1950 - 1974

Bradford Timeline

2000 - 2019

Architecture Provincial House - Second block {2002}
Bradford & Bingley Building Society HQ (?/5)
Manchester Road/Rooley Lane subway (13/5)
St Matthew's Church, Main Street, Wilsden
Rhodesway School baths (16/5)
Kirkgate Arndale rooftop car park (4/7)
Events Richard Dunn wins British Heavyweight title
Pennine Radio (16/9)
Midland Hotel closed (25/4)
Huddersfield & Bradford Building Societies merged
"Hair" - Alhambra (24/2)
Emmanuelle banned from cinemas
Bradford City launch public appeal for funds (4/11)
Lord Mayor - Doris Birdsall
Black Panther (Donald Neilson) arrested
Revised route for Airedale Trunk Road published (18/4)
Brown Muff's exterior changed - corner window removed
Royal Visit - Prince Charles (17/12)
Bradford City Manager - Bobby Kennedy {1978}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 10 (D4) - Northern 7 (RL1)
National Common Market Referendum
North Sea Oil pipeline opened by Queen (3/11)
P.G. Wodehouse died (14/2)
Sex Discrimination Act
Charlie Chaplin knighted (4/3)
London Underground - Moorgate disaster (28/2)
Margaret Thatcher elected Leader of The Conservative Party (11/2)
International "Terracotta Army" discovered in China (11/7) Vietnam War ended (30/4) 
Sport FA - West Ham United (Fulham)
LC - Aston Villa (Norwich City)
CW - Dynamo Kiev (Ferencvaros)
RLCC - Widnes (Warrington)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - David Steele (Cricket)
1st - Derby County (Liverpool)
EC - Bayern Munich (Leeds United)
UE - Borussia Moenchen (Twente Enschede)
RL - St Helens (Wigan)
RL - Leeds (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Niki Lauda (Ferrari) 
Firsts Automatic kettle (Swan)
Betamax VCR 
Microsoft (Bill Gates & Paul Allen)

Arts/Media Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen (Wikipedia)
Police Woman - USA tv series
"Humphries about" - milk advert
The Sweeney - British tv series
Rockford Files - USA tv series

Architecture Telephone Exchange extension
Victoria Hall, Bingley demolished 
Wilsden Village Hall
"old" Exchange Station demolished - see also 1973
Events Richard Dunn v Mohammed Ali (25/5)
Aire Valley road enquiry
Black Dyke Mills Band - Freedom of the City
Essoldo cinema destroyed by fire
Council banned The Exorcist (3/3)
First bus lane - East Parade to Forster Square (12/4)
Lord Mayor - Frank Hillam
St James' Wholesale market closed (17/1)
Valley Road Power Station closed
Box junction markings - Manningham Lane/Oak Lane
Newby/Brown/Fenelon "Poulson" trial
Bradford City 17 (D4) - Northern 11 (RL1)
National PM - James Callaghan - Lab {1979} 
Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon to separate (19/3)
Agatha Christie died (12/1)
James Callaghan becomes Labour Party leader (5/4) 
International Israeli commandos rescued passengers at Entebbe (4/7)  Howard Hughes died (5/4)
Sport FA - Southampton (Manchester United)
LC - Manchester City (Newcastle United)
CW - Anderlecht (West Ham United)
EU - Czechoslovakia (West Germany)
RLCC - St Helens (Widnes)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Dallas Cowboys)
Olympic Games (21st) - Montreal
Sports Personality - John Curry (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (QPR)
EC - Bayern Munich (St Etienne)
UE - Liverpool (SC Bruges)
RL - Salford (Featherstone)
RL - St Helens (Salford) - playoffs
F1 - James Hunt (McLaren)

Firsts Concorde - maiden flight (21/1)
5.25" computer disk announced by Shugart

Arts/Media Starsky and Hutch - USA tv series
"Splash it all over : Henry Cooper" - Brut advert 
"Honey Monster" - Sugar Puffs advert
"Coast to coast" - Yorkie advert 
Products Grifter bike
Cadbury's Caramel chocolate bar  
Rowntree's Yorkie chocolate
Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bar  

