1700 - 1799

Bradford Timeline

1850 - 1874

Architecture Holme Mill, Thornton Road {1804}
Eastbrook House, 99 East Parade [LG]
Map of Bradford [Flickr]
4-6 All Alone, Idle [c]
403-405 Allerton Road [c]
National Act of Union (Great Britain and Ireland)
Elgin Marbles brought from Parthenon in Greece
Royal College of Surgeons founded
Criminal Lunatics Act
International USA - Thomas Jefferson USA Governmnent moves to Washington.
Firsts Electric Light (Sir Humphry Davy)
High pressure steam used (Richard Trevithick)
Ordnance Survey Map - Kent (1/1)
Battery - Alessandro Volta
Library of Congress, Washington
Arts/Media 1st Symphony in C Major - Beethoven   

Events Population 13,624
Market moved from Westgate to  Market Street (1824)
One worsted mill in Bradford
East Riding Population of Hornsea 533  
National PM - Henty Addington - Tory {1804}
Act of Union - England & Ireland in force (1/1)
Treaty of St Petersburg
Census in Britain (29/6)
International USA - Thomas Jefferson  Battle of Copenhagen (2/4) - Nelson used blind eye 
Firsts Submarine - Robert Fulton White Ensign - flag of the Royal Navy 
Arts/Media 1st and 2nd Piano Concertos - Beethoven  The Four Seasons - Haydn 
Products Chivas Regal, Whisky  

Architecture 72/74 Market Street, Thornton modernised  (Bronte home)  
Events Map of Bradford  
National First British Factory Act  
International Ceylon became a British colony
Alexander Dumas born
Minorca returned to Spain
Firsts Steamboat - Charlotte Dundas (W Symington) Table of Atomic Weights - John Dalton 
Arts/Media Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven  2nd Symphony - Beethoven 

Events Sir Titus Salt born - Morley (20/8)
Lighting and Watching Commissioners
Bradford Old Bank founded (2/5)

National Robert Stephenson born
The Times newspaper changed the typeface (10/9) [Flickr]
Lighting and Watching Act
International Britain declares war against France
US purchases Louisiana & New Orleans
Balearic Islands ceded to Spain
Firsts Debretts Peerage
Semaphore signalling (Admiral Popham)
Caledonian Canal - start of construction
Railway locomotive - Trevithick
Public railway (Wandsworth to Croydon)
Ferris Wheel - Chicago Expo (George WG Ferris)

Architecture Holme Mill  (first worsted) destroyed by fire - rebuilt later (26/3)  
Events Richard Cobden born  
National PM - William Pitt - Tory {1806}  
International Napoleon - Emperor of France
US Constitution - 12th Amendment
Spain declares war against Britain
Firsts Caledonian Canal - start of construction [1822] Rochdale Canal opened (John Rennie) 
Arts/Media 3rd (Eroica) Symphony  - Beethoven  Jerusalem - William Blake 

National Grand Junction Canal
Battle of Trafalgar (21/10) [Flickr]
Lord Nelson died (21/10) [Flickr]
International USA - Thomas Jefferson
Battle of Austerlitz (2/12)
Hans Christian Andersen born (2/4) {1875}
Firsts Trooping of the Colour (4/6)
Grand Union Canal completed
Percussion detonator - Alexander Forsyth
Aquaduct over Ellesmere Canal - Brunel 
Arts/Media 4th Piano Concerto - Beethoven
Fidelio - Beethoven 
The Lay of the Minstrel - Walter Scott
The Prelude - William Wordsworth 

Architecture Clayton Heights Chapel  
Events Fire Brigade formed (3 horse-drawn engines) Blind man races the mail coach (15/3) [Flickr]
National PM - Lord Grenville - Whig {1807}
Isambard Kingdom Brunel born (9/4)
William Pitt the Younger died (23/1) [Flickr]
International Britain declares war against Prussia  
Firsts Carbon Paper patented (Ralph Wedgwood)
Arc de Triomphe - construction commences
Potassium & Sodium - Humphrey Davey
Illustration in The Times newspaper 
Arts/Media Symphony No. 4 in B Flat - Beethoven  Violin Concerto (Op 61) - Beethoven 

