible firing of contents. On all floors there is separate sanitary accommodation for both sexes. Indeed every possible contrivance for convenience and comfort is to be found within the edifice.

The Corporation has been selective in the letting of space in this building, in order to maintain s standard of importance and solidity which must be to the mutual advantage of the tenants and the citizens, and has been so successful that the huge structure is now almost completely let