Architecture Transport Interchange (27/3)
Jubilee Gardens, Bingley
John Street Market fire (4/11) - see 1978
Richard Dunn sports centre?
Chester Street Bus Station closed (?/3)
Hall Ings pedestrian bridge (11/7)
Events Royal visit - Princess Anne (22/6)
Heavy snow fall - traffic stopped (13/1)
Jacobs Well traffic lights switched off
Yorkshire TV - breakfast broadcasting
Dog warden appointed (1/6)
Lord Mayor - Paul Hockney
Freeman - Black Dyke Mills Band (14/4)
Lingards store closed
Seven trees planted behind Law Courts for Jubilee (6/3)
Bradford City 4P (D4) - Northern 8 (RL)
National Pub licensing hours extended [Fri/Sat until 11pm] (1/4)
London Underground - Piccadilly Line extended to Heathrow
Charlie Chaplin died (25/12)
Bing Crosby died (14/10)
International USA - Jimmy Carter  Elvis Presley died (16/8)
Groucho Marx died (19/8)
Sport FA - Manchester United (Liverpool)
LC - Aston Villa (Everton)
CW - SV Hamburg (Anderlecht)
RLCC - Leeds (Widnes)
SB - Oakland Raiders (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - Virginia Wade (Tennis)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester City)
EC - Liverpool (Borossia Moenchengladbach)
UE - Juventus (Athletico Bilbao)
RL - Featherstone (St Helens)
RL - St Helens (Warrington - playoffs
F1 - Niki Lauda (Ferrari)
Firsts Rings detected round Uranus (30/3)
Arts/Media Star Wars - George Lucas
The Professionals - British tv series
"Wedding photographer : David Bailey" - Olympus Cameras advert
"Luton Airport : Lorraine Chase" - Campari advert
"Triumph has the bra for the way you are" - advert
Charlie's Angels - USA tv series
"Fruit and Nut case" - Cadburys advert
Products Gore-Tex fabric
Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bar
Lego Technic
Apple II - computer
Commodore Pet - computer   

Architecture John Street Market (17/11) Valley Rd/Canal Rd cooling tower demolished (4/9) 
Events Royal visit - Prince Charles (?/11)
Studios 1-4 changed name to Unit Four
Bradford City Manager - John Napier {1978}
Busby's/Debenhams closed (29/4) - cv 1958, 1973
Thorn Consumer Electronics closed (26/7)
Bradford Northern win Premiership
Lord Mayor - Arthur F Trigg
Brown, Muff 's changes name to Rackhams
Dire Straits, University (1/11)
Bradford City Manager - George Mulhall {1981}
Bradford City 22R (D3) - Northern 2 (RL1)
National May Day bank holiday  TV Licence increased to £25 
International Pope John Paul I {1978}  Pope John Paul II {2005} 
Sport FA - Ipswich Town (Arsenal)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Liverpool)
CW - Anderlecht (Austria/WAC)
WC - Argentina (Holland) - Argentina
RLCC - Leeds (St Helens)
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Denver Broncos)
Sports Personality - Steve Ovett (Athletics)

1st - Nottingham Forest (Liverpool, Everton)
Rel .. West Ham, Newcastle, Leicester
2nd - Bolton (Southampton, Tottenham)
EC - Liverpool (FC Bruges)
UE - PSV Eindhoven (Bastia)
RL - Widnes (Bradford Northern)
RL - Bradford Northern (Widnes) - playoffs
F1 - Mario Andretti (Lotus) 
Firsts Space Invaders - arcade game   
Arts/Media "Leonard Rossiter & Joan Collins" - Cinzano Bianco advert 
Darkness on the Edge of Town - Springsteen
Return of the Saint - British tv series
Mars a day helps you wotk rest and play" - advert
Smash Hits - music magazine
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy broadcast (8/3)
Anna Ford - first female newsreader
Hazell - British tv series
"Surfer" - Old Spice advert
Blakes Seven - BBC tv {1981)
Daily Star - newspaper
Products Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate - chunky bar   

Architecture Busby's/Debenhams destroyed by  fire (30/8) 19 Peckover Street [LG} demolished - fire damage 
Events Target - Shipley area (26/4)
Bingley college closed
Heaviest snowfall since 1947 (19/1)
Pay and Display car parks (11/6)
Lord Mayor - John Stuart Senior
Leader - Brian Womersley [C] {1980}
Bradford City 15 (D4) - Northern 8 (RL1)
National PM - Margaret Thatcher - Con {1990}  London Underground - Jubilee Line opened
International John Wayne died (11/6)   
Sport FA - Arsenal (Manchester United)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Southampton)
CW - Barcelona (Fortuna Dusseldorf)
RLCC - Widnes (Wakefield)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Dallas Cowboys)
Sports Personality - Sebastian Coe (Athletics)

1st - Liverpool (Nottingham Forest, West Brom)
Rel .. QPR, Birmingham, Chelsea
2nd - Crystal Palace (Brighton, Stoke)
EC - Nottingham Forest (Malmo)
UE - Borussia Mgladbach (Red Star Belgrade)
RL - Hull KR (Warrington)
RL - Leeds (Bradford Northern) - playoffs
F1 - Jody Scheckter (Ferrari)
Firsts Prestel videotex system
Jubilee Line, London Underground (30/4)
Visicalc - spreadsheet Apple II
Galaxians - arcade game
Asteroids - arcade game
Arts/Media Miss World - last time on BBC tv
"Handbuilt by Robots" - Fiat Strada advert
"So good I bought the company : Victor Kiam" - Remington advert
Shoestring - British tv series
"Dancing Woman" - Shake 'n' Vac advert
"Viz" - magazine 
Products Daz Automatic - soap powder
Sony Walkman 
Shake 'n' Vac

