1875 - 1899

Bradford Timeline

1925 - 1949

Architecture Owens Buildings, Barry Street (8/4)
Fairweather Green Transport Depot {1932}
Bradford & Leeds Light Railway
St Bedes Grammar School (12/6)
Bradford Golf House, Hawksworth (9/10)
St Oswalds Buildings, 5 Southfield Lane
Cartwright Hall foundation stone (24/5)
Midland Bank, Market Street [circa] 
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Harecroft
Parkinsons Buildings, Preston Street/Thornton Road
Undercliffe Infants School
Wexford Buildings, Saltaire [MJB = John  Michael Barry]
Events Baildon Moor purchased by council (8/4)
Local authority housing - first in UK
Motor bus service commenced
Provision of nurseries
Heavy rain caused flooding (14/7)
Memorial Stone at Nelson St fire station (30/11) 
Mayor - WC Lupton
Yorkshire Sports
Leeds - County Arcade
Typhoid epidemic feared
Thornton tram service opened (18/12)
Manningham 9 (RL) - Bradford 1 (RL)
National Labour Party created
Swansea City FC formed
Daily Express (24/4)
Brighton & Hove FC formed as professional club
West Ham Utd FC formed as professional club 
International Relief of Mafeking (17/5)
Tonga Islands become British Protectorate
British garrison at Ladysmith relieved (28/2) 
Boxer Revolution - China
Gottlieb Daimler died (6/3)
Sport 1st - Aston Villa (Sheffield United)
FA - Bury (Southampton)
Olympic Games (2nd) - Paris 
RL - Bradford (Batley) - Yorks
RL - Runcorn (Oldham) - Lancs
RLCC - Swinton (Salford)
Firsts Coca Cola on sale in UK
Trial flight of Zeppelin (2/7)
Metro underground railway in Paris 
Escalator (Charles Seeberger)
Motor hearse, New York
Knossos discovered on Crete - Arthur Evans
Davis Cup competition 
Paper Clp (Johann Vaaler)
Arts/Media Daily Express
- Giacomo Puccini
Lord Jim - Joseph Conrad
Interpretation of Dreams - Sigmund Freud
Finlandia - Jean Sibelius
Uncle Vanya - Anton Chekhov 
Products Kodak Brownie Box camera   

Architecture New Beehive Inn, Westgate
Castle Blaney Buildings, Barry Street
St James Wholesale Meat Market extended
Lidget Green Transport Depot {1901}
Duckworth Lane Transport Depot {1977}
Century Buildings, Sunbridge Road 
Events Population 228,628
Yorkshire Daily Observer (was Bfd Observer)
Great Yorkshire Show - Dudley Hill (31/7)
Jowett (Benjamin & William) opened cycle shop
Heaton Rec. presented to Council by Lord Rosse
Idle Working Mens Club founded
Mayor - WC Lupton
Rates - 7s 2d
Wilsden population 3,067
Bradford & West Bowling co-op merge (16/7)
Smallpox in Bradford
Manningham 12 (RL) - Bradford 1 (RL)
National Queen Victoria died (22/1) 
Leyton Orient FC turned professional
Northern Rugby League formed (Yorks/Lancs merged)
King Edward VII (until 1910)
Northampton Town FC turned professional
International USA - William McKinley (died in office)
USA - Theodore Roosevelt
Presidential mansion renamed "The White House" 
Commonwealth of Australia
Boxer Rising ends
Walt Disney born (5/12) {died 15 December 1966}
Sport FA - Tottenham (Sheffield United)
RLCC - Batley (Warrington)
1st - Liverpool (Sunderland)
RL - Bradford (Halifax) - Yorks
RL - Oldham (Swinton) - Lancs
Firsts Vacuum cleaner patented  - Hubert Cecil Booth
Car production in Detroit - Oldsmobile
Petrol engined motorcycle in Britain
Northern Rugby League formed (Yorks & Lancs combined)
Motorised hearse
Pierre Prier - First man to fly from London to Paris (12/4)
Victor Talking Machine Co - Eldridge Johnson
Transatlantic radio transmission - Marconi
Instant coffee
Safety razor patented - King Camp Gillette
Nestle UK factory

Arts/Media O Sole Mio - Eduardo di Capua  Kim - Rudyard Kipling 
Products Rowntree's Table Jellies
Toblerone chocolate bar
Underwood #5 typewriter
Shredded Wheat

Architecture Conditioning House, Canal Road (23/12) (Flickr)
Behren's Warehouse, Chapel Street [LG]
Merchants House, Peckover Street [LG]
Rawson Market extension foundation stone
Eastbrook Hall memorial stone
Nelson Street Fire Station (28/10) {1969?}(Flickr)
North Bierley cemetery consecrated (17/10)
Thornbury Transport Depot
Bowling Junction station  (1/2) {1951}
Wesleyan Chapel, Westgate Hill
New  operating theatre at Royal Infirmary
New isolation ward at Childrens Hospital
St Oswald's Church consecrated (19/7)

Events Smallpox epidemic
91 schools in Bradford
Bradford Tramways transferred to Corporation (1/2)
Cheapside to Frizinghall tram service (28/2)
Frizinghall to Shipley tram service (29/4)
Tram Ride Up Manningham Lane (YouTube)
Allerton tram service (5/6)
Pantomime (Red Riding Hood) at Princes Theatre
Bradford City v Girlington (22/3) 
Mayor - David Wade
Rates - 7s 8d
Freeman - Sir Francis Sharp Powell (24/10)
Freeman - Alfred Illingworth (24/10) 
Freeman - Sir Francis Sharp Powell
Bus queue barriers
Bradford (RL) had two points deducted (5/3) 
Bradford 6 (RL)
National PM - Arthur Balfour - Con {1905}
Newton Heath changed name to Manchester Utd
Second division added to Rugby League 
Education Act 
Chester FC turned professional
International Boer War ended (31/5)   
Sport FA - Sheffield United (Southampton)
RLCC - Broughton Rangers (Salford)  
1st - Sunderland (Everton)
RL - Broughton Rangers (Salford)
Firsts Teddy Bears - Theodore Roosevelt   
Arts/Media Waterloo Bridge - Charles Monet
Hound of the Baskervilles- Arthur Conan Doyle
Three Sisters - Anton Chekhov
The Entertainer - Scott Joplin
Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling
Times Literary Supplement
Products Marmite Frys Milk Chocolate (Five Boys) 

