Concerts & Package Tours : 1958  (March - April)

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March 1958

01 - Aberdeen (Music Hall)
02 - Dundee (Caird Hall)
03 - Edinburgh (Usher Hall)
04 - Newcastle (City Hall)
05 - Sheffield (City Hall)
06 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
07 - Brighton (Dome)
08 - Slough (Adelphi)
09 - Harrow (Dominion)
10 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
11 - Plymouth (Theatre Royal)
12 - Bournemouth (Winter Gardens)
13 - Rochester (Gaumont)
14 - Dudley (Hippodrome)
15 - York (Rialto)
16 - Hull (City Hall)
17 - Stockton (Globe)
18 - Manchester (King's Hall)
19 - Liverpool (Philharmonic Hall)
20 - Lincoln (Savoy)
21 - Hanley (Victoria Hall)
22 - Croydon (Davis)
23 - St Albans (Odeon) - matinee
23 - Romford (Odeon) - evening

Paul Anka
Vic Hammett & His Orchestra
Lorrae Desmond
Roy Stevens
Reg Thompson (compere)

Promoter - Harold Fielding

His second tour, running at the same time as Buddy Holly

Full copy of the programme

March 1958

01 - Elephant & Castle (Trocadero)
02 - Kilburn (Gaumont State)
03 - Southampton (Gaumont)
04 - Sheffield (City Hall)
05 - Stockton (Globe)
06 - Newcastle (City Hall)
07 - Wolverhampton (Gaumont)
08 - Nottingham (Odeon)
09 - Bradford (Gaumont)
10 - Birmingham (Town Hall)
11 - Worcester (Paramount)
12 - Croydon (Davis)
13 - East Ham (Granada)
14 - Woolwich (Granada)
15 - Ipswich (Gaumont)
16 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
17 - Doncaster (Gaumont)
18 - Wigan (Ritz)
19 - Hull (Regal)
20 - Liverpool (Philharmonic Hall)
21 - Walthamstow (Granada)
22 - Salisbury (Gaumont)
23 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
24 - Cardiff (Capitol)
25 - Hammersmith (Gaumont)


Ticket - Nottingham

Ticket - Bradford

Ticket - Ipswich

Poster - Stockton


Supplied by Graham Harrison

Full copy of Programme


Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Gary Miller
Tanner Sisters
Ronnie Keene's Orchestra
Des O'Connor (compere)

Promoters - Lew & Leslie Grade

Buddy Holly (Guitar)
Joe B Mauldin (Bass)
Jerry Allison (Drums)

From Bradford's Rock 'n' Roll by Derek AJ Lister Originally supplied by Graham Harrison

 At the time of the concert they had two records in the top 10 - Oh Boy (5), Peggy Sue (10). Maybe Baby would enter the charts the following week

Buddy Holly was born September 7th 1938 (Lubbock, Texas) and died in a plane crash on February 3rd 1959 (Clear Lake, Iowa)

On stage at Birmingham Town Hall

Perhaps the audience is to blame! (Peter Holdsworth - Telegraph & Argus)

Artistry has been kicked out of the stage door and performers who can provide ephemeral thrills are taking its place. Audiences are in search of the momentary gimmick, of which they tire whenever another novelty is introduced.

At least it would seem so (writes Peter Holdsworth) from the fanatical reception given to a screeching guitar player and his two colleagues when they headed the bill at the Gaumont Theatre, Bradford last night. They were American Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

Unless they had previously read the lyrics or heard them sung by an articulate vocalist, I would have defied anyone in the audience to tell me what 70 per cent of the words which issued from the lips of this foot-stamping, knee falling musician. Where on earth is show business heading?

The tragedy often is that many of the performers, like the trio last night, have a basic talent which they distort in order to win an audience's favour. On an elaborate display board at the Gaumont announcing a forthcoming musical contest, is fixed a washboard. What a pitiful symbol it is of present-day entertainment. Like its worshippers, it would be better employed in the dolly-tub!

March 2nd 1958


Sunday Night At The London Palladium

Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Special Gala Show to celebrate the 100th performance

Bob Hope (1903-2003) was top of the bill. Also appearing was (Dame Alicia) Markova the ballerina (1910-2004)

The show was compered by Robert Morley

March 1958

02 - Walthamstow (Granada)
04 - Walthamstow (Granada)
05 - Aylesbury (Granada)
06 - Bedford (Granada)
07 - Kettering (Granada)
08 - Grantham (Granada)
09 - Rugby (Granada)

Winifred Atwell
Bob Cort Skiffle Group
Cab Kaye Quintet
Len Marten
Bob Dale
Joan Small

March 2nd 1958

Ipswich (Gaumont)

