1800 - 1849

Bradford Timeline

1875 - 1899

Architecture 13 Piece Hall Yard [c 1840-50]
Peel Park purchased as public park
Drake Street (Exchange) Station (9/5) - see 1867
Fleece Inn, Eldwick (Dick Hudson landlord until 1890)
Wyke Station - 1st (7/8) {1896}
Fields Printers
New Workhouse foundation stone (13/8)
Events Bradford Improvement Act
Bradford Temperance Society founded
Second directory issued 
Mayor - William Rand
Train service from Bradford to Halifax
Bradford Sunday School Union formed (21/2)
National Public Library Act
Lord Tennyson poet laureate
Robert Louis Stevenson born (13/11)
Sir Robert Peel died (2/7)
William Wordsworth died (23/4) 
Re-establishment of the Roman Catholic hierarchy  
International USA - Millard Fillmore  Madame Tussaud died (16/4) 
Firsts Meteorological Office
Bunsen burner - Robert Wilhelm Von Bunsen 
Synthetic oil - James "Paraffin" Young
Arts/Media David Copperfield - Charles Dickens   
Products/Words   Aircraft, Communist 

Architecture Queensgate
St Georges Hall foundation stone (22/9)
Rose Mount, Manningham - for John Douglas
Zetland Mills, Canal Road
Peel Square, Lumb Lane
Thornton Chapel rebuilt
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Harecroft
Events Population 103,778
153 mills(firms) in Bradford
Bingley Building Society formed
Bradford Building Society formed
Bradford Chamber of Commerce founded
Mayor - Samuel Smith
Wilsden population 3,454
Great Wilsden flood
Undercliffe cemetery purchased
Woods Music store founded 
National Great Exhibition, Hyde Park, London 
Mary Shelley died (1/2) 
Marble Arch re-erected Hyde Park 
International Gold discovered in Australia   
Firsts Telegraph cable laid across the English Channel
Sewing machine - Isaac Singer  
Envelope making machine - De la Rue
Telescope patented - Alvan Clark
Arts/Media New York Times - newspaper (18/9)
Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Reuters news agency

Architecture Workhouse  Infirmary (St Lukes Hospital)
Buttershaw Mill, Halifax Road
Sion Baptist Chapel, Leeds Road
Peel Park Hotel, Otley Road (Google street view)
Greenfield Chapel, Lumb Lane
St Patrick's Church, Westgate
Hallfield Road

Events Alpaca manufactured by Titus Salt
Bradford Cemetery Company founded 
Mayor - Samuel Smith
National PM - Earl of Derby - Tory {1852}
PM - Earl of Aberdeen - Peelite {1855} 
Duke of Wellington died (14/9)
Last duel fought in England 
Firsts Public flushing toilet - London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Kings Cross Station, London
Screw top bottles
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
Elevator/Lift - Elisha Otis
Patent Office, London
Arts/Media Uncle Toms Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe  Roget's Thesaurus - Peter Roget 

Architecture St George's Hall (31/8)
Milligan & Forbes Warehouse (Telegraph & Argus), Hall Ings
Salts Mill , Saltaire (26/9)
St Patrick's Catholic Church opened (13/7) 
Richmond Terrace
St Andrew's Church, Listerhills
356 Kensington Street [JW=Jonathan Wright]
Events Bolton Woods Quarry - J&T Dawson
Building byelaws
Work commenced on Saltaire village
Shipley Local Board elected (31/3)
Mayor - Samuel Smith
Last market held in Old Piece Hall (28/7)
Halifax Building Society formed
National Compulsory Vaccination Act
Abolition of Soap Tax 
Troy Ounce measure legalised
International USA - Franklin Pierce  Victoria Falls discovered by David Livingstone 
Firsts Aquascutum
Potato Crisps 
Aspirin (CF Gerhardt)
Elizabeth Bloomer wore trousers 
Arts/Media Bleak House - Charles Dickens
La Traviata - G Verdi 
Craven Herald - Skipton