Architecture 193 Sunbridge Road [19DB03]
3? Bowland Street
Bradford Central Baths memorial stone
Extra electricity generating station, Valley Road 
Green Lane school (5/1)
Salt statue, Saltaire Park (4/11)
"City Tyres", Thornton Road
Botanical Gardens, Manningham Park
Events "Whit" walk - Ivegate to York
Education transferred to Local Authority
Bradford Chamber of Trades formed (13/1)
Cannon Mills fire (15/3)
Listerhills Dyeworks fire
Further outbreaks of smallpox
Bradford City first game in football league
Bradford League - Cricket formed
City of Bradford Year Book 
Mayor - David Wade
Bradford City elected to 2nd Division
Esholt sewage scheme adopted (26/3)
Nab Wood to Thackley tram service (23/7)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Thornbury (5/10)
Last horse tram (1/9)
Bradford Coffee Tavern Co. wound up
Bradford City Manager - Robert Campbell {1905}
Bradford 7 (RL1) - Manningham 10 (RL2)
National Plymouth Argyle FC turned professional  Daily Mirror (2/11)
Sport FA - Bury (Derby County)
RLCC - Halifax (Salford)  
1st - The Wednesday (Aston Villa)
RL - Halifax (Salford)
Firsts Wright brothers first flight (17/12) 
Gillette razors and blades [USA]
Hull crematorium - first municipal in UK
UK number plate issued - DY1 (23/11) 
Harley Davison motorbike
Tour de France
FIFA formed (21/5)
Royal Hall, Harrogate
Arts/Media Daily Mirror
HP Sauce - Houses of Parliament Trademark
Man and Superman - George Bernard Shaw 
Products Crayola crayons  Midget Gems [Lion Confectionery, Cleckheaton] 

Architecture Eastbrook Hall (21/3) {1986} {1996}
Cartwright Hall (13/4) - Prince of Wales
Queen Victoria statue (4/5) 
Keighley Public Library (first Carnegie library)
Edmund Cartwright statue
Saltaire Tram Shed {trams 1939} {buses 1978}
Rawson Market
Events Bradford Exhibition (4/5)
Royal visit - Prince of Wales [King George V]
Art College formed
Diarrhoea outbreak - 23 dead
Richard Mawson (architect) died
Bradford Northern win Rugby League title
Mayor - WE Briggs Priestley
Last horse drawn bus
First bus stops
Angram Reservoir - building commences
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Bradford 1 (RL1)
National Carlisle United FC formed as professional club
Hull City FC formed
Exeter City FC formed 
Scunthorpe United FC formed 
Sport FA - Manchester City (Bolton)
RLCC - Halifax (Warrington)
Olympic Games (3rd) - St Louis, USA 
1st - The Wednesday (Manchester City)
RL - Bradford (Salford)

Firsts Portable vacuum cleaner (Booth/Goblin)
Double sided records - Odeon, Germany
Ice Cream Cone - Charles E Menches, USA
Thermos vacuum flask [Germany]
Tea Bag - Thomas Sullivan, USA
Pluto (planet) discovered (18/2)
Arts/Media Madame Butterfly - Giacomo Puccini (17/2)
Peter Pan - JM Barrie - play (27/12)
The Golden Bowl - Henry James
Shell - Scallop Shell symbol
Products Vim scouring powder  Ovaltine 

Architecture Town Hall extension foundation stone (28/7)
School of Art (27/9)
Central Baths (Windsor), Morley Street (13/9) (Flickr)
Union Infirmary Hospital (St Lukes)
"Express Dairy", City Road
Woolston House, Tetley Street
376 Thornton Road (RH Hopkinson)
Jaykam House, 63 East Parade [LG]
Allerton Library (8/7) or 1916?
Bowling Transport Depot {1977}
Grange School (27/9)
Rawson Place Market extended (18/4) - see 1875
James Street Fish Market covered - see 1891
St James's Church, Baildon
Events Sir Henry Irving died (13/10) - Midland Hotel 
Smallpox outbreak
Winston Churchill at St Georges Hall (3/3)
Union Mills, Eccleshill destroyed by fire
Boer War memorial plaque, Bingley
Hammerton Street Mills gutted by fire (17/7)
Mayor - WA Whitehead
First bus timetable issued
Great Horton Sunday Schools burned down (20/2)
Scholemoor Cemetery first cremation (30/11)
Bradford City Manager - Peter O'Rourke {1921} 
Bradford City 8 (D2) - Bradford 2 (RL1) 
National PM - Henry Campbell Bannerman - Lib {1908}
Chelsea FC formed  as a professional club
Hull City FC turned professional
Norwich City FC formed as a professional club
Shrewsbury Town FC turned professional 
Queen Mary died (24/3) 
Charlton Athletic FC formed
Crystal Palace FC formed as a professional club
Mansfield Town FC formed as a professional club
Rotherham United FC turned professional
Rugby League combined 1st and 2nd divisions
International USA - Theodore Roosevelt
Mutiny on the battleship Potemkin 
Jules Verne died (24/3) 
Sport FA - Aston Villa (Newcastle United)
RLCC - Warrington (Hull KR)    
1st - Newcastle United (Everton)
RL - Oldham (Bradford)
Firsts Theory of Relativity - Albert Einstein
Neon signs
Blackpool Pleasure Beach 
Cellophane - Edwin Brandenberger
English FA joined FIFA (14/4)
AA Founded
Arts/Media Kipps - HG Wells  The Merry Widow - Franz Lehar 
Products Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate  Brasso

Architecture Bowland Street Synagogue (24/6)
98-106 Morley Street
Shipley Public Baths
Events Samuel Cunliffe Lister - Lord Masham died (2/2)
Royal Infirmary purchased by Council for £100,000
Black Dyke Mills band tour USA
Jowett built first motor car - Grosvenor Road
"Whit Walk" became circular
Thornton Road baths closed (17/3)
Bradford Northern win the Rugby League Cup
Lord Mayor - JA Godwin
Hot day - 101.2 at Lister Park
Esholt estate purchased by Council
Charlie Chaplin appears at Empire Theatre
Sedbergh Boys Club founded
Chelsea 5 Bradford City 1 (15/9) 
Bradford City 11 (D2) - Bradford 12 (RL)
National Provision of Meals Act
First execution at Wakefield jail (11/4) 
Southend United FC formed as a professional club
Piccadilly Line opened (15/12) 
International San Francisco earthquake (18/4) 
Simplon Tunnel opened (19/5) 
Mount Vesuvius erupted (7/4)
Sport FA - Everton (Newcastle United)
RLCC - Bradford Northern (Salford)  
1st - Liverpool (Preston)
RL - Leigh (Hunslet)
Firsts Speech transmitted by wireless - Fessenden
Gabel's "Automatic Entertainer" - Jukebox
Ritz Hotel, London
Vauxhall Bridge, London (26/5) 
Rugby International - England beat France (22/3)
Grand Prix - Le Mans (26/6)
AA Badge issued to members
Products Drambuie - liquor  WK Kellog Toasted Corn Flake Co - cereal (19/2)

Architecture Thackley (Open Air) school
Park Avenue cricket pavillion (9/11)
Thornton Cemetery consecrated (3/4)
Green Lane cooking depot (28/10)
Edderthorpe Street Mills destroyed by fire (19/1)
New Liberal Club, Wyke (26/1) 
Events First school meals/milk in England (Green Lane)
Park Avenue switched to soccer
Esholt sewage works scheme is adopted (12/2)
Empire Stores (Herbert Fattorini)
Bradford Old Bank & Birmingham Bank amalgamated (12/1)
Bradford Northern (RL) formed
Lord Mayor - JE Fawcett
Nidd Valley Railway (11/9)
Church Bank tramway crash - 14 injured (31/7)
Church Bank tramway crash - Board of Trade report (22/10) 
General Booth (Salvation Army) visited Shipley (24/7)
Bradford (RL) become Bradford Park Avenue
Bradford City 5 (D2) - Bradford 18 (RL)
National Rochdale FC formed as a professional club  First female councillors elected 
International Oklahoma became a USA state (46th)  New Zealand becomes Domininion of 
Sport FA - Sheffield Wednesday (Everton)
RLCC - Warrington (Oldham)
1st - Newcastle United (Bristol City)
RL - Halifax (Oldham)
RL - Halifax (Oldham) - playoffs
Firsts Photocopier marketed
Electric washing machine - Hurley, USA 
Brooklands - 1st purpose built racing track
Isle of Man TT - Touring Trophy (28/5) 
Boy Scouts founded by Baden-Powell (29/7)
Professional Footballers Association
Fare meters in London taxis (22/3)
Arts/Media Persil washing powder   

Architecture Skating rink - Rolarena, Manningham Lane (10/11) {1955}
St Joseph's College (26/2)
Thackley Open Air school
Wilton Street pianoforte works destroyed by fire (8/2)
Belle Vue school extension (10/12)
Manningham Library foundation stone
? Longside Lane  [WF]
Muff Field Wesleyan Reform School (29/8)
Events First clinic in England (Manor Row)
Bradford City  - First Division (22/4)
Meteorological instruments at Lister Park
Electric street lights - Manningham Lane & Morley Street
Driver charged with speeding - 12 to 16mph
Bradford Park Avenue first league game
Vic Feather born
Map of Bradford city centre (Flickr) 
Lord Mayor - Sir James Hill
Busbys founded - Kirkgate (moved 1930)
Ickringill's Mill Disaster (25/9)
Petrol driven fire engine (17/11)
Arthur Poulter awarded the Victoria Cross
Bradford City became limited company
Bradford City 1P (D2) - Northern 12 (RL)
National PM - Herbert Asquith - Lib {1916}
Old Age Pension for 70+ (6/5)
Darlington FC turned professional
Hartlepool United formed as a professional club
Coventry FC turned professional
Exeter City FC turned professional
Huddersfield Town formed as a professional club
"Votes For Women" - Hyde Park Rally (21/6) 
International Geronimo dies (17/2) Crete becomes part of Greece
Sport FA - Wolverhampton (Newcastle United)
RLCC - Hunslet (Hull)
Olympic Games (4th) - London
1st - Manchester United (Aston Villa)
RL - Oldham (Hunslet)
RL - Hunslet (Oldham) - playoffs
Firsts Lever filling fountain pen patented - Schaeffer
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) founded in USA (26/7)
Paper cup introduced in USA
Ideal Home Exhibition - London
Electric Iron introduced in USA
Arts/Media Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame   
Products Cadbury's Bournville chocolate
Cadbury's Neopolitan chocolate 
Model T Ford {1927} 

Architecture Town Hall extension (28/9) (Flickr)
Toller Lane skating rink (30/9) {?}
Undercliffe Pavillion, Northcote Rd (10/4) {1922}
Towers Hall skating rink (6/4)
Bowling Spinning mill destroyed by fire (13/11)  
Technical College extension foundation stone (5/11)
Wesleyan Reform Church, Little Horton
Broomfield Public Baths (26/6)
Institute for the Blind workshops (9/7)
St Peter's Church, Shipley consecrated (1/5)
Events Bradford to Leeds tram service (7/6)
Yorkshire Observer {1956}
Sunday Observance Committee formed (10/9)
Fred Karno's Circus (with Charle Chaplin) at Empire
Woolcombers strike began (22/7)
New Arts Club opened (2/10)
Lord Mayor - William Land
Cinderella Club home, Morecambe (17/4)
Bradford Choral Union formed (19/7)
Thwaites station closed (1/7)
Young boy drowned in the Bradford Canal (20/9) 
Bradford City 18 (D1) - Avenue 16 (D2) - Northern 23 (RL)
National Road Traffic Regulations   Daily Sketch (2/3) - merged with Daily Mail in 1971
International USA - William Howard Taft  Geronimo died on reservation (17/2) 
Sport FA - Manchester United (Bristol City)
RLCC - Wakefield (Hull)
1st - Newcastle United (Everton)
RL - Wigan (Halifax)
RL - Wigan (Oldham) - playoffs
Firsts Harris Tweed trademark registered
Flight across the English Channel - Louis Bleriot (25/7) 
"Kinemacolor" demonstrated in London (26/2) 
Toilet paper (in roll)
Bakelite - Leo Baekeland, USA
Arts/Media Daily Sketch   Selfridges department store - first in Britain      
Products Persil, washing powder (ingredients PERborate & SILicate)
Maynards Wine Gums 
Courvoisier, brandy
Nuttal's Mintoes 

Architecture 147-151 Sunbridge Road [c 1905-10]
Labour Exchange opened (1/2)
Bolton Road Cottage baths (28/4)
Manningham Library, Carlisle Road
New Canal Dock, Esholt (4/1)
City Court opened (26/1)
Samaritan Hospital (12/4)
Events 1000th car registered in Bradford
Winston Churchill at St Georges Hall (26/11)
Picturedrome cinema , Bridge Street (21/3) {1956}(external Link)
Union Mills, Eccleshill destroyed by fire (21/7)
Bradford Pageant (12/12)
Glen Tramway had 17,000 passengers at Easter
Fred Karno's Circus (with Charle Chaplin) at Empire
Strychnine in a country house at East Bierley (5/3) 
Lord Mayor - Jacob Moser
Freeman - Samuel Peel Myers (22/9)
Wool Combers strike (5/3)
2000 roadside trees planted (16/3 -)
Strike at Kit Wauds (30/3)
Land acquired for new Infirmary (9/4)
Bradford City 7 (D1) - Avenue 10 (D2) - Northern 23 (RL)
National King George V {until 1936}
King Edward VII died (6/5)
Dr Crippen arrested (31/7) & sentenced to death (21/10) 
AA amalgamated with the Motor Union
Charles Rolls died (12/7) 
FA Cup (2nd) presented to Lord Kinnaird
Cardiff City FC turned professional
Florence Nightingale died (13/8) 
Funeral of Mrs Criipen (12/10)
International Mark Twain died (21/4) 
Emiliano Zapata killed in Mexico (10/4) 
Union of South Africa becomes a Dominion
Sport FA - Newcastle United (Barnsley)
RLCC - Leeds (Hull)
1st - Aston Villa (Liverpool)
RL - Oldham (Salford)
RL - Oldham (Wigan) - playoffs
Firsts Neon lighting (Georges Claude, France)
Five Nations Championship - Rugby Union
Labour Exchange - England (1/2)
Old Trafford, Manchester United 
Arts/Media History of Mr Polly - HG Wells
Persil - first washing powder advertised in a newspaper
Firebird - Igor Stravinsky
Products OXO cube
Heinz Tomato Soup [USA]
Peek Frean Bourbon biscuit 

Architecture Technical College extension (25/10)
Prince's Hall cinema, Shipley (24/6)
Holmefield Buildings, Thornton Road 
Kings Hall cinema, White Abbey (20/2) {1930}
United States Metallic Packing Co, Soho Works, Allerton Road
Unity Hall (16/11) 
Events Population 288,458
First Trolley Bus (with Leeds) in the country (Trial 20/6) (Service 24/6) {1972}
Visit from Edward Sousa and his band (9/2)
Chapel Lane flooded after thunderstorm (3/8)
Samuel Ledgard Bus Company founded - Armley
Theatre de Luxe cinema, Bridge St (14/1) {1923}
Hippodrome cinema, Barkerend Rd (20/2) {1961)
Bingley College founded
FA Cup (3rd) made by Fattorinis (Birmingham)
Bradford to Leeds mail carried by tramcar (1/4) 
Lord Mayor - John Batt Moorhouse
Towers Hall cinema, Manchester Rd (25/9) {1966}
Eccleshill Picture Palace (2/10) {1931}
Queens Hall cinema, Laisterdyke (23/10) {1957}
Bradford City FA cup winners (25/4)
Albion Mills, Greengates destroyed by fire (10/3)
Valley Road Dyeworks destroyed by fire (20/11)
Explosions in Bradford Beck - 3 killed (1/12)
Bradford Sporting Club opened
Bradford City 5 (D1) - Avenue 12 (D2) - Northern 23 (RL)
National George V coronation
Halifax Town FC formed as a professional club
Official Secrets Act
Railway strike
Copyright Act
Sir W.S. Gilbert died (29/5) 
International Chinese Republic proclaimed
Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre (22/8) 
Roald Amundsen reaches South Pole (15/12)
Gustav Mahler died (18/5) 
Sport FA - Bradford City (Newcastle United) - replay
RLCC - Broughton (Wigan) 
1st - Manchester United (Aston Villa)
RL - Wigan (Oldham)
RL - Oldham (Wigan) - playoffs
Firsts Monte Carlo Rally (21/1)
Indy 500 (30/5) 
British Board of Film Censors (5/11) 
Arts/Media Peter Pan - JM Barrie
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Irving Berlin 
Der Rosenkavalier - Richard Strauss
Keystone Cops - Stan Sennett 
Products Basildon Bond - notepaper
Cadbury's Milk Flake  
Wrigleys Juicy Fruit & Spearmint gum [UK]

Architecture Grand Picture House (1/7) {1932}
Elysian Palace, Lidget Green (16/9) {1955}
"Ruby House", Dyson Street
Heaton Cottage Baths (26/2) 
Prospect Hall
Tivoli Picture Hall, Leeds Road (23/9) {1956}
Dudley Hill Picture Palace (9/12) {1967}
St Chad's church fnd stone (17/2)
Technical College extended 
Events Heavy snowdrifts (19/1)
Labour Exchange opens in Bridge Street
Grattan Warehouses (John Fattorini)
Idle Picture Palace , The Green (12/1) {1959)
Coliseum cinema, Toller Lane (21/10) {1959}
Picture House, Town Hall Square (23/12) {1945}
Municipal General Hospital becomes St Luke's
Free Library for the Blind opened (15/6)
Bradford Playgoers Society formed (19/5)
Map of Bradford city centre (Flickr)
Map of Bradford (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Fred Foster
Freeman - Rev William H Keeling (10/10)
Freeman - Earl Haigh (26/1)
Oak Lane Picture House (18/11) {1936}
Thornton Mechanics cinema (10/12) {1958}
Kozey Picture Hall, Thornbury (2/12) {1920}
Russian ballerina Pavlova appeared at Theatre Royal (31/10)
Bolling Hall acquired by Corporation
Bradford City 11 (D1) - Avenue 11 (D2) - Northern 26 (RL)
National Goalkeeper can only handle inside penalty area
Bram Stoker died (20/4)
Scunthorpe United FC turned professional
Tranmere Rovers FC turned professional
Bournemouth FC turned professional
Swansea City FC turned professional
Wrexham FC turned professional
International Titanic sank (15/4)
Scott reaches the South Pole (18/1) 
New Mexico becomes 47th state
Arizona becomes 48th state 
Sport FA - Barnsley (West Bromwich Albion)
RLCC - Dewsbury (Oldham)
Olympic Games (5th) - Stockholm, Sweden 
1st - Blackburn Rovers (Everton)
RL - Huddersfield (Wigan)
RL - Huddersfield (Wigan) - playoffs
Firsts WA Sheaffer Pen Company founded
British Board of Film Censors
Parachute Jump - Captain Berry, St. Louis, Missouri (1/3)
"Piltdown Man" discovered (forgery)
Girl Guides, USA [Juliette Gordon Low] (12/3)
Blackpool Illuminations
Arts/Media Pravda {1996}  Daily Herald - newspaper{?} 
Products Daddie's Favourite - sauce  

Architecture Grattan Warehouse, 67 East Parade [LG]
Elite cinema, Toller Lane (1/8) {1968}
Artillery Barracks, Valley Parade (19/12) 
Scala cinema, East parade (2/8) {1922}
136 Sunbridge Road [DB]
Events Coventry Hall cinema, Wakefield Rd (22/4){1959}
Bradford tramway extended to Baliff Bridge (17/3)
James Berry (Public Hangman) died
Bradford Corporation Act
Manningham Mills fire - 3 workers died (15/4)
Palmerston Buildings, Manor Row destroyed by fire
Lord Mayor - John Arnold
Bfd Moor golf course damaged by suffragettes
First plane flew over Bradford (1/8)
Child murdered in Newby Street
Barkerend Mills damaged by fire (22/5)
Bradford City 13 (D1) - Avenue 13 (D2) - Northern 17 (RL) 
National Soccer freekick - players must be 10 yards away 
Suffragette throws herself under King's horse at Derby (4/6) 
Canberra became capital of Australia (12/3) 
International USA - Woodrow Wilson  Mahatma Ghandi arrested in India 
Sport FA - Aston Villa (Sunderland)
RLCC -  Huddersfield (Warrington)
1st - Sunderland (Aston Villa)
RL - Huddersfield (Wigan)
RL - Huddersfield (Wigan) - playoffs
Firsts Crossword puzzle
Federal Reserve Bank - USA
Wimbledon - Ladies Doubles & Mixed Doubles
London Underground logo
PA system
Rockefeller Foundation - USA
Grand Central Station, New York
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Arts/Media The Rite of Spring - Igor Stravinsky
Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw 
Sons and Lovers - DH Lawrence
New Statesman  - magazine
Products Morris Oxford   

Architecture Alhambra Theatre (18/3) - Francis Laidler
Ideal Picture House (19/2) {1930}
Majestic/Picture House (2/4) {1956}
Pavilion cinema (2/4) {1956}
Plaza cinema (29/9) {1963}
Cleckheaton Colliery Company  
Victoria cinema (19/10) {1961}
Essoldo ciinema (1/10) {1965}
Empress cinema (22/10) {1956}
Birch Lane cinema (12/11) {1959}
Queens Hall, Morley Street
Events Visit from Lord Baden Powell (6/6)
Town Hall - new staircase opened (9/10)
Winston Churchill at St Georges Hall (14/3) 
Bradford Army Veterans Association formed (27/1)
Fire at Northbrook Brewery, Manningham (27/2)
59 miles of tramway and 252 trams
City centre flooded - £100,000 damage
First "camp" school - Daisy Hill
Alhambra - first performance (23/3)
Corporation agree to buy Infirmary for £100,000 (10/2)
Visit from Prince Joseph of Uganda (12/5)
Union Street warehouse fire (7/1)
Lord Mayor - George Henry Robinson
Olympic cinema (16/2) {1923}
Oxford cinema (9/4) {1966}
Low Moor cinema (14/9) {1957}
Dawsons, first concrete buildings collapses (12/2)
Explosion at Heckmondwyke (2/12)
1st Bradford Pals Battalion formed (20/9)
First football "derby" game
Horse-drawn fire engines withdrawn from service
Maternity Care Committee formed
Man dies during construction of Alhambra (3/3) 
Bradford City 9 (D1) - Avenue 2P (D2) - Northern 24 (RL)
National Irish Home Rule Bill 
SS Britannic launched (26/2) 
Education (Provision of Meals) Act 
Sir John Tenniel : 1820-1914 (28/2)
International Archduke Ferdinand of Austria assassinated (28/6) 
Austria- Hungary declares war on Servia (28/7) 
Germany declares war on Russia (2/8) 
Germany at war with France (3/8) 
Great Britain declares war on Germany (4/8)
Your King & Country Need You (6/8) 
Panama Canal opened (15/8)

Sport FA - Burnley (Liverpool)
RLCC - Hull (Wakefield)

1st - Blackburn Rovers (Aston Villa)
RL - Huddersfield (Salford)
RL - Salford (Huddersfield) - playoffs 
Firsts Elastic Brassiere - Mary Phelps Jacob
Blood transfusion - Belgium (27/3)
Air conditioning patented
Scheduled air service - Florida
Moving car assembly line - Model T Ford 

Arts/Media Tarzan of the Apes - Edgar Rice Burroughs  Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw 
Products Fry's Turkish Delight
Cadbury's Plain Tray chocolates
Heinz Salad Cream

Architecture Textile Hall, Westgate
Lido, Manningham Park
Blind Workshop, Frizinghall 
Events Shipley cinema (20/12) {1932}
Bolling Hall opened as museum (22/9)
Military Hospital opened at Field House (24/2)
Chapel Lane flooded (?/8)
Rates raised from 9s 3d to 9s 9d
Sir Fred Hoyle born - Bingley  
Lord Mayor - Thomas Howarth
Manchester Road station closed (31/12)
2nd Bradford Pals Battalion formed
Two goods trains collided (23/1)
Bradford Pals march to camp at Skipton (15/1)
Bradford City 10 (D1) - Avenue 9 (D1) - Northern 19 (RL)
National SS Lusitania sunk by German submarine (8/5) 
W.G. Grace died (23/10) 
Sunday Pictorial (14/3) - became Sunday Mirror in 1963
Lord Beaverbrook purchases the Daily Express
Rupert Brooke died (23/4) 
International Gallipoli (25/4)  Battle of the Somme (1/7) 
Sport FA - Sheffield United (Chelsea)
RLCC - Huddersfield (St Helens)
1st - Everton (Oldham Athletic)
RL - Huddersfield (Wigan)
RL - Huddersfield (Leeds) - playoffs
Firsts Womens Institute (WI) founded in Britain
Albert Einstein - Theory of Relativity 
Metal aircraft - Junker
Arts/Media The Thirty Nine Steps - John Buchan 
In Flanders Field - John McRae (3/5) 
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag 
Products Cadbury's Milk Tray chocolates   

Architecture St Lukes War Hospital extension (5/10) Recreation grounds, Legrams Lane/St Michaels Road (19/4)
Events Low Moor explosion - 39 died (21/8)
500 painters and decorators on strike (18/4 to 16/5))
Somme - Bradford Pals, only 323 of 2000 survive
Donald Bell awarded the Victoria Cross
Bill Chafer awarded the Victoria Cross
George Sanders awarded the Victoria Cross
Short 184 torpedo bomber built in Bradford
YMCA opened in Forster Square (24/3)
Lord Mayor - Abram Peel
Bradford Motor Volunteers public parade (5/2)
Ramsay MacDonald visited (25/11)
Telegraph moves to Observer offices (28/2)
Samuel Ingham awarded the Victoria Cross
Special constables (200) start patrols at night (16/2)
Alhambra and Empire Theatre amalgamated (1/5)
Allerton library opened see also 1905
National PM - David Lloyd George - Coalition {1922}
British Summer Time introduced 
Military Service Act - conscription
National Savings movement launched
International Andrew Carnegie died (11/8) 
Easter Rising - Dublin
Grigory Rasputin murdered (30/12) 
Sport 6th Olympic Games (Berlin) cancelled   
Firsts Coca Coca bottle   Military Tank (Battle of the Somme)
Arts/Media Water Lilies - Claude Monet  Hobson's Choice - Harold Brighouse 

Architecture Baildon Picture House (5/2) {1960}   
Events Municipal midwives (first in UK)
Wool warehouseman dies of anthrax
Union Street warehouse fire
Bradford District Bank merged with the National  Provincial
Sunbeams - Princes Theatre (Robin Hood)
Shipley Glen Railway up for sale - then withdrawn
Lord Mayor - John Bland (died) - H.H. Tetley
Yorkshire Observer
cost 1.5d
Bradford Daily Telegraph cost 1d
Christopher Pratt and Sons fire
Thomas Maufe awarded the Victoria Cross

National Royal family adopted the name of Windsor (17/7)  
International USA - Theodore Roosevelt
Count Von Zeppelin : 1838-1917 (8/3)
USA declares war on Germany (6/4)
William Cody/Buffalo Bill died (10/1) 
Firsts "Freezing" developed by Clarence Birdseye
CBE award
Pulitzer Prize
Arts/Media Isvestia   
Products Aspro trade name registered  Ambrosia dried milk 

Architecture Rugby Union ground, Lidget Green   
Events Royal visit - King George V and Queen Mary
Empire cinema (11/2) {1952}
HR Jackson's founded in Manchester Road
Horace Cannon awarded the Albert Medal (George Cross)
Lord Mayor - J Hayhurst (died) -  W Barber
Tramway workers on strike for 4 days (16/3) 
William Lupton died
Wool Control stock-taking (26/3) 
National Education Act  (school leaving age raised to 14)
RAF formed (1/4) 
Women allowed to vote for first time (14/12)
Sunday Express (29/12)
International End of World War 1 (11/11)
Claude Debussy died (24/3) 
Baron von Richthofen shot down and killed (21/4) 
Tsar Nicholas Romanoff of Russia executed (16/7)
Firsts Three Colour Traffic Lights - New York   
Arts/Media  Tarzan of the Apes - film Tiger Rag - Original Dixieland Jazz Band 
Products Jelly Babies  Fox's Glacier Mints 

Architecture Lyceum cinema (18/12) {1962}  Cliffe Mills, Bartle Lane destroyed by fire  
Events Parish church became Cathedral (6/10)
Betty's Cafe - Ilkley
Northcliffe Woods given to Shipley UDC
Vester Tilley final performance, Alhambra (29/11)
Manningham Mills fire (28/12)
HR Jackson founded {2004}
Arsenal 1 Bradford City 2 (25/10) 
Lord Mayor - William Wade
Royds House presented to Wilsden
HR Jackson - Glass and china
Cliffe Mills, Great Horton damaged by fire
Northern 11 (YRL)
Windsor Halls re-opened (3/10)
National Yorkshire Miners strike ended (12/8)
Leeds United FC formed 
Rationing Ends
Cambridge United FC formed
Armistice Day - "Two Minutes Silence" (11/11) 
International Auguste Renoir died aged 78 (3/12) 
Henry J. Heinz died (14/5) 
Theodore Roosevelt died (6/1) 
Sport   RL -  Hull (Leeds) - Yorks
RL - Rochdale (Leigh) - Lancs
Firsts Greyhound racing - California
Motor scooter
Airline - Dutch KLM 
Helicopter flight
Trans-Atlantic flight - Alcock & Brown (16/6) 
Two Minutes Silence for Armistice Day 
Arts/Media New York Daily News  Just William -

Architecture Barclays Bank, Market Street  

Architecture Savoy cinema, Darley Street (29/3) {1939}
Clayton/Rialto cinema (22/11) {1956}
Richard Oastler statue moved to Rawson Square
St James Cattle Auction Market (17/4)
Forster school
Gregory school
Priestman school
Events Double decker bus (3/11)
Theatre Royal sold by auction (3/6)
Eccleshill Memorial Clock (4/9)
Saltaire Park given to Council by Sir James Roberts (8/1)
Nurses Home - Field House, Duckworth Lane
Jowett Cars moved to Idle
Northcliffe Woods, Shipley opened (12/6)
Bishop of Bradford enthroned (17/2) 
Lord Mayor - Anthony Gadie
Kozey Picture Hall closed
Outbreak of foxes at Thackley (22/5)
Tram fares increase to 2d (1/10)
St Luke's Hospital transferred to Council - first in country(1/4)
Rates set at 16s 10d
Bradford City - FA cup match (6/3) 
Bradford Park Avenue - FA cup match (6/3) 
Bradford City 15 (D1) - Avenue 11 (D1) - Northern 24 (RL)
National Government of Ireland Act
Charlton Athletic FC turned professional
Leeds United FC turned professional
International USA - Prohibition comes into force (16/1) {1933}
League of Nations established (10/1) 
USA - Women allowed to vote
Sport FA - Aston Villa (Huddersfield)
RLCC - Huddersfield (Wigan) 
Olympic Games (7th) - Antwerp, Belgium 
1st - West Bromwich Albion (Burnley)
RL - Huddersfield (Hull)
RL - Hull (Huddersfield) - playoffs
Firsts Radio broadcast
Oxford University awarded degrees to women 
Pitney Bowes (franking machines) founded
The Cenotaph, London
Arts/Media Story of Doctor Doolittle - Hugh Lofting   Sub-Machine gun - John T Thompson
Products Band Aid [USA]
Smiths Potato Crisps

Architecture Marlboro cinema (28/11) {1962}
Princeville Nursery school 
Bandstand, Northcliffe Woods, Shipley (26/5)
Events Population 285,961
Theatre Royal opened as cinema (5/12) {1974}
Minor earthquake
BRI - X-Ray equipment for cancer treatment (8/8)
Bradford City Manager - David Menzies {1926}
Hard tennis courts in Peel Park (19/2)
2,196 trees planted on roads around the city
Peerage conferred on AH Illingworth (14/5)
Unemployed - 60,120 (unofficial figures)
Map of City Centre showing Theatres 
Bradford/Leeds ring road proposal
Lord Mayor - Thomas Blythe
Rates - 18s 3d
Freeman - Sgt J.W. Robertshaw (13/9)
Freeman - Sir James Hill (25/10)
Freeman - Field Marshall Earl Haigh (26/1)
Freemen - ex Servicemen (22/7)
Women jurors at Quarter Sessions (7/1)
Heatwave, temperatures of 130F (77F in shade)
Memorial window for 6th West Yorks Regiment at Cathedral (24/7)
Bradford City 15 (D1) - Avenue 22R (D1) - Northern 23 (RL)
National Miners strike
Torquay United FC turned professional
Duke of Edinburgh - Prince Philip born  (9/6)
Sunday postal deliveries ended
"Chequers" donated to Prime Minister
Temple Newsam, Leeds opened to the public (19/10) 
International USA - Warren G Harding (died in office)  Death of Enrico Caruso (2/8) 
Sport FA - Tottenham (Wolverhampton)
RLCC - Leigh (Halifax)
1st - Burnley (Manchester City)
RL - Hull KR (Hull)
RL - Hull (Hull KR) - playoffs
Firsts HMV
Upright vacuum cleaner (Booth/Goblin)
Insulin injection for a diabetic
Hoover trademark registered
British Legion / Poppy Appeal
Gramophone Company (HMV), Oxford Street, Londo
Arts/Media Women in Love - DH Lawrence
The Kid - film (Charlie Chaplin
The Sheik - film (Rudolph Valentino)
Products Chanel No. 5 perfume (5/5)  Cadbury's Fruit & Nut chocolate 