Architecture St Matthew (RC) church Valley Road Power Station chimney demolished 
Events Roxy/Silver Dollar Bingo converted to mosque
Bradford University won University Challenge
Bradford Northern win league
U2, University (12/11)
Lord Mayor - Arnold Lightowler
Leader - Derek Smith [L] {1982}
- extended to Bingley (15/9)
Bradford City 5 (D4) - Northern 1 (RL1)
National Iranian Embassy siege (5/5)
Radio Caroline [pirate radio] sank (20/3)
Peter Sellers died (24/7)
John Lennon shot & died (8/12)
Prescription raised to £1 (1/12) 
International Alfred Hitchcock died (29/4)  
Sport FA - West Ham United (Arsenal)
LC - Wolves (Nottingham Forest)
CW - Valencia (Arsenal)
EU - West Germany (Belgium)
RLCC - Hull KR (Hull)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Los Angeles Rams)
Olympic Games (22nd) - Moscow
Sports Personality - Robin Cousins (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United)
EC - Nottingham Forest (Hamburg)
UE - Eintracht Frankfurt (Borussia Mg)

RL - Bradford Northern (Widnes)
F1 - Alan Jones (Williams)

Firsts Sony Walkman
Sinclair ZX80 - computer
Giant panda born in captivity - Mexico (12/8)
Defender - arcade game
PacMan - arcade game
3.5" computer disk announced by Sony 
Arts/Media Empire Strikes Back - George Lucas
Juliet Bravo - British tv series
"Eight out of ten cats" - Whiskas advert
"Do you love anyone enough . . ." - Rolo advert
The River - Bruce Springsteen
The Gentle Touch - British tv series
"Just one cornetto ..." - Wall's advert
Children in Need - telethon 
Products Sinclair ZX80 computer
Rubik's Cube
Cornetto (ice cream)

Architecture Telegraph & Argus Press Hall (22/7)
Royal Mail sorting office, Valley Road 
Park Avenue stands demolished
Events Population 454,198
Yorkshire Sports closed down (2/5)
Bradford Northern win championship
Yorkshire Ripper [Peter Sutcliffe] arrested (2/1)
Yorkshire Ripper [Peter Sutcliffe] jailed for life (22/5)
Shipley Glen Tramway given to Council
Bradford Northern win league
Lord Mayor - Danny Coughlin
Bradford Star
Royal visit - Prince Charles
Bradford City Manager - Roy McFarland {1982}
Bradford City 14 (D4) - Northern 1 (RL1)

National Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer to marry (24/2)
Prince Charles married Diana (29/7) 
Brixton riots 
International USA - Ronald Reagan
Bob Marley died (11/5)
Bill Haley died (9/2)
Space shuttle
France legally abolished guillotine (18/9) 
John Lennon's murderer (Mark David Chapman) gets 20 years to life (24/8)
Sport FA - Tottenham (Manchester City)
LC - Liverpool (West Ham United)
CW - Dynamo Tiblisi (Carl Zeiss Jena)
RLCC - Widnes (Hull KR)
SB - Oakland Raiders (Philadelphia Eagles)
Sports Personality - Ian Botham (Cricket)
1st - Aston Villa (Ipswich Town)
EC - Liverpool (Real Madrid)
UE - Ipswich Town (AZ67 Alkmaar)
RL - Bradford Northern (Warrington)
F1 - Nelson Piquet (Brabham) 
Firsts Humber Bridge (24/6) - Toll 1 (Wikipedia)
Space shuttle
Tower 42 [Nat West Tower], London
IBM Personal Computer
London Marathon (29/3)
Arts/Media Bergerac - British tv series
"Goes on & on & on" - Duracell (bunny) advert
Magnum - USA tv series
MTV launched in USA
Products Sinclair ZX81 computer (5/3)  

Architecture Crossflats station (17/5)
Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley Road
Carlisle Road Mosque
Events T&A - Saturday edition tabloid format (6/2)
National & Provincial Building Society (merger)
Rank Wharfedale close Idle factory
Laidler Bar, Victoria Hotel {199?}
Yorkshire Building Society
Wilsden twinned with Eppeville
Let's Think Of The Future- Council publication
Lord Mayor - Joan Lightband
Leader - Tom Hall [C] {1984}
Bradford International Jazz Festival
Pace Micro Technology formed
Bradford City Manager - Trevor Cherry {1987}
Bradford City 2P (D4) - Northern 5 (RL)
National Falklands War (2/4)
Prince William born (21/6)
Raising of the Mary Rose (11/10)
International Maradona signs for Barcelona (28/5)  
Sport FA - Tottenham (QPR)
LC - Liverpool (Tottenham)
CW - Barcelona (Standard Liege)
WC - Italy (West Germany) - Spain
RLCC - Hull (Widnes)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Cincinatti Bengals)
 Sports Personality - Daley Thompson (Athletics) 
1st - Liverpool (Ipswich Town)
EC - Aston Villa (Bayern Munich)
UE - IFK Gothenburg (Hamburg SV)

RL - Leigh (Hull)
F1 - Keke Rosberg (Williams)
Firsts Channel Four
Harrogate Conference Centre 
Missile Command - arcade game
Arts/Media Brookside - C4 tv {2003}
Dr Who - Peter Davison {1984} - BBC tv  
Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
Cagney and Lacey - USA tv series
Products Sinclair Spectrum computer  Aero (chunky) 

Architecture Photography, Film & Television Museum (16/6)  
Events Cinecenta closed (7/9)
Bradford City bankrupt
Windsor Baths closed  
Lord Mayor - Norman Free
Valley Parade floodlight blown down (1/2)
Bradford City 12 (D3) - Northern 9 (RL1)
National £1 coins introduced to replace the £1 note (21/4)
Car number plates added a prefix letter - see 1963 & 2001
Shergar (Derby winner) kidnapped (8/2)
Sir Nikolaus Pevsner died (18/8)
Sport FA - Manchester United (Brighton)
LC - Liverpool (Manchester United)
CW - Aberdeen (Real Madrid)
RLCC - Featherstone (Hull)
SB - Washington Redskins (Miami Dolphins)
Sports Personality - Steve Cram (Athletics)
1st - Liverpool (Watford)
EC - Hamburg SV (Juventus)
UE - Anderlecht (Benfica)
RL - Hull (Hull KR) 
F1 - Nelson Piquet (Brabham)
Firsts CD [Sony & Philips]
J League (Japanese soccer league)
Arts/Media Now That's What I Call Music 1
"Follow the Bear" - Hoffmeister lager advert
Breakfast Time - BBC TV (17/1)
Return of the Jedi - George Lucas
"JR Hartley - Fly Fishing" - Yellow Pages advert
The Bill - ITV 
Products Cadbury's Wispa chocolate bar
Apple IIe (Wikipedia)
Apple Lisa (Wikipedia)

Architecture Saltaire station (9/4)   
Events J.B. Priestley died (14/8)
Woolworths close Darley Street branch (?/4)
Arnold Laver, Canal Road fire
Alhambra closed for refurbishment
City Gent - Bradford City fanzine  
Lord Mayor - Olive Messer
Leader - Ronnie Farley [C] {1986}
BBBS first ATM
Bradford City 7 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
National Miners strike
BT privatised (30/11) 
Tommy Cooper died (15/4)
WPC Yvonne Fletcher shot - Libyan People's Bureau (17/4)
Eric Morecambe died (28/4)
York Minster fire (10/7)
IRA bomb at Grand Hotel, Brighton (12/10)
Diana Dors died (4/5)
Richard Burton died (5/8)
International Indira Gandhi assassinated (31/10) 
Heysel Stadium (29/5)
Count Basie died (26/4)
Sport FA - Everton (Watford)
LC - Liverpool (Everton)
CW - Juventus (FC Porto)
EU - France (Spain)
RLCC - Widnes (Wigan)
SB - Los Angeles Raiders (Washington Redskins)
Olympic Games (23rd) - Los Angeles
Sports Personality - Torvill & Dean (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (Southampton)
EC - Liverpool (Roma)
UE - Tottenham (Anderlecht)

RL - Hull KR (Hull)
F1 - Niki Lauda (McLaren)

Firsts  Apple Macintosh - computer   
Arts/Media Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
"Hello Tosh - Gotta Toshiba" - advert
"Vorsprung durch technik" - Audi advert
The Bill - British tv series
"Pandas" - Kit Kat advert
"Crufts - Top breeders recommend it" - Pedigree Chum advert 
Products/Prices My Little Pony
Apple Macintosh computer 
Whisky £7.00 - Monopoly £8.99 - Corgi truck £3.99
next 1994 

Architecture Camera Lucida, Photographic Museum (11/1)  Bus shelter, Main Street, Wilsden 
Events Valley Parade fire - 56 died (11/5)
"Russian Anna" died (?/11)
Bruce Springsteen, Roundhay Park, Leeds (7/7)
Bradford City : First game in Division 2 (1/9)
Lord Mayor - Mohammed Ajeeb
England v West Germany @ Elland Road
"Wish You Were Here" - Bradford's tourist industry (6/3)
Bradford City 1P (D3) - Northern 8 (RL1)
National Heysel stadium (29/5)
Miners strike ends (3/3)
Johnny Wardle died (23/7)
405 line TV service switched off  (3/1) 
English football teams banned from Europe (2/6)
International USA - Ronald Reagan  Contraceptives on sale in Irish Republic (20/2) 
Sport FA - Manchester United (Everton)
LC - Norwich City (Sunderland)
CW - Everton (Rapid Vienna)
RLCC - Wigan (Hull)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Miami Dolphins) 
1st - Everton (Liverpool)
EC - Juventus (Liverpool) - Heysel Stadium
UE - Real Madrid (Videoton)
RL - Hull KR (St Helens)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Windows 1.0 (2/7 - 20/11)  Sinclair C5 electric "car" 
Arts/Media Live Aid (13/7)
Miami Vice - USA tv series
"Launderette : Nick Kamen" - Levis advert
Dr Who - Colin Baker {1986} - BBC tv
Eastenders - BBC tv (19/2)
Taggart - British tv series
Blind Date - British tv series
"How do you eat yours" - Creme egg advert
Products Cadbury's Boost chocolate bar    Cherry Coke [Coca Cola]

Architecture JB Priestley statue (31/10)
Zetland Mill, Wharf Street demolished - see 1924
Bradford Fire Disaster Memorial (11/5)
Events Joe Johnson - world snooker champion
Valley Parade reopened - England XI (14/12)
"Bradford's Bouncing Back" campaign
West Riding CC abolished (31/3)
Alhambra reopened (27/5 - Gala (30/10)
Concorde - first visit to Leeds/Bradford airport
4 Currer St {LG} damaged by fire
Yorkshire Rider starts operation
Lord Mayor - Bill Nunn
Leader - Phil Beeley [L] {1988}
John Braine died (28/10)
Eastbrook Hall closed (31/8)
Salts Mill closed down
Bradford City 13 (D2) - Northern 12 (RL1)
City top scorer - Greg Abbott/John Hendrie/Bobby Campbell - 10
National British Gas privatised (5/12)
Channel Tunnel Treaty signed
GLC abolished
M25 - final section opened (29/10)
Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson (23/7)
Building Societies Act 
Financial Services Act 
Cigarette advertising banned from cinemas
International Challenger space shuttle exploded (29/1)
Clint Eastwood elected Mayor of Carmel (8/4) 
Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Sport FA - Liverpool (Everton)
LC - Oxford United (QPR)
EC - Steaua Bucharest (Barcelona)
UE - Real Madrid (FC Koln)
CW - Dynamo Kiev (Atletico Madrid)
WC - Argentina (West Germany) - Argentina
SB - Chicago Bears (New England Patriots)
1st - Liverpool (Everton, West Ham)
Rel .. Ipswich, Birmingham, WBA
2nd - Norwich (Charlton, Wimbledon)
RL - Halifax (Wigan)
RLCC - Castleford (Hull KR)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Pudsey Bear (Children In Need mascot)   
Arts/Media Q magazine - UK music magazine
Moonlighting - USA tv series
Independent - UK newspaper
"Tell Sid" - British Gas advertising campaign
Live 1975-1985 - Bruce Springsteen
The Equalizer - USA tv series
Today - UK newspaper {1995}
BBC "Daytime" television (27/10)
Products Cabbage Patch Kids - Xavier Roberts
Pictionary - Rob Angel

Events Royal visit - Prince Charles
Grammar School, Manor Row destroyed by fire
Salts Mill purchased by Jonathan Silver
Margaret Thatcher visited Valley Parade
Ritz (ABC/Cannon) cinema, Broadway closed (17/9)
Lord Mayor - Laurie Coughlin
Bradford City Manager - Terry Dolan {1989}
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - John Hendrie - 14 
National "Black Monday" - Stock Market (19/10)
Red telephone boxes removed
Hungerford shooting - 14 died (19/8)
Docklands Light Railway opened
Herald of Free Enterprise capsized (6/3)
Golliwogs removed from Noddy books
First division reduced to 21 clubs for 1987/88 season
Kings Cross fire
International Terry Waite kidnapped (24/1)  "Wall Street Crash" (19/10)
Sport FA - Coventry City (Tottenham)
LC - Arsenal (Liverpool)
EC - FC Porto (Bayern Munich)
UE - IFK Gothenburg (Dundee United)
CW - Ajax (Lokomotiv Leipzig)
SB - New York Giants (Denver Broncos) 
1st - Everton (Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur)
Rel .. Leicester, Manchester City, Aston Villa
2nd - Derby (Portsmouth)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Halifax (St Helens)
F1 - Nelson Piquet (Williams) 
Firsts Windows 2.0 (9/12)
Ikea - England
Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida
PageMaker - 1st Windows DTP
Excel - 1st Windows spreadsheet
FOX Television Network (5/4)
Arts/Media Inspector Morse - British tv series
Ruth Rendell Mysteries - British tv series
"Couple : Sharon Maughan & Tony Head" - Gold Blend advert
"Ology : Maureen Lipman" - BT advert
Dr Who - Sylvester McCoy {1989} - BBC tv
Tunnel of Love - Bruce Springsteen
 Joshua Tree - U2
"Changes : throw away fur coat etc" - VW advert
"If you see Syd" - British Gas privatisation advert
Products Cadbury's Twirl chocolate bar    

Architecture Ivegate Arch (?/7)  
Events Telegraph & Argus tabloid format (3/10)
Fiesta 88 - St James Market
Royal visit - Prince Edward
Elite cinema destroyed by fire
Royal visit - Princess Anne
Best Listed Buildings - publication
Lord Mayor - Smith Midgley
Leader - Eric Pickles [C] {1990}
Princess Margaret visits Alhambra (14/4)
Bradford City 4 (D2) - Northern 4 (RL1)
City top scorer - Ron Futcher - 14
National Lockerbie, PanAm flight 103 (21/12)
SAS Gibraltar shootings
All day opening for pubs except on Sunday (21/8) 
Piper Alpha explosion (6/7)
British Steel privatised (2/12)
First division reduced to 20 clubs for 1988/89 season
International Parliament House, Canberra inaugurated (9/5)  Roy Orbison died
Sport FA Cup - Wimbledon (Liverpool)
League Cup - Luton Town (Arsenal)
European Cup - PSV Eindhoven (Benfica)
Uefa Cup - Bayer Leverkusen (Espanol)
Cup Winners Cup - Mechelen (Ajax)
EU - Holland (Soviet Union)
Superbowl - Washington Redskins (Denver Broncos)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United, Notts Forest)
Rel .. Chelsea, Portsmouth, Watford, Oxford
2nd - Millwall, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough 3rd)
RL - Widnes (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Halifax)
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Olympic Games (24th) - Seoul
Firsts Windows 2.1/286/386
Samna Ami - 1st Windows word processing  
Comic Relief

Arts/Media Miss World - last time on ITV
Hello - UK "celebrity" magazine 
Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley (11/6)
"Just Do it" - Nike advert
Products HP DeskJet   

Architecture Grattan, Thornton Road
Abundant Life Centre, Wapping Road 
Theatre Royal, Manningham Lane demolished

Events Royal visit - Prince Charles
Pace moved to Salts Mill
Bradford's Way Ahead - T&A Special  
Bradford City Manager - Terry Yorath {1990}
Anamaria Wiils appointed as Theatres Manager (?/5)
Lord Mayor - George Hodgson
Royal visit - Princess Diana (Manorlands,Oxenhope)
City v Spurs - FA Cup (7/1) [Flickr & Youtube]
Bradford City 14 (D2) - Northern 8 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National Hillsborough disaster - 95 died (15/4)
Salman Rushdie into hiding - Satanic Verses 
Laurence Olivier died (11/7)
Water privatised (11/12)
English clubs allowed to participate in European competitions (11/4)
International USA - George Bush
San Francisco earthquake
Salvador Dali died  (23/1)
Berlin Wall down
Tiananmen Square massacre - Beijing
Hungary became independent republic (23/10) 
Sport FA - Liverpool (Everton)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Luton Town)
EC - AC Milan (Steaua Bucharest)
UE - Napoli (VfB Stuttgart)
CW - Barcelona (Sampdoria)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Cincinatti Bengals) 
1st - Arsenal (Liverpool, Notts Forest)
Rel .. Middlesbrough, West Ham, Newcastle
2nd - Chelsea (Manchester City, Crystal Palace 3rd)
RL - Widnes (Wigan)
RLCC - Wigan (St Helens)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Glass Pyramid, Louvre, Paris House of Commons televised (21/11)
Arts/Media Agatha Christie's Poirot - British tv series  Sky Television (5/2) 

Architecture Eccleshill Police Station  Dixons City College
Events Philip Smith's butchers, Ivegate closed (?/12)
4 Currer Street [LG] destroyed by fire
West End Project - 3D Developments
Bradford City Manager - John Docherty {1991}
Lord Mayor - Ernest Saville (died)
Leader - Tommy Flanagan [L] {1992}
Bradford City 23R (D2) - Northern 4 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National PM - John Major - Con {1997}  Poll tax implemented 
International Gulf War (2/8)
Nelson Mandela released
Jean-Marc Bosman started proceedings against Belgian FA
Electricity privatised (10/12)
Boris Yeltsin President of Russian Republic
Sport FA - Manchester United (Crystal Palace)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Oldham Athletic)
EC - Milan (Benfica)
UE - Juventus (Fiorentina)
CW - Sampdoria (Anderlecht)
WC - West Germany (Argentina) - Italy
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Denver Broncos)
1st - Liverpool (Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur)
Rel .. Sheffield Wed, Charlton, Millwall
2nd - Leeds United (Sheffield Utd, Sunderland 6th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RLCC - Wigan (Warrington)
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Firsts Windows 3.0 (22/5)  
Arts/Media The European {?}  BSB and Sky merged (?/11) 

Architecture Valley Parade - Holywell Ash Lane stand   
Events Design Exchange, Little Germany
Royal visit - Princess Diana (Shipley)
Britannia Mills, Nelson Street destroyed by fire
Festival Radio commenced broadcasting
Lord Mayor - Syd Collard
Bradford City Manager - Frank Stapleton {1994}
Bradford City 8 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - ? 
National Freddie Mercury died
Dangerous Dogs Act 
PowerGen/National Power (11/3)
First division increased to 22 clubs for 1991/92 season
International Terry Waite & Thomas Sutherland released   
Sport FA - Tottenham (Nottingham Forest)
LC - Sheffield Wednesday (Manchester United)
EC - Red Star Belgrade (Marseille)
UE - Inter Milan (Roma)
CW - Manchester United (Barcelona)
SB - New York Giants (Buffalo Bills)
1st - Arsenal (Liverpool, Crystal Palace)
Rel .. Sunderland, Derby County
2nd - Oldham (West Ham, Sheffield Wed, Notts County)
RL - Wigan (Widnes)
RLCC - Wigan (St Helens) 
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Firsts One Canada Square [Canary Wharfe], London   
Arts/Media Pavarotti - Hyde Park concert
BT "prancing piper" logo
"Papa & Nicole" - Renault Clio advert

Architecture Grandad's Clock & Chair, Currer Street   
Events Fire at Allied Colloids
Pictureville Cinema (?/4)

Lord Mayor - Barry Thorne
Leader - Gerry Sutcliffe [L] {1994]
Bradford City 16 (D3) - Northern 11 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National Premier League formed for 1992/1993
Windsor Castle fire 
Betty Boothroyd first lady Speaker in the Commons
Benny Hill died (20/4)
International Mike Tyson jailed for 6 years
Disneyland, Paris opened (12/4)
Los Angeles riots
Champions League replaced European Cup for 1992/1993
Sport FA - Liverpool (Sunderland)
LC - Manchester United (Nottingham Forest)
EC - Barcelona (Sampdoria)
UE - Ajax (Torino)
CW - Werder Bremen (Monaco)
EU - Denmark (Germany)
SB - Washington Redskins (Buffalo Bills)
1st - Leeds United (Manchester United, Sheffield Wed)
Rel .. Luton, Notts County, West Ham
2nd - Ipswich (Middlesbrough, Blackburn 6th)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Castleford)
F1 - Nigel Mansell (Williams)
Olympic Games (25th) - Barcelona
Firsts Windows 3.1 (6/4)   
Arts/Media Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen
Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen 
"Orange man" - Tango advert
MTV (Un)Plugged - Bruce Springsteen
Heartbeat - British tv series

Architecture Homage to Delius, Crown Court (25/11)
Alexandra Hotel demolished 
Lawcroft House - Toller police station
Events Superdome plan published

Lord Mayor - Bob Sowman
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Northern 3 (RL1)
City top scorer - Sean McCarthy - 17
National Bobby Moore died  Queen pays income tax for first time 
International USA - Bill Clinton 
Waco, Texas (19/4)
Israel & Palestine sign peace agreement 
Sport FA - Arsenal (Sheffield Wednesday)
LC - Arsenal (Sheffield Wednesday)
CL - Marseille (AC Milan)
UE - Juventus (Borussia Dortmund)
CW - Parma (Antwerp)
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Buffalo Bills)
PL - Manchester United (Aston Villa, Norwich)
Rel .. Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest
1st - Newcastle (West Ham, Swindon 5th)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Widnes)
F1 - Alain Prost (Williams)
Firsts Windows 3.11-WFW (8/11)   
Arts/Media Cracker - British tv series
GMTV - Breakfast tv programme (1/1)
Jurassic Park - Stephen Spielberg
OK - UK "celebrity" magazine 
Products Beanie Babies - Ty Warner  Baby Deer removed from Babycham bottle (came back ?)

Events Bradford City Manager - Chris Kamara
Bradford City Chairman  - Geoffrey Richmond (?/1)

Lord Mayor - Danny Mangham
Leader - Tony Cairns [L] {1997}
Bradford City 7 (D2) - Northern 2 (RL1)
City top scorer - Sean McCarthy 14
Sport FA - Manchester United (Chelsea)
LC - Aston Villa (Manchester United)
CL - AC Milan (Barcelona)
UE - Inter Milan (Austria Salzburg)
CW - Arsenal (Parma)
WC - Brazil (Italy) - USA
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Buffalo Bills) 
PL - Manchester United (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle)
Rel .. Sheffield United, Oldham, Swindon
1st - Crystal Palace, Notts Forest, Leicester 4th)
RL - Wigan (Bradford Northern)
RLCC - Wigan (Leeds)
F1 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton)
Firsts Channel Tunnel opened (6/5)  www.yahoo.com (external link)
Arts/Media Due South - USA tv series  NYPD Blue - USA tv series 
Products   Whisky £9.50 - Monopoly £9.99 - Corgi truck £5.99
next 2004 

Architecture Transperience Theme Park & Museum (1/7) {1997}
Victoria cinema/"Morrisons", Girlington demolished
Royal Standard House, Manningham Lane
Events Riots in Manningham
City Vaults
Bradford Northern change name to Bradford Bulls
Lord Mayor - Marilyn Beeley
Bradford City 14 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - Paul Jewell - 14
National Dunblane massacre  Premier League reduced to 20 clubs 
International Nelson Mandela president South Africa  Oklahoma Bomb (19/4)
Sport FA - Everton (Manchester United)
LC - Liverpool (Bolton)
CL - Ajax (AC Milan)
UE - Parma (Juventus)
CW - Real Zaragoza (Arsenal)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (San Diego Chargers)
PL - Blackburn Rovers (Manchester United, Notts Forest)
Rel ... Crystal Palace, Norwich, Leicester, Ipswich
1st - Middlesbrough (Bolton)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RLCC - Wigan (Leeds)
F1 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton)
Firsts Windows 95 (24/8)  Yahoo (2/3) 
Arts/Media The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen  eBay founded as AuctionWeb - changed name to eBay in 1997

Architecture Valley Parade - Midland Road stand (26/12)   
Events Royal visit - Prince Charles & Diana (Saltaire)
Royal visit - Princess Anne
Eastbook Hall fire (?/2)
Bradford City at Wembley - play off finals
Building A Brighter Bradford - Council publication
Lord Mayor - Gordon Mitchell
Leeds - Armoury
O'Neills, Ivegate 
Fate & Firkin, Ivegate
Bradford City 6P (D2) - Northern 7 (RL1) - Bulls 3 (SL)
City top scorer - Mark Stallard - 9
International "Bosman" ruling on football contracts (19/2)   
Sport FA - Manchester United (Liverpool)
LC - Aston Villa (Leeds United)
CL - Juventus (Ajax)
UE - Bayern Munich (Bordeaux)
CW - Paris St Germaine (Rapid Vienna)
EU - Germany (Czech Republic) - England
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Olympic Games (26th) - Atlanta
PL - Manchester United (Newcastle United, Liverpool)
Rel .. Manchester City, QPR, Bolton
1st - Sunderland (Derby, Leicester 5th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RL - St Helens (Wigan) - Super League
RL - Wigan (?) - playoffs
RLCC - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
F1 - Damon Hill (Williams)
Products Cadbury's Fuse chocolate bar    

Architecture Fibres, St Blaise Square (23/4)  Valley Parade, Allied Colloids stand 
Events Bradford Centenary
Royal visit - Queen (27/3)
Yorkshire Sports relaunched (9/8)
Freeman - Barbara Castle (6/6)
Jonathan Silver died (25/9)
Bradford Bulls win Super League championship
Centenary Leaflet - West Yorkshire Archive Service
Lord Mayor - Tony Cairns
Leader - John Ryan [L] {1998}
The Old Bank, Market Street
Blob Shop, Chester Street
Edwards, Ivegate
Bradford City 21 (D1) - Bulls 1 (SL)
City top scorer - Ole Bjorn Sundgot - 6
National PM - Tony Blair - Lab {2 May 1997- 27 June 2007}  Diana killed in car crash (31/8) 
International USA - Bill Clinton  Hong Kong taken over by China (1/7) 
Sport FA - Chelsea (Middlesbrough)
LC - Leicester City (Middlesbrough)
CL - Borussia Dortmund (Juventus)
UE - Schalke 04 (Inter Milan)
CW - Barcelona (Paris St Germaine)
SB - Green Bay Packers (New England Patriots)
PL - Manchester Utd (Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool)
Rel .. Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Notts Forest
1st - Bolton (Barnsley, Crystal Palace 6th)
RL - Bradford Bulls (London Broncos)
RL - Wigan (St Helens) - playoffs
RLCC - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
F1 - Jacques Villeneuve (Williams)
Arts/Media "Martin Luther King & Ian Wright" - One 2 One advert  

Architecture Aldermanbury   
Events Mirage Club (was Cinecenta)
Superbowl plans scrapped
Bar 2B, Westgate
John Fosters (Black Dyke) ceased production

Lord Mayor - Tony Miller
Leader - Ian Greenwood [L] {2000}
BD One, Ivegate
Bradford City Manager - Paul Jewell {2000}
Bradford City 13 (D1) - Bulls 5 (SL)
City top scorer - Edinho & Robert Steiner - 10
National Peace Plan for Ireland Omagh bombing 
International Zippergate - Monica Lewinsky (17/8)  
Sport FA - Arsenal (Newcastle United)
LC - Chelsea (Middlesbrough)
CL - Juventus (Real Madrid)
CW - Chelsea (Stuttgart)
UE - Lazio (Inter Milan)
WC - France ( Brazil) - France
SB - Denver Broncos (Green Bay Packers)
PL - Arsenal (Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea)
Rel .. Bolton, Barnsley, Crystal Palace
1st - Nottingham Forest (Middlesbrough, Charlton 4th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RL - Wigan (Leeds) - playoffs
RLCC - Sheffield (Wigan)
F1 - Mika Hakkinen (McLaren)
Firsts Sky Digital (1/11)
ON Digital (15/11)
ITV2 (7/12) 
Arts/Media Titanic - James Cameron  Tracks - Bruce Springsteen 
Products Windows 98 (25/6)  Cadbury's Marble chocolate bar  

Architecture Abbey National HQ
Chicago Rock Cafe
Carlsberg Stand (Kop), Valley Parade
Photography, Film & TV Museum reopened 

Events Bradford City - Promoted to Premier League 
Bradford Bulls win Super League championship
Varsity Bar
Lord Mayor - Harry Mason
Bradford City 2P (D1) - Bulls 1 (SL)
City top scorer - Lee Mills - 24
National Paddington train crash   
International Kosovo crisis  Yehudi Menuhin : 1916-1999 (12/3)
Sport FA - Manchester United (Newcastle)
LC - Tottenham (Leicester)
CL - Manchester United (Bayern Munich)
CW - Lazio (Real Mallorca)
UE - Parma (Marseille)
SB - Denver Broncos (Atlanta Falcons)

PL - Manchester United (Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds)
Rel .. Charlton, Blackburn, Notts Forest
1st - Sunderland (Bradford City, Watford 5th)
RL - Bradford Bulls (St Helens?)
RL - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
RLCC - Leeds (London)
F1 - Mika Hakkinen (McLaren)
Arts/Media Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace - George Lucas  Tracks 18 - Bruce Springsteen 
Products Cadbury's Miniature Heroes  

1950 - 1974

Bradford Timeline

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