Terry Dene
The Worried Men
The Jackpots
The Terry Sisters
Ron Parry

March 1958

03 - London (Chiswick Empire)
10 - Sheffield (Empire)
17 - Glasgow (Empire)
24 - Oldham (Empire)
31 - Nottingham (Empire)

April 1958

07 - Southsea (Kings Theatre)
14 - Belfast (Opera House)
21 - Dublin (Royal)

Tour continues next month (se May/June 1958)

Full copy of Chiswick Empire programme

Full copy of Nottingham Empire programme

Full copy of Southsea programme


Marty Wilde & His Wildcats
Sonny Roy (The funny boy)
Little Johnny & The Teenagers (Deccas's 12 year old)
McKinnon Sisters (In rhythm)

Rosa Macari (The personality girl)
Chas McDevitt & His Skiffle Group with Shirley Douglas
Griff Kendall (and 'George')

The Four Jones Boys
Hollander & Hart
Rose Macari

GLASGOW (17th)
Hollander & Hart
Jeanne & Jon
Gitsom Sisters
Andy Stewart
Chas McDevitt & His Skiffle Group with Shirley Douglas
Margo & John

Hollander & Hart (A guy, a girl, a guitar)
Edna Savage (From radio's 'Sentimental Journey')
Roy Lance (Drawing the line)


Edna Savage (From radio's "Sentimental Journey)
Hollander & Hart (A guy, a girl & a guitar)
Roy Lance (Drawing the line)

BELFAST (14th April)
Edna Savage

March 1958

03 - Glasgow (Empire)
10 - Brighton (Hippodrome)
17 - Bradford (Alhambra)
31 - Birmingham (Hippodrome)

April 1958

07 - Sheffield (Empire)
15 - Bristol (Hippodrome)

SUNDAY SHOW - separate entry
March 30th 1958 - Colchester (Regal)

Full copy of Birmingham programme

Johnny Duncan & His Blue Grass Boys
Freddie Earle

Gillian & June
leo Bassi & June
Paul & Peta Page
Freddie Earle
Billy Baxter
O'Duffy Brothers

Edna Savage
Johnny & Suma Lamonte
Dennis Spicer
Victor Seaforth
Cyril Dowler
Rhoda Rogers
Gillian & June

Candy Sisters
Carlo Sisters
Paul & Pete Page
Smoothey & Layton

Carlo Sisters (Aerialists)
The Southlanders (Decca's sepia singing stars)
Morecambe & Wise (Radio & TV comedians)
Manetti Twins (Comedy knockabout stars)
Ann & Val Shelley (Artistry in rhythm)

Gillian & June
Due Russmar
Terry Scott
The Kordas

Morecambe & Wise
Illona Sisters
Carlo Sisters
Gillian & June

March 9th 1958

St. Albans (Odeon)

Lonnie Donegan
Rory Blackwell & His Blackjacks (Parlophone's hit recorders)
The Terry Sisters (Parlophone singing duo)
Bill Kent & The Dene Aces (Decca's new star)
The Sensational Red Peppers (Flavoured to suit all tastes)
Barry Johns (compere)

March 10th 1958

Dudley (Hippodrome)

Colin Hicks & His Cabin Boys
Jean & Julie (Steps appeal)
Roy Lester (Wise and otherwise cracks)
Barry Anthony (The explosive spark)
Derek Lawrence (and his talking violin)
Kelty & Dale (A rhythm mix-up)
Fey Jover (Sweet but crackers)
The Rosinas (aerialists supreme)

Promoter - Arthur Fox

March 1958

10 - Nottingham (Empire)
17 - Leicester (Palace)
24 - London (Finsbury Park Empire)

April 1958

14 - Liverpool (Empire)

Michael Holliday
Hal Monty
Peter Crawford Trio
Lassco de Rocco (10th &  17th)
Jolly Jesters
Bernie & Barbara
El Granadas (24th & 14th))
The De Vere Girls

"The Stage" review

March 10th 1958

Birmingham (Hippodrome)

Alma Cogan
Terry Wayne
Desmond Lane
Terry Scott
Richman & Jackson
The Three Ghezzis

March 16th 1958

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Mario Lanza

March 24th 1958

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley enters the US Army


March 30th 1958

Colchester (Regal)

see above for March/April variety tour

Johnny Duncan & His Blue Grass Boys
Wee Willie Harris
The King Brothers
The Most Brothers
Tony Crombie & His 2Is Rocking Group
Dickie Dawson (compere)

"Teenage Special"

Full copy of programme

March 31st 1958

Worcester (Gaumont)

Lonnie Donegan with his Skiffle Group

March 31st 1958

Cheltenham (Gaumont)

Russ Hamilton (Oriole's recording star)
Norman Evans (Lancashire's ambassador of laughter)
Gilbert (Like father like son)
Mistin Juniors (Xylophonists on wheels)
Barbara Law (Radio's new singing star)
Lisa & Shirley Gