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A Day in Cinema History
Monday 22nd September 1930 was a special day in Bradford which was to give a new dimension to the cinemagoing public of the district. It was the grand ceremonial opening of Bradford's new 3318-seater New Victoria theatre/cinema, ballroom, restaurant and tea room. This luxury new super-cinema offered films on the "talking screen" plus the "Mighty" Wurlitzer Organ and stage show with a full orchestra. All this along with wining, dining and dancing under the same roof and setting a new standard for cinemagoers in Bradford and Shipley. So how did the Shipley cinemas compete on this same day?

Princes Hall advertised . . .

"The Sacred Flame" - 1929 USA B/W Talkie Drama
Starring Pauline Frederick, Conrad Nagel and William Courtenay.
'Hear Nagel sing the theme song'.

Saltaire Picture House - Advertised "All Talking" . . .

"The Saturday Night Kid" - 1929 USA B/W Sound
Starring Clara Bow, James Hall and Jean Arthur.

Shipley Picture House - offered . . .

"Undertow" - 1930 USA B/W Silent + some sound!
Starring Mary Nolan, Robert Ellis and Johnny Mack Brown.
Also a 'Talking Comedy'.

Pavilion de Luxe . . .
Did not advertise that week.

Shipley cinema prices were very much cheaper than those in the Bradford city centre but as sound and picture quality improved rapidly the audiences likewise increased reaching a peak in the 1940s (particularly the war years) and early 1950s. It was with the popularity of television (still only two B/W channels, BBC and ITV) in the late 1950s that the decline in cinema audiences began. The rest, as they say, is history.


Reference Sources & Acknowledgements
Information and photographs for this history of Shipley Cinemas has been collected over several decades from many sources including . . .
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