Architecture Cenotaph/First World War memorial (1/7)
Saltaire cinema (17/6) {1957}
Tramway station - Forster Square 
Carlton cinema (23/9) {1962}
Grange cinema (23/12) {1961}
Park Road cinema (22/7) {1961} 
Events Bradford Canal closed
VC awarded to Sgt Sam Meekosha (22/1)
Undercliffe Pavillion blown down in gale
Printers strike (11/8)
John Braine born
Rotary Club founded (14/3)
Bettys Cafe - 42/44 Darley Street {1974} 
Lord Mayor - Thomas Sowden
Corp[oration clothing department closed (9/5)
Scala cinema closed
Foster Park, Denholme opened (13/5)
Blighty Club opened
Bradford City 21R (D1) - Avenue 22R (D2) - Northern 26 (RL)
National PM - A Bonar Law - Con {1923}
Irish Free State (6/12)
Sir Ernest Shackleton died (5/1) 
York City FC formed as a professional club
Northern Ireland votes not to join Irish Free State
Death of Dr. Graham Bell (2/8) 
International USA - Calvin Coolidge
Tutankhamen tomb discovered - Howard Carter
SS formed in Germany
Mahatma Ghandi imprisoned for 6 years
Sport FA - Huddersfield (Preston)
RLCC - Rochdale (Hull)
1st - Liverpool (Tottenham)
RL - Oldham (Wigan)
RL - Wigan (Oldham) - playoffs
Firsts Football Pools (14/9)
Blue salt packet added to Smiths crisps
Marie Stopes birth control campaign - London
Insulin used to treate diabetes (11/1) 
Austin Seven (21/7) {1939}
Walls Ice Cream
BBC broadcast - 2LO
Arts/Media Readers Digest - magazine Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams Bianco

Architecture Esholt Tunnel completed (17/7)
Coronet cinema (2/7) {1958}
Park Road cinema (22/7) {1961}
Tennyson cinema (15/10) {1961}
Norman Rae Maternity Home, Shipley (4/9) 
Blind Workshop, Frizinghall (7/2) - Earl of Onslow
Daisy Hill school
Hall Ings experimental rubber road setts laid (23/10)
Bridge over Thornton Rd - Prince of Wales (30/5)
Emm Lane widened 
Events Council staff (200) on strike (20/4)
Theatre de Luxe cinema closed (16/6)
Record billiard break by Wilkie Smith (6/2)
Northcliffe woods bandstand
Royal visit - Prince of Wales [King Edward VIII]
Mill fire (2/8)
Controlled tipping at Odsal commenced (became RL ground)
Heavy flooding - Aire & Wharfe (14/11)
Lord Mayor - Herbert M Trotter
Olympic cinema closed (20/1)
Tree planting, Lady Hill park (20/1)
International Theatre Exhibition (4/6)
Bradford to Dick Hudson walk (2/4)
Scheme to clear White Abbey approved (19/7)
Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand visited (6/12)
Bradford City 15 (D2) - Avenue 2 (D3) - Northern 26 (RL)
National PM - Stanley Baldwin - Con {1929}
Minimum age for drinking became 18
Royal Wedding - Duke & Duchess of York (26/4) 
Peterborough United FC formed
Dr. John Venn died (3/4) 
International USSR
Tomb of Tutankhamen opened (16/2) 
Japanese earthquake destroys Yohohama 
Sport FA - Bolton (West Ham United) - Wembley
RLCC - Leeds (Hull)

1st - Liverpool (Sunderland)
RL - Hull (Huddersfield)
RL - Hull KR (Huddersfield) - playoffs
Firsts Woggle - UK Cubs
Electric shaver patented - Joseph Schick
Flying Scotsman - railway locomotive
Moscow Underground (23/4) 
Supermarket, San Francisco
Cotton Club, Harlem, New York
Le Mans 24 Hour Race (25/5)
Arts/Media Radio Times (28/9) Time magazine 
Products Mars Bar [Milky Way in USA]  Cadbury's Creme Eggs 

Architecture 24 Sunbridge Road [datestone] - see 1880
YMCA opened by Princess Mary (23/2)
Ladyhill Park Pavillion (3/5)
St William (RC) church
Putting Green, Bowling Park [first in Bradford] (21/5)
Events Zetland Mills, floor collapsed - 4 died (10/1)
Low Moor Disaster memorial, Scholemore (24/3)
Anonymous donation of £30,000 for new Infirmary
Bradford & Leeds wireless relay station opened  (8/7)
Holiday home for mothers and children opened at Grassington (24/5)
Lord Mayor - JH Palin
Market Street station became Forster Square (2/6)
Knights of St Columba's Bradford Council formed
Bradford City 18 (D2) - Avenue 5 (D3) - Northern 26 (RL)

National British Empire Exhibtion, Wembley  Goal could be scored direct from a corner kick
International J Edgar Hoover appointed as head of the FBI 
Petrograd renamed as Leningrad (26/1) 
Lenin died (21/1)
Adolf Hitler jailed for treason (1/4) 
Sport FA - Newcastle United (Aston Villa)
RLCC - Wigan (Oldham)
Olympic Games (8th) - Paris  
1st - Huddersfield (Cardiff City)
RL - Wigan (Batley)
RL - Batley (Wigan) - playoffs
Firsts IBM (was Computing- Tabulating-Recording Co)
Winter Olympics - Chamonix, France
Ancient Monuments Society
BBC broadcasts the Greenwich Time Signal (5/2) 
Arts/Media Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin
Alice's Wonderland - Walt Disney cartoon (1st)
A Passage to India - EM Forster
Products Newcastle Brown Ale  Anchor butter - prepacked 

1875 - 1899

Bradford Timeline

1925 - 1949