Architecture Bradford Library, Darley Street
Undercliffe Cemetery (25/8)
Eccleshill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 
Saltaire Village - first phase of building completed
"Ragged School", Cropper Lane (24/3)
Adolphous Street Station (1/8) {1867}
Bowling Station (1/8) {{1895}
Laisterdyke Station (1/8) {1966}
Works Dining Room, Victoria Road, Saltaire
203 Westgate 
Events Mayoral Chain presented
Corporation Waterworks Act
Charles Dickens at St George's Hall (28/12)
Bradford Moor golf course damaged by suffragettes
Map of Bradford
Fatal railway accident at Keighley (19/10) 
Mayor - William Murgatroyd
Bradford Times (18/2)
Bradford Chronicle
Rev Jonathan Glyde died (9/12)
Leeds - Bradford (Adolphous St) railway
National Abolition of soap tax  Napoleon III visited Windsor (17/4) 
International Crimean War started {1856} 
Siege of Sebastopol 
Charge of the Light Brigade (25/10) 
Republican party (USA) founded 
Firsts Cigarettes introduced into Britain
Elevator installed - Elisha Otis 
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
Railway timetable produced in Manchester (25/10) 
Arts/Media Hard Times - Charles Dickens  Le Figaro - newspaper 

Architecture 47 Well Street [LG]
Sir Robert Peel statue (6/11) 
Beckett's Bank, Cheapside
Events Waterworks purchased by Council (1/10)
Charlotte Bronte died (31/3)
Matthew Hughes awarded the Victoria Cross 
Mayor - Henry Brown
Bradford Advertiser {1890}
National PM - Viscount Palmerstone - Lib {1858}
Banks Act 
Lord Raglan killed (28/6)
Daily Telegraph (29/6)
International Siege of Sebastopol ends (9/9)
Victoria Falls discovered - Dr Livingstone 
Alexandra II - Tsar of Russia
Charlotte Bronte died (31/3) 
Firsts Mansfield Brewery
Balmoral Castle 
Trade Mark - Bass Pale Ale
Celluloid patented - Alexander Parkes
Arts/Media Daily Telegraph (29/6)
Song of Hiawatha - HW Longfellow
Westward Ho! - Charles Kingsley 
Products  Miller beer, Milwaukee, USA  

Architecture Pickwick House, 17 Peckover Street [LG]
Saltaire station (?/5) {1965}
Thackley Chapel
Dudley Hill station (20/8) {1875}
Birkenshaw station (20/8) {1953}
Drighlington station (2/8) {1962} 
Events Bradford Festival Choral Society formed
Bradford High School 
Mayor - Henry Brown
National Victoria Cross introduced
Anglo - Chinese War {1858}
 Crimean War ended  (30/3)
Turkish Baths in UK - Manchester
Thomas Cook leads travel tour to Europe
Arts/Media Tom Brown's Schooldays - Thomas Hughes   

Architecture 6 Currer Street [LG]
Saltaire - second phase of building completed
Bradford Female Educational Institute (16/11)
St Paul's Church {cinema 1911}
St Mark's Church, Low Moor (11/3)
Events Tradesmen's Benevolent Society established
Burial Board appointed
Bradford/Wakefield/Leeds railway (3/10)
Two Russian guns presented to Peel Park (16/6)
Mayor - Henry Brown
Eye & Ear Institution, Brunswick Place cv 1865
Dr Livingstone at St George's Hall (24/11)
48 collieries in Bradford area - 976,000 tons
National Prince Albert became Prince Consort  
International USA - James Buchanan  Indian Mutiny started 
Firsts Great Eastern (Brunel) launched
Victoria Cross awarded (26/6) 
Transatlantic telegraph cable
Toilet paper (Joseph Cayetty)
Arts/Media Little Dorritt - Charles Dickens  Barchester Towers - Anthony Trollope 