Events Isaac Holden born (7/5)  
National Slaver trade abolished by Parliament    
International PM - Duke of Portland - Tory {1809}  
Firsts Ascot Gold Cup horse race
Ship to shore lifeline using a mortar (G Manby)
Mumbles railway, Swansea {1960}
Gas Lighting - London (29/1) 
Arts/Media Coriolanus - Beethoven  Leonara No. 3 - Beethoven 

Architecture Low Moor chapel Bell Chapel, Great Horton 
Events First Sunday School in Bradford  
International USA - James Madison
US prohibits import of slaves from Africa
Sierra Leone became a British colony
Arts/Media 5th Symphony - Beethoven
6th (Pastoral) Symphony - Beethoven
Faust (part 1) - Goethe

National PM - Spencer Perceval - Tory {1812}
Arthur Wellesley becomes Duke of Wellington
WE Gladstone born
Dartmoor Prison (24/5) [Flickr]
International USA - James Madison
Napoleon divorced from Josephine (16/12)
"Kit" Carson born (24/12)
Joseph Haydn died (31/5) [Flickr]
Abraham Lincoln born (12/2) {1865}
Louis Braille born (4/1)
Charles Darwin born (12/2) 
Firsts Two Thousand Guineas horse race
Pall Mall, London is lit by gas
Dartmoor Prison - French prisoners (24/5)
Arts/Media 5th Piano Concerto - Beethoven   

Architecture Idle Chapel
124 Main Street, Wilsden 
Albion Mill, Wilsden (George Tweedy) {19??}
Events Five worsted mills in Bradford Hannah Green "witch of Wilsden" - died 
National Luddites, machine wreckers {1818}  
International Napoleon marries Marie-Louise of Austria  

Architecture Kirkgate Wesleyan Chapel (13/5)
Events Population 16,012
Bishop Blaize Festival
Henry Francis Lockwood (architect) born
National George III incapacitated by insanity
Prince of Wales  became Prince Regent 
William Makepeace Thackeray born
Paper money became legal tender (10/5)
Firsts Regent Street, London building commenced (Nash)  Paper banknotes become legal tender in UK (10/5) 
Arts/Media Hansard Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen 

Architecture Woodhouse Grove School (12/1)  
National PM - Earl of Liverpool - Tory {1827}
Restrictions on Prince Regent removed
Prime Minister Spencer Perceval assassinated (11/5) [Flickr]
Robert Browning born (7/5)
Charles Dickens born (7/2) {1870}
International USA declares war on Britain (18/6)
Battle of Queenston Heights (13/10)
Napoleon enters Moscow (14/10)
Firsts Goodwood Cup horse race Gas company (Gas Light & Coke Company)
Arts/Media 7th & 8th Symphony - Beethoven  Children's & Household Tales - Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm (Grimm Brothers) 

National USA - James Madison   
International Mexico declares independence from Spain (6/11)   
Firsts "Puffing Billy" locomotive - William Hedley    
Arts/Media Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (28/1) [Flickr]  

Architecture Great Horton Chapel Bingley Elementary School  
Events .  
National .  
International Treaty of Paris (Fontainbleu)
Napoleon banished to Elba
Malta annexed to Britain
Battle of New Orleans
End of 1812 war against USA
Washington captured (24/8)
Firsts Plastic surgery
Marylebone Cricket Club - MCC (22/6)
Gas lighting in streets (London)
Steam locomotive - George Stephenson.
Arts/Media Waverley - Sir Walter Scott
Swiss Family Robinson - Jonathan Wyss
Mansfield Park - Jane Austen
Star Spangled Banner  

Architecture Christ Church, Darley Street {1879}  
Events Samuel Cunliffe Lister born
Black Dyke Mills band formed
Bronte family moved to Thornton
National Corn Law  
International Battle of Waterloo (18/6)
Napoleon surrenders (15/7) [Flickr]
Napoleon banished to St Helena 
Richelieu Prime Minister of France
Battle of New Orleans (8/1) [Flickr]
Napoleon returns to France (28/2) [Flickr]
Firsts Miners Safety Lamp - Sir Humphry Davy
Telegraphic link between London and Paris (13/11)
John Macadam's road construction method adopted

Architecture Independent Chapel, Chapel Row, Wilsden {?}  
Events Leeds Liverpool Canal opened
Widow of William Brown opened shop - 11 Market Street - see 1834
Charlotte Bronte born (21/4)
International USA - James Monroe  Indiana becomes an American state 
Firsts Portable fire-extinguisher (Manby)
Macadamized roads (J Macadam)
Regent's Canal, London - phase one
Kaleidoscope (D Brewster)
Cigarette lighter
Arts/Media  Emma- Jane Austen
Kubla Khan - Coleridge (written 1797)
Barber of Seville - Rossini
5th Symphony - Schubert 

Events Patrick Branwell Bronte born   
National Jane Austen died (18/7) [Flickr]
The Scotsman (25/1)
Captain Bligh died (7/12)
International USA - James Monroe  Mississippi becomes ans American state 
Firsts Waterloo Bridge, London   
Arts/Media Flatford Mill - John Constable   

Events William E Forster born
Bradford Savings Bank opened (22/8)
Emily Bronte born (30/7)
Bishop Blaize Festival  
National Church Building Act   
International Canadian border established - 49th Parallel
Illinois becomes 21st American state
Venezuela independent of Spain - Simon Bolivar
Karl Marx born (5/5) 
Firsts Professional horse racing - USA   
Arts/Media Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Persuasion - Jane Austen (posthumous)
Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen (posthumous)
Don Juan - Lord Byron 
6th Symphony - Franz Schubert
Heart of Midlothian - Walter Scott
Rob Roy - Walter Scott

Events East Morley & Bradford Savings Bank (15/1)   
National Queen Victoria born (24/5) (Flickr)
Prince Albert born (26/8) (Wikipedia)
Peterloo Massacre, Manchester (16/8) (Flickr)

Joseph Bazalgette born (28/3) (Wikipedia)
Charles Kingsley born (12/6) (Wikipedia)
George Eliot born (22/11) (Wikipedia)
James Watt died (19/8) (Flickr)
International USA purchases Florida from Spain (22/2) (Flickr) Alabama becomes 22nd American state (14/12) (Flickr)
Firsts Atlantic crossing by steam - SS Savannah (24/5-20/6) (Flickr)
Piccadilly Circus, London (Wikipedia)
Electromagnetism - Hans Christian Oersted (21/04) (Wikipedia)
Burlington Arcade, London (Flickr)
Arts/Media Ivanhoe - Walter Scott (23/12) (Flickr)  

Architecture 31 Manor Row [c] (Flickr)
33 Manor Row [c]
37 Manor Row [c]
32 Manor Row [c]
Bradford Grammar School, Manor Row - see 1871
Barkerend Mills - W&J Garnett
Well Hole Mills, Wilsden
Alderscholes Lane, Thornton (2-30) [c]
Old Kings Head, Allerton Lane [c] (Flickr)
392-470 Allerton Road [c]
Events Twenty worsted mills in Bradford
Dacre Son & Hartley founded
William Denby & Sons, Baildon founded 
Anne Bronte born (17/3)
Bronte family moved to Haworth
National King George IV {1830}
King George III died (29/1) [Flickr]
British settlers in South Africa
International Maine becomes an American state  Spanish Inquisition abolished  
Firsts Royal Astronomical Society
Regent's Canal, London - phase two
Life insurance policy for a woman - UK (19/11)
Arts/Media Venus de Milo discovered   

Events Population 26,309
Bradford Musical Friendly Society founded  
Bradford Gas Light Company formed
National George IV coronation (19/7) [Flickr]
Manchester Guardian (5/5)
John Keats died (23/2)
International USA - James Monroe
Napoleon died on St. Helena (5/5)
Missouri becomes an American state 
Richelieu resigns as French Prime Minister
British West Africa formed
Spain handed over Florida to USA (17/7) 
Firsts Theory for electric motor - Michael Faraday  
Arts/Media Manchester Guardian (5/5) Weekly (Wikipedia) Hay Wain - John Constable 

