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Researched & Compiled by Colin Sutton. 1985-2004.
Former Lecturer, Centre Head/Area Organiser at Bolton Royd.

In memory of Colin Sutton - sadly Colin passed away in 2012
This content (plus a few additions) was originally to be found at www.kingsdr.demon.co.uk
Reproduced without permission because I have been unable to contact his executor (Bryan Haines)

Bolton Royd, 1986.

Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire

For over three-quarters of a century, many thousands of students (mostly adult students) have passed through the doors of Bolton Royd and many will have wondered when the house was built, who occupied it and what is its history.

This research throws some light on its colourful and complex background and provides some, but not all, the answers to questions regularly asked by students, staff and visitors. Please read and enjoy.



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