Architecture Bradford Banking Company (BBBS), Kirkgate
St Judes Street, Lumb Lane
Leeds Road Public Baths incl Turkish
19 Peckover Street [LG] {1979}
 Bolton Hotel, Bolton Road
Events Bradford Review (16/1)
"Lozenge Poisoning"
Public analyst appointed [Rimmington]
Tomothy Taylor brewery, Keighley
Mayor - Henry Brown
Leeds - Town Hall
William Napier awarded the Victoria Cross
Broomfields "Ragged" school opened (9/8) 
National PM - Earl of Derby - Con {1858}
PM - Viscount Palmerstone - Lib {1865}
Local Government Act
Covent Garden Opera House 
International Lord Canning 1st Viceroy of India
East India Company dissolved
Minnesota becomes US state 
Lake Victoria discovered
Lake Tanganyika discovered
Firsts Covent Garden opera house
Hall Orchestra (30/1)
Pencil with eraser on end patented - Hyman Lipman
Fingerprints used for identification - William Herschel (28/7) 
Great Eastern (Brunel) launched (31/1)
Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square {?}
Electric burglar alarm, Boston

Architecture 53/55 Leeds Road [LG]
4 Currer Street [LG] {1990}
Atomik House, 4 Burnett Street [LG]
Carlisle Road Chapel
Saltaire Congregational Church (15/4) 
Events Sir Titus Salt - MP (to 1861)
Yorkshire Penny Bank founded
Storm and flooding (6/6)
W&J Whitehead, Laisterdyke founded
Fire at Bowling Dye Works (20/10) 
Mortality statistics (25/10) 
Mayor - Isaac Wright
School of Design opened  - John Ruskin (1/3)
Building byelaws revised
John Bright expounded his Reform Bill at St Georges Hall (12/1) 
Charles Dickens at St. Georges Hall (20/10) 
National Isambard Kingdom Brunel died (15/9)
Royal Albert Bridge, Plymouth (2/5) 
Robert Stephenson died (12/10)
International Billy the Kid born
Oregon becomes US state 
Blondin crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope (30/6) 
John Brown - raid on Harpers Ferry (16/10) 
John Brown hanged (2/12) 
Firsts Big Ben into service - Houses of Parliament (31/5)  Cruft's Dog Show - held in Newcastle 
Arts/Media On the Origin of Species - Charles Darwin (24/11)
Adam Bede - George Eliot
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens
Faust - CF Gounod 
Products/Words   Acid rain 

Architecture 72 Vicar Lane [LG]
5 Burnett Street [LG]
40 Chapel Street [LG]
Grove House, Bolton - for Atkinson Jowett

Scholemoor Cemetery
St Philip's Church, Girlington (14/2)
St Stephen's Church, Bowling
West End Farmhouse, Allerton Lane [c]
Allerton Warehouse, Allerton Road (262-264) 
Events Greenwoods men's shop
Bradford Industrial Co-op Society
Severe storm  - widespread damage (21/1) 
Judy Barrett died (19/3) 
Mayor - Isaac Wright
Halifax - Town Hall
Bradford Political Union inaugurated (6/5) 
National Nurses Training School - Florence Nightingale
Professional Nursing Career Training begins at St Thomas' Hospital, London
International Pony Express founded (3/4)  
Firsts Electric  lamp (Swan)
Martini Cocktail (Martini a New York barman)
British Open Golf championship (17/10)
Petroleum from USA to London
HMS Warrior - ironclad warship
Petroleum from USA to London
Arts/Media The Mill on the Floss - George Eliot   

Architecture 8 Currer Street [LG]
Drummonds, Lumb Lane Mills
Oakroyd Dyeworks, City Road 
Constance & Shirley Streets, Saltaire
St Thomas's Church, Wigan Street
St Mary's Church, Laisterdyke (13/3)
Events Population 106,218
WE Forster MP (to 1886)
Richard Oastler : 1789-1861 (22/8)
Bradford Post Office savings bank opened (9/12) 
Mayor - Isaac Wright
Wilsden population 2,888
Sir Titus Salt retired
Map of Bradford
National Post Office Savings Bank
Paper Duties repealed 
Prince Albert : 1819-1861 (14/12) 
International USA - Abraham Lincoln
Kansa becomes US state 
American Civil War (12/4) {1865}
Firsts Christmas Crackers
Paris Opera House
"Package holiday" to Paris - Thomas Cook
"Bone shaker" bicycle - Pierre & Ernst Michaux
Arts/Media Great Expectations - Charles Dickens Silas Marner - George Eliot 