Architecture 135/137 Main Street, Wilsden - Spring Hill   
Events Bronte family moved to Haworth
Bradford Gaslight Company formed 
List of Hotels, Inns and Taverns
National Percy Shelley drowned (8/7) [Flickr] Three prisoners escape from York Castle (6/6) [Flickr]
International Louis Pasteur born  Liberia founded as colony for released slaves 
Firsts Caledonian Canal opened (Thomas Telford)
False teeth patented [Charles M Graham] (9/3)
Tetleys Brewery - Leeds

Arts/Media Sunday Times (20/10)  Symphony No 8 (Unfinished) - Franz Schubert 

Architecture Dudley Hill Chapel
Sion Chapel, Bridge Street fnd stone (28/2) 
Greenhill Chapel
Shipley Church foundation stone (30/11) 
Events Gas first used - street lights (15/9)  
Firsts Waterproof coat - Charles Macintosh
Dynamo - William Sturgeon 
Rugby played at Rugby School
Arts/Media The Lancet   
Products Ninth Symphony - Beethoven   

Architecture Kirkgate (Butter) Market (16/9) {?}
Thornton Chapel
St Mary's Church, Stott Hill (27/7)? - see 1825
St John's Church, Bierley consecrated (3/8) 
Sion Chapel
St Matthews, Wilsden foundation stone (23/10)
Bradford Infirmary founded? - see 1844

National Lord Byron died (19/4)
Imperial standard measure of the gallon legalised 
Trade Unions made legal
International USA - John Quincy Adams   
Firsts RSPCA founded
Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution  founded 
National Gallery, London
Portland Cement patented (Joseph Aspdin) 
Arts/Media 9th Symphony (Choral) - Beethoven  

Architecture Shoulder of Mutton, Kirkgate
Eastbrook Chapel - rebuilt 1904 (2/9)
Leeds Road (mid 1820s)
St Mary's Church, Stott Hill (27/7)? - see 1824
Keighley-Bradford turnpike
Events Bradford Strike
Power Loom introduced
First Building Society (Union) 
Bishop Blaize festival - last (3/2)
Bradford Dispensary opened (19/4)
Bradford Courier (14/7) {1828} 
National Financial crisis  Thames Tunnel (Marc Brunel) construction commenced
International USA - John Quincy Adams   
Firsts Railway - Stockton to Darlington
Joe Smith founder of Mormons has "vision" 
Electromagnet - Sturgeon
Arts/Media Boris Godunov - Pushkin   

Architecture St Matthew's Church, Wilsden {1962} St Paul's Church, Shipley
Events Riot of unemployed & weavers (1/5)  Bradford Banking Company established 
Firsts Menai Suspension Bridge - Thomas Telford (30/1) [Flickr]
Railway tunnel - Liverpool to Manchester railway
Royal Zoological Society founded
Arts/Media Burke's Peerage
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Mendelssohn 
Last of the Mohicans - James Fenimore Cooper

Architecture Bradford & Thornton Road
Bradford & Eccleshill Road 
Shipley & Bramley Road
Bradford Dispensary, Darley Street 
Events Bradford Banking Company founded (7/7)
Antonio Fattorini took stall in Leeds market
Gas meters introduced 
Flower show - Bradford Florist Society (15/8)
Central Market - Leeds
National PM - George Canning - Tory {1827}
PM - Viscount Goderich - Tory {1828} 
William Blake died
International Ludwig Van Beethoven died (27/3) [Flickr]  
Firsts Wooden friction matches - John Walker
Ohm's Law - George Ohm
Plymouth Brethren founded
Theakston Brewery  
Arts/Media Evening Standard , London   

Architecture Exchange Rooms, 1 Piccadilly
? Sackville Street [JHI=Jonas Illingworth] 
Sunday School, Wilsden

Events Population approximately 42,000 
National PM - Duke of Wellington - Tory {1830}  Sir Robert Peel became Home Secretary 
International USA - Andrew Jackson
Franz Schubert died (19/11)
Jules Verne born
Firsts Marble Arch, London
Regents Park Zoo, London (27/4)
Cocoa first sold
 London University
Arts/Media The Spectator  C Major Symphony - Franz Schubert 