County Court, 27 Manor Row (3/1)
Victor House, 10 Currer Street [LG]
53/55 Leeds Road [LG]
Wacorn House, 8 Burnett Street [LG]
13 Currer Street [LG]
Horton Lane Congregational Church
Hallfield Chapel foundation stone (26/6)
Glyde House (as a school)
St Luke's Church, Broomfield (27/6)
RAOB Club, Lumb Lane
High School, Hallfield Road
Cater Buildings, Cater Street [LG]

Events Frederick Delius born (29/1)
County Court House opened (2/1)
Keighley News  
Mayor - Mathew Thompson
Bradford District Banking Company founded (6/11)

National Cotton famine in Lancashire  Notts County FC formed - oldest in the league
International Source of the Nile discovered  Samuel Colt [gunsmith] died (10/1) 
Firsts Land Registry
Traffic Island (Liverpool) 
Westminster Bridge, London (24/5) 
Machine gun patented
Lambeth Bridge, London 
Arts/Media Les Miserables - Victor Hugo   
Products Bacardi Rum, Cuba   

Architecture Peel Park (7/11)
30 Well Street [LG] {19??}
Wash & Bath House, Saltaire {1894}
Peel Park Drinking Fountain
3 Eldon Terrace - to be sold by auction   
St Michael's Church, Windhill Street
Hallfield Baptist Chapel, Darfield Street {?}
St Walburga's Church, Shipley
Horton Lane Congregational Church, Little Horton Lane {1956}
Events Jones's Mercantile Directory - introduction
Leeds - Corn Exchange
Bradford Rugby Club
Mayor - Joseph Farrar
Bew ward presented to BRI by Dr Godwin
National Fenian Society founded in Ireland
William Makepeace Thackeray died (24/12) 
Stoke City FC formed
London Underground - Metropolitan Railway
International West Virginia becomes US state
Kit Carson (American frontiersman) died (23/5) 
Gettysburg Address - Abraham Lincoln (19/11)

Firsts Linoleum patented (F Walton)
Broadmoor Prison (27/5)
London Underground - Metropolita (10/1)
English Football Association  founded
Vacant/Engaged sign for toilet door patented (17/2)
Arts/Media The Water Babies - Charles Kingsley  

Architecture Alexandra Theater/Theatre Royal (26/12) {1974}
45 Well Street [LG]
Wool Exchange foundation stone (9/8)
Mechanics Institute/Library, Bingley (14/11)
Oakwood, Bingley - for Thomas Garnett
Bradford Infirmary, Westgate extended
All Saints Church, Little Horton
St Barnabas Church, Heaton
Windhill Chapel
Heaton Mount, Frizinghall
Holy Trinity Church, Leeds Road
Events Population 118,098
Armley Prison - First execution (10/9)
Huddersfield Equitable Building Society formed
Leeds granted Assizes - travelling High Court (24/1) 
Mayor - Charles Semon
Horsedrawn bus service (22/12)
Bradford Philosophical Society established (23/12)
Pullan's Music Hall, Westgate (24/12) qv 1869
National Dam in Sheffield bursts (11/3)   
International Ionian Islands (Corfu) became part of Greece
Nevada becomes US state
Geneva Convention
Firsts Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol (8/12)
Torpedo - Robert Whitehead
International Red Cross
Pasteurisation (wine) - Louis Pasteur 
Arts/Media Journey to the Centre of the Earth- Jules Verne
 John Wisden's Cricketers Almanack (8/2) 
War and Peace - Tolstoy

Architecture Whetley Mills, Thornton Road
Eye & Ear Hospital, Hallfield Road cv 1857 {1948}
Thornton Road baths (22/7)
Shipley Baptist Church
Cottingley Town Hall 
Burley-in-Wharfedale station (1/8)
Ilkley Station (1/8)
Greenhill Chapel rebuilt
Cragg Royd, Apperley Bridge - for Nathaniel Briggs
Blenheim Terrace, Manningham
Events Otley & Ilkley Railway
Richard Cobden died
Bradford Times {1883}
Mayor - John Godwin
Leeds - City Varieties
"Back to Back" housing banned (reversed in 1870)
National PM - Earl Russell - Lib {1866}
Red Flag Act - imposed speed limit for cars
Rudyard Kipling born (30/12) 
Viscount Palmerstone died (18/10)
Nottingham Forest FC formed
Mrs Elizabeth Gaskell died (12/11) 
International USA - Abraham Lincoln (died in office)
USA - Andrew Johnson
Abraham Lincoln assassinated (15/4) 
Sibelius born (8/12)
American Civil War ended (9/4) (26/5) 
Slavery abolished in USA
Matterhorn climbed
Firsts Salvation Army -William Booth
International Morse Code standardised - qv 1848 (Wikipedia)
Stanley Gibbons monthly price list
Carpet sweeper
Capitol Building, Washington DC
Arts/Media Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
From the Earth to the Moon- Jules Verne
Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens

Products/Words Commuter 

Architecture York House, Manor Row (Bradford Club) [c] 
Alston Works, Thornton Road - Isaac Holden
Bank Top Mills, Beacon Road
Albion Mill, Wilsden rebuilt
Ben Rhydding Station (1/7)
Allerton Chapel rebuilt  
Events Bradford Corporation Act
Market rights acquired from Rawson's (lord of the Manor)
Flood (16/11)
46 collieries in area - 1.9 million tons
Shearbridge Mills damaged by fire (10/7)
Mayor - William Broyshaw
Uriah Woodhead, Canal Road
West Yorks Building Society (Dewsbury) formed

National PM - Earl of Derby - Con {1868}
Isle of Man gains home rule
Last cholera epidemic
"Black Friday" - financial crisis
Beatrix Potter born (28/7)
HG Wells born (21/9)
Ramsay MacDonald born (26/10)
Crystal Palace, London fire (30/12)
International Jamaica becomes British colony   
Firsts Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain (12/1) 
Dr Barnardo's Home - Stepney [or 1867]
Dynamite - Alfred Nobel
Brighton Pier {closed 1975}
Transatlantic Telephone Cable (27/7)
Arts/Media Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky  The Bartered Bride - Friedrich Smetana 
Products Cadbury's Cocoa Essence   

Architecture Victoria Hotel, Bridge Street (1/10) qv 1892
Wool Exchange (13/3)
BDA/Pennine House, 39 Well Street [LG]
Priestley's Warehouse, 66 Vicar Lane [LG]
Components House, 1 Burnett Street [LG]
Clarendon Academy, Bowland Street
Longwood, Bingley - for W M Selwyn
Godwin Street developed
Haworth station (13/4) {1962}
Oakworth station (13/4) {1962}
Oxenhope station (13/4) {1962}
St Michaels & All Angels Church, City Road
Greengates Chapel

Events Bradford Canal closed (temporary)
Steam powered fire engine
Exchange building became Post Office
Thomas Obank & Sons, Thackley  founded
Drake Street station renamed Exchange (7/1)
Leeds - Bradford railway terminated at Exchange Station (1/7)
Mayor - James Law
Decision taken to build a Town Hall (2/1)
Bingley Agricultural Show (28/8)
"Wrose Elm" planted {2000}
Adolphus Street station closed to passenger traffic(6/1)
National Second Reform Act
Electorate doubled to over two million 
Royal Albert Hall foundation stone (20/5) 
Fenian attacks in London
Sheffield Wednesday FC formed
Chesterfield FC formed 
International Dominion of Canada created (1/7)
Russia sells Alaska to USA 
Paris Exhibition
Nebraska becomes US state 
Firsts Queensbury Rules - boxing
Dr Barnardo's Homes - Stepney [or 1866]
Carbolic used - Joseph Lister
Dynamite patented - Alfred Nobel
Air brake for railways - George Westinghouse
Arts/Media Das Kapital - Karl Marx
Blue Danube Waltz - Johann Strauss
Peer Gynt - H Ibsen
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
Don Carlos - Verdi

Architecture Bradford Commercial Bank (Nat West), Hustlergate
Blind Institute, North Parade
Albion House, 64 Vicar Lane [LG]
Mechanics Institute, Eccleshill (cinema 1911)
Manningham station (17/2) {1965}
Richard Oastler statue (15/5)
Chapel Lane Unitarian Chapel {197?}
Ilkley College
St Joseph's School Chapel
Congregational School - 586a Great Horton Road
Almshouses, Victoria Road, Saltaire (23/9)
Salts Hospital, Saltaire {closed 1979}
Saltaire Methodist Church {1970}
New Mill, Saltaire
Gordon Terrace, Saltaire [part]
Saltaire Elementary school [Shipley College annexe]
St Joseph's Church, Grafton Street
Oakwell, Manningham - for ?
Moravian Church, Baildon
Tradesmen's Homes, Heaton Road
Events Decision made to provide public parks
Bradford Observer becomes a daily newspaper (5/10)
Mayor - Edward West
Bradford Daily Telegraph
National PM - Benjamin Disraeli - Con {1868}
PM - WE Gladstone - Lib {1874}
Trades Union Council founded
Last public execution
Last convicts to Australia
London Underground - Metropolitan Line extended to Westminster
Firsts Press Association
Tape measure patented - Alvin J Fellows (14/7)
Traffic lights - London

Arts/Media Whitakers Almanac
A German Requiem
- J Brahms
The Idiot - Fiodor Dostoevsky 
The Moonstone - W Collins
Piano Concerto in A Minor - Edward Grieg
Exchange & Mart (13/5)

Architecture 62 Leeds Road [LG]
Gordon Terrace, Saltaire [part]
Unitarian Chapel {1969}
Ling Bob Mills, Wilsden
Events Building Trades Technical School, Godwin Street
Election riots
Pullan's Music Hall, Brunswick Place opened (25/10) qv 1864
Green Cliff Stone Quarry opened 
Mayor - Mark Dawson
Town Hall design agreed (6/10)
Bradford Weekly Telegraph (31/7)
National Disestablishment Act (Irish Church)  Post Office given telegraph monopoly 
International USA - Ulysses S Grant  Union Pacific railway (USA) opened 
& Firsts
Strangeways Prison, Manchester (Wikipedia)
Blackfriars Bridge, London (Wikipedia)
Booths Theatre, New York (Wikipedia)
Suez Canal (17/11) (Wikipedia)
Cutty Sark launched (22/11) (Wikipedia)
Celluloid (first plastic) - John Wesley Hyatt
Chewing gum patented
DNA discovered - Johann Frederick Miescher
Margarine - H Mege-Mouries
Arts/Media The Rhinegold - Richard Wagner (Opera)
The Little Brown Jug - Eastborn Winner (Song)
Lorna Doone - R.D. Blackmore (Book)
War & Peace - Leo Tolstoy (Book)

Architecture Lister Park purchased by Corporation (27/10)
Town Hall foundation stone (10/8)
Mechanics Institute foundation stone (10/8)
Brown, Muff & Co Ltd, Market Street
Manor Hall demolished
St Barnabas School
Girlington Chapel
St James Church, Thornton
Bowling Church School
Events SC Lister sold Manningham Hall (27/10)
Bradford School Board elected
Rosse Hotel, Saltaire - granted a licence
Dr Burnett - Vicar of Bradford died (8/3)  
Pantomime - Whittington & His Cat 
Mayor - Mark Dawson
Typhoid scare
Observer Budget (7/8)
Photographing of prisoners became compulsory (3/11) 
National Education Act - primary education compulsory
Bankruptcy Act - abolished imprisonment for debt
Irish Land Act 
Postcard and 1/2d stamp (1/10)
Charles Dickens died (9/6) 
Review of Old and New Testaments 
International French Revolution
Alexander Dumas died (5/12) 
Franco Prussian War
Vatican declares papal infallibility  
Firsts Red Cross Society
Americas Cup - yacht race
Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue
Instititute of Accountants founded 
"Tower Subway" - Tunnel under the Thames (2/8) 
Jelly Babies
Blackfriars Bridge, London
Stanley Gibbons stamp album
Dynamo - Zenobe T Gramme
Arts/Media 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Jules Verne
Coppelia - Clement Delibes
Mystery of Edwin Drood - Charles Dickes
The Mysterious Island- Jules Verne
Die Walkure - Richard Wagner
Products Amstel beer, Holland   

Architecture Mechanics Institute (2/10) {1973/4}
Thorpe Buildings (TSB), Tyrell Street - see 1876
Bradford Fever Hospital, Leeds Road
History & Scientific Institute, 8 Piccadilly
De Vere House, 62 Vicar Lane [LG]
38 Chapel Street [LG]
46 Peckover Street [LG]
St James Meat Market & Abattoir (1/1)
Midland Mills, Valley Road
Mechanics Institute, Thornton (cinema 1912)
Lister Park opened (28/10)
Corporation Abattoir, Leeds Road (6/1) 
St Thomas's School, Wigan Street
Bowling Back Lane Board school
Bradford Post Office Savings bank (9/12)
6 Ireland Bridge, Bingley
Prospect, Bowling Chapel
Wyke Chapel
Idle Chapel rebuilt
St Peter's Church, Laisterdyke
Provincial Building Society, Market Street {196?}
Saltaire Institute [Victoria Hall] (?/6)
Free Libraries Act adopted (15/3)
Events Population 147,101
Council purchased Gas Company (11/7)
First Chief Librarian appointed - Mr Virgo (11/10)
Manningham Mills destroyed by fire  - two died (25/2)
WN Sharpe Ltd formed
Telegraph offices moved to Bridge Street/New Ivegate (31/7)
Map of Bradford
Mayor - Mathew Thompson
Wilsden population 3,127
Bradford Orphan Girls' Home (13/4)
Bradford Evening Mail (18/9) {1875}
Second Canal Company formed
Roberts Park, Saltaire opened (25/7)
Map of Bradford city centre
National Bank Holiday Act
Reading FC formed
Trade Unions legally recognised
Royal Albert Hall (29/3)
International Stanley met Livingstone at Ujiji (10/11)  British Colombia became part of Canada 
Firsts Rugby Football Union founded
Cable car patented (17/1)
Whit Monday - Bank Holiday (29/5)
Jehovaha's Witnesses founded
Arts/Media Encyclopaedia Britannica
- Verdi 
 Descent of Man - Charles Darwin
Products Bristol - cigarettes  

Architecture Kirkgate Market (31/10) {1973}- see 1878
Frizinghall Chapel 
Midland Bank, Market Street
St Bartholomew's Church, Bowling
Bradford Grammar School, Manor Row {1987}
Events Reference library opened in Tyrell Street
"Browne" system devised by Charles Virgo
Powers Bookstall
Skipley, Idle and Eccleshill railway opened  (8/3)
Mayor - Mathew Thompson
Bradford Canal re-opened
Bradford Daily Chronicle (1/10) {1883}
Mortality figures (21/3) 
National Ballot Act - secret ballot compulsory
First election under Ballot Act (15/8) 
International Samuel Morse died   Mary Celeste found adrift in Atlantic (5/12) 
Sport FA Cup - Wanderers (Royal Engineers) - Kennington Oval (16/3)   
Firsts Albert Memorial (1/7)
"Browne" system for issuing library books
Doughnut cutter patented - John Blondel (9/7)
Dried milk patented (9/4) 
Arts/Media Alice Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne
Miiddlemarch - George Eliot
Boston Globe newspaper