National Catholic Emancipation Act
Metropolitan Police formed (19/6)
George Stephenson's Rocket won Rainhill Steam Trials (8/10) [Flickr]
Sir Humphry Davy died (29/5)
Scotland Yard (6/10) [Flickr]
International USA - Andrew Jackson   
Firsts Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race (10/6) [Flickr]
Accordion manufactured - C Damian of Vienna
St Katharines Dock, London (Thomas Telford)
Omnibus service in London (Horse drawn)
Arts/Media William Tell - G Rossini   

Architecture 2 Piccadilly/30 Kirkgate [c]
14-16 Piccadilly [c]
18-24 Piccadilly [c]
17-19 Piccadilly [c 1820-30]

Bents Foot, Wilsden
Cranford Place, Wilsden
Malt Shovel, Harden - as farmhouse
Holy Trinity Church, Idle
Alderscholes Lane, Thornton (3-29)  [c]
Events First Temperance Society in UK founded (2/2)  FM Rimmington, chemist founded 
National PM - Earl Grey - Whig {1834}
King William IV {1837) 
George IV died (26/6)
Firsts Liverpool to Manchester Railway
Principles of induction - Faraday
Royal Geographical Society founded
Mormon Church, Fayette, New York
Arts/Media Symphony Fantastique - Hector Berlioz   

Events Population 43,527  First Anglican Day School 
National Truck Act - prohibiting payment in kind  
International   British Guiana became Crown Colony 
Firsts London Bridge  - John Rennie (1/8) [Flickr]
HMS Beagle sailed - Charles Darwin 
North magnetic pole located (James Clark Ross)
French Foreign Legion (10/3) 
Arts/Media Notre Dame de Paris - Victor Hugo   

Architecture 71/77 Main Street, Wilsden (J Emmott) 
Bolton Royd. Manningham Lane  (circa)
Spring Mill, Wilsden 
Events Mechanics Institute formed (13/2)
Cholera epidemic - 30 died 
First MP's - J Hardy & EC Lister
National Reform Act
Lewis Carroll born (27/1)
Sir Walter Scott died  (21/9)
Firsts Electroplating - George Elkington
Book jackets used in England
Slavery Abolition Society founded in Boston

Arts/Media Mazurkas (op 6) - Chopin   

Architecture Piccadilly  Allerton Chapel 
Events Bradford Commercial Bank founded  James Berry appointed as the public hangman 
National Factory Act - minimum age for working 10  
International USA - Andrew Jackson
Alfred Nobel born (21/10)
Falkland Islands claimed by Britain
Firsts Electric Telegraph - Weber & Gauss  Garrick Club, London 
Arts/Media 4th Symphony in A - Mendelssohn  12 Etudes (op 10) - Chopin 

Architecture Court House, Hall Ings {1958}  Clayton Chapel 
Events 39 Worsted mills in Bradford
Henry Brown took over shop from mother - see 1845
Bradford Observer - weekly (6/2) (Flickr)
Map of Bradford (Flickr)
National PM - Viscount Melbourne - Whig  (16/7) {1834}
PM - Duke of Wellington - Tory (14/11) {1834}
PM - Sir Robert Peel - Tory (9/12) {1835}
Poor Law Act - introduction of workhouses (8/8)
Tolpuddle Martyrs
John Coleridge died
Thomas Telford died ((2/9)
Richard Mawson (architect) born 
International Slavery abolished in the British Empire (1/8) [Flickr] St Helena became a Crown Colony 
Firsts Birmingham Town Hall (7/10) (Wikipedia)
Hair Straightener patented - Sarah Breadlove (23/12)
Braille - Louis Braille
Hansom Cab patented - Joseph  Hansom (23/12)
Arts/Media Rookwood - W H Ainsworth [Robin Hood legend]   

Architecture Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury  Salem Chapel/Kenburgh House, Manor Row 
Events Temperance Festival, Wilsden (20/4)  Rev Thomas Rawson Taylor (poet) died (7/3) 
National PM - Viscount Melbourne - Whig {1841}
Municipal Corporations Act 
John Nash died (13/5) [Flickr]
Highway Act
Bear and bull baiting prohibited 
International Mark Twain born
Firsts Madam Tussauds Waxworks, London
Halley's Comet first sighted
Revolver patented - Samuel Colt 
Arts/Media Fairy Tales - Hans Christian Anderson (-1872)   

Architecture Holy Trinity Church, Low Moor - enlarged
Ling Bob, Wilsden - rebuilt
Britannia Mills foundation stone (4/10) 
Tetley Street  Baptist Church
Daisy Hill Chapel (18/9)

Events Titus Salt discovered practical use for alpaca
Manoah Rhodes started at 6 Westgate - see 1876
Post Office introduced private boxes
National  First Registrar General (T Lister) Building Societies Act 
International Arkansas becomes American state

Alamo - General Bowie & Colonel David Crockett killed (6/3) [Flickr]
Texas independence - Mexico defeated 
Firsts London Bridge station
Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Grand National - Liverpool Grand Steeple-Chase (29/2) [Flickr]
Acetylene discovered - Edmund Davy
Hansom Cab patented - Joseph A Hansom
Screw propeller - Frances Pettit Smith

Architecture Oddfellows Hall, Thornton Road
Mechanics Institute, Wilsden 
Temperance Hall, Chapel Street (28/2) {1935}
Black Dyke Mills, Queensbury - John Foster 
Events Visit by HRH Prince George (20/11)
First Temperance Hall in England
Bradford Union instituted
Flood - "Bradford Deluge" (20/12)
Riot because of Poor Law Act (20/11)
Extraordinary Flood (23/2) (Flickr)
National Queen Victoria (until 1901)
King William IV died (20/6) [Flickr]
Queen Victoria coronation
Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
John Constable died (31/3) [Flickr]
International USA - Martin Van Buren
Michigan becomes American state 
Wild Bill Hickock born {1876}

Firsts Great Yorkshire Show
Euston Railway Station, London
Shorthand - Isaac Pitman
Electric Telegraph demonstrated - Samuel Morse (6/1)
Telegraph Line patented - Cooke & Wheatstone
Vaux Brewery
Dry Soap Powder - Robert Hudson
Arts/Media Pickwick Papers - Charles Dickens  

Architecture Manningham Mills - original {1871}
Bridge Street Chapel {cinema 1910)
White Abbey Chapel (31/8)
Temperance Hall, Leeds Road (27/2) (Flickr)
Station House
St James Church, Manchester Road
St Pauls Church, Buttershaw
Moravian Chapel, Little Horton Lane
Events Decision to build Mechanics Institute (24/01) (Flickr) Fire at Illingworth's mill, Thornton Road (21/10) [Flickr]
National Anti Corn League (Cobden & Bright)  Queen Victoria - Coronation (28/6) [Flickr]
Firsts National Gallery, London (8/4)
Bicycle - Kirkpatrick Macmillan
Steamship service to USA
Trains used to convey mail {2004} 
Arts/Media Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens   

Architecture Infants School, Wilsden  Ebenezer Chapel, Horton Lane 
Events Bradford Waterworks Company Rev Henry Heap  - Vicar of Bradford died (17/1)
National Cunard Company formed   
International General Custer born {1876}  
Firsts Indian Tea arrives in Britain
Steam hammer - James Nasmyth
Henley Regatta
Photographic negative - William Henry Fox Talbot
Railway Guide (UK)
Cesarewitch Stakes horse race
Grand National horse race at Aintree (26/2)
Silver image on copper plate - Louis Daguerre
Baseball - Cooperstown, New York - Abner Doubleday (12/6)

Arts/Media Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens   

Architecture 30 Manor Row [c]
6 Piccadilly [c 1830-40]
Bowling School
Bowling Church foundation stone (7/4)
St John's Church, Manchester Road
Mechanics Institute, Leeds Road (11/8)
Heaton School
W. Wyhill Emporium - 137 Westgate [Flickr]
Events Chartist Army marched into market place (27/1)  Bradford Exhibition (12/8) [Flickr]
National Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert (10/2) [Flickr]
Thomas Hardy born (2/6)
 Beau Brummel - Regency Dandy - died (30/3)
International Opium War with China started
Beau Brummell died (30/3) [Flickr]
Transportation of convicts to Australia ended
New Zealand became British Colony
Firsts Postage Stamp - Penny Black (1/5) [Wikipedia]
P&O steamer run to India 
Saxophone - Adolf Sax

Architecture Eccleshill School
Stott Hill School 
Providence Mill, Wilsden
Theatre Royal, Duke Street {1867} 
Events Population 66,715
83 worsted mills in Bradford 
WE Forster arrived in Bradford
National PM - Sir Robert Peel - Tory {1846} 
Punch (17/7)
Thomas Cook's founded 
International USA - William Harrison (died in office)
USA - John Tyler 
Hong Kong ceded to Britain by China (20/1)
New Zealand becomes British colony 
Firsts Standard screw threads - Joseph Whitworth
Paperback book
Carbon zinc battery - James Bunsen 
Joules Law - James Joule
Hypnotism - James Braid
Arts/Media Barnaby Rudge - Charles Dickens
Punch Magazine (17/7) [Flickr]
The Old Curiosity Shop - Charles Dickens
New York Tribune - newspaper (10/4)

Architecture Lumby Street School
Manningham School 
St John's Church, Manchester Road (8/2)
Events Waterworks Act  Bradford Herald (16/1)
National Coal Mines Act (children working in mines)
Queen Victoria made first train journey
Lieutenant-General Henry Shrapnel died (13/3) [Flickr]
Illustrated London News (27/11)
Thomas Arnold died
Income Tax was 7d in the pound 
Queen Victoria receives four Arabian horses (12/6) [Flickr]
International Opium War ended (China)  
Firsts Blueprint process for copying - Sir John Herschel  Ether used as anaesthetic - Crawford Long 
Arts/Media Illustrated London News (14/5)
Morte de Arthur - Lord Tennyson 
Builder - magazine
Products/Words   Vegetarian 

Architecture St Jude's Church, Manningham {1966}
St Paul's Church, Buttershaw
Denton Well Cottage, Harrogate Road 
Royd Mill, Wilsden
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wilsden
? Crack Lane, Wilsden 
Events Board of Highway Surveyors
Three ton steel hammer installed at Low Moor Iron Co
Tender for erection of Thornbury Barracks [Flickr]
Royal Oak Inn, Kirkgate refurbished (4/2) #[]
Yorkshire Banking Company established branch
Bradford to Manchester Coach (Flickr)
Advert for Theatre, Thornton Road (3/3) [Flickr]
National William Wordsworth - offered post of Poet Laureate (6/4) [Flickr]
News of the World (1/10)
Economist (2/9)
International Gambia became a Crown Colony  Natal declared British 
Firsts Nelson's Column, London (4/11) (Flickr)
Royal College of Surgeons founded
SS Great Britain launched - Brunel (19/7) (Flickr)
Thames Tunnel (Marc & IK Brunel) opened (25/3) (Wikipedia)
Hydro-electricity - Thomas Faraday
Cigarettes produced commercially
Christmas cards in Britain
Royal Hunt Cup, Ascot - horse race
Arts/Media News of the World (1/10) 
The Economist - magazine
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens (17/12)
Flying Dutchman - Richard Wagner 

Architecture Bradford Infirmary, Westgate {1936} (Flickr) Daisy Hill School 
Events Leeds and Bradford Railway Act  Gordons solicitors 
National Joint Stock Companies Act
Factory Act - working day for children reduced
Fleet Prison demolished 
Firsts YMCA founded - George Williams
Imperial standards - pound/yard 
First Co-operative store (Rochdale)
Samuel Morse transmits first message 
Arts/Media Martin Chuzzlewit - Charles Dickens  The Three Musketeers - Alexander Dumas 