Architecture Town Hall (9/9)
Manningham Mills - Samuel Lister
Bradford District Bank (Nat West), Market St
26 East Parade [LG]
Sion Baptist Chapel, Harris Street [LG]
Caspian House, 61 East Parade [LG]
Alhambra Theatre, Canal Road (16/9) {1875}
62 Leeds Road/George Street extension [LG]
Legrams Mill - George Hodgson
St Augustine's Wesleyan Chapel
Lindum Terrace, Manningham
Bonding warehouse, Midland Station (21/4)
Dispensary added to Infirmary
Feversham Street school
New Road Side Chapel
Otley Road Chapel
Bolton Road Chapel
Old Grammar School, Manor Row {?}
Church House, North Parade
Dudley Hill Board school
Barkerend Board school
Whetley Lane Board school
Horton Bank Top Board school
Feversham Street school 
Events Mayoral Mace presented
Bradford Free Lending Library, Tyrell Street (17/2)
Bradford Canal opened (15/4)
Bolton Lane abattoir opened {1928/1938}
St. George's Hall re-opened (29/8)
Mayor - Manoah Rhodes
Bolton becomes part of Bradford
First Board schools - rented property
Robert Bland Ltd (Jewellers & Clock Makers)
Bradford Improvement Bill 1873
National Livingstone died (1/5)
Wrexham FC formed - oldest in Wales
Attendance at school made compulsory
International USA - Ulysses S Grant   
Sport FA - Wanderers (Oxford University) - Little Bridge  
Firsts Scottish FA - founded
Philo Remington produces a typewriter
Celluloid registered as a trademark (14/1)
Newspaper photograph - New York Daily Graphic (2/12)
Badminton played in England (circa)
Toilets on British trains - sleeping cars (2/4)
Typewriter with QWERTY keyboard 
Albert Bridge, London opened (23/8) 
Arts/Media Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy   
Products/Words Heineken beer, Holland  Aeroplane 

Architecture Law Russell & Co, 63 Vicar Lane [LG]
St James Wholesale Fruit & Veg Market (13/7)
Bfd District Bank [Nat West], Market Street (18/5)
Commercial Bank Buildings
New Bank Street - building commenced
Sir Titus Salt statue (1/8) 
St Paul's Terrace, Manningham
First Pullman Train - Midland (Forster Square) Station (1/6)
Manoah Rhodes
Bowling Back Lane school
Lilycroft Board school
Whetley Lane Board School (15/6)
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church
St Marks, Manningham {1959}
St Phillip's school, Girlington 
St John the Evangelist, Great Horton Road
Events Evening classes started
Purpose built schools
Cycling Club founded - first in UK
George Newby & Co, Tyrell Street {1974}
Wombwell's Royal National Menagerie
Mayor - Henry Mitchell
Subscription library formed (27/10)
Lower Barden reservoir
Leeds University founded
National PM - Benjamin Disraeli - Con {1880}
Aston Villa FC formed
Macclesfield FC formed 
Building Societies Act
Bolton Wanderers FC formed
International Gold Coast became a British colony  Fiji became a British Colony 
Sport FA - Oxford University (Royal Engineers) - Kennington Oval  
Firsts Safety bicycle - HJ Lawson
Pullman Train (see above)
Solomon introduces pressure cooking for cans

Arts/Media Far from the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy
The Mysterious Island - Jules Verne
Die Fledermaus
- J Strauss
Requiem - G Verdi
The Accountant magazine
Pictures from an Exhibition - MP Moussorgsky
My Fatherland - F Smetana
Products Bovril - Johnston's Fluid Beef, Canada
Passing Clouds - cigarettes
Jelly Beans 

1800 - 1849

Bradford Timeline

1875 - 1899