Architecture Daisy Bank, Girlington - for Alfred Illingworth
Melbourne Alms Houses, Sawtrey Place, Little Horton 
Eldon Place
Events First directory issued [Wood & Ibbotson] (31/1)
C Pratt and Sons, furnishers founded 
Henry Brown took on partner - TP Muff
"Brown & Muff, Linen and Wool Drapers" 
National Irish potato crop failed resulting in famine 
Lunatics Act
County Asylums Act
International USA - James Knox Polk
Florida becomes American state
Texas becomes American state 
Firsts Pneumatic tyre patented - Robert Thompson
Tonic sol fa musical notation (Sarah Glover)
Trafalgar Square fountains 
SS Great Britain maiden voyage (26/7)
Elastic band - Stephen Perry

Architecture St Luke's Church, Eccleshill
Bradford (Market Street) Station (1/7) {1890}
Zoar Chapel, Westgate 
Apperley Bridge Station (1/7) {1965}
Shipley Station - first (?/9) {1875}
St Mary's Church, Wyke 
Events Leeds to Bradford Railway (1/7)
Melbourne Brewery [Leeds]
Fattorini moved to Bradford
National PM - Lord John Russell - Whig {1852} 
Standard railway gauge introduced
Repeal of the Corn Laws 
International USA at war with Mexico
Iowa becomes American state 
William "Buffalo Bill" Cody born
Firsts Gun cotton - Christian Schonbein
Albert Dock, Liverpool
Nitroglycerine - A Sobrero
Baseball game - New Jersey (19/6)
Arts/Media Book of Nonsense - Edward Lear
Man in the Iron Mask - Alexandre Dumas
Daily News - edited by Charles Dickens (21/1) 
Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
Damnation of Faust - Berlioz
Products Peroni (Nostro Azzurro) - Lager, Italy   

Architecture Bingley Station - 1st (16/3) {1892}
Keighley Station - 1st (16/3) {1883} 
Steeton Station - 1st (?/12) {1892}
Boundary Place, Queensbury [Black Dyke Mills] 
Events Population 103,778
Borough Charter granted (1/6)
Bingley Improvement Act
Railway extended from Shipley to Keighley (16/3) (Flickr)
Mayor - Robert Milligan
Fire Station becomes "Town Hall"
16 foundries/ironworks in Bradford
Willliam Leverett - Chief Constable [first] 
National Ten Hours Act (Richard Oastler)   
International Mexico occupied by USA troops  Gold discovered in California 
Firsts Chloroform used as anaesthetic - James Simpson
Salt Lake City founded by Mormons
USA - adhesive postage stamps (1/7)
Leeds -  Armley Jail
Arts/Media Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte 
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray 
Products Tom Smith's crackers   

Architecture Bankfield, Bingley - for William Murgatroyd
St Luke's Church, Eccleshill
Low Moor parsonage 
Low Moor Station (9/7) {1965}
St Paul's Church, Manningham
Wyke parsonage 
Events Emily Bronte died (19/12)
Mayor - Titus Salt (9/11) (Flickr)
Chartist demonstration 
National Public Health Act George Stephenson died (12/8) [Flickr]
International Wyatt Earp born (19/3) {1929}(Wikipedia)
Gold discovered in California (24/1)
Wisconsin becomes American state 
Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx
Slavery abolished by France
Firsts Bloomers - Amelia Bloomer (19/7)
International Morse Code (Gerke) - qv  1865 (Wikipedia)
Waterloo Station, London (11/7) (Flickr)
Decorated Christmas Tree - Victoria & Albert [Flickr]
Arts/Media Dombay and Son - Charles Dickens  Tenant of Wildfell Hall - Emily Bronte

Architecture St Matthew's Church, Bankfoot (12/12) St Andrew's Chapel, Simes Street (Bombay Brasserie)
Events Cholera epidemic - 426 died
Anne Bronte died in Scarborough (28/5) [Flickr]
Map of Bradford city centre (Flickr) 
Mayor - Henry Forbes
Lockwood & Mawson formed 
List of "taxi" ranks (27/3) [Flickr]
National Cock fighting made illegal
Florin introduced (two shillings)
Edgar Alan Poe died
Marc Isambard Brunel died (12/12)
International USA - Zachary Taylor (died in office)   
Firsts Pillar boxes for mail  Safety pin patented 

Early to Mid 19th century
Architecture Cock & Bottle public house

1700 - 1799

Bradford Timeline

1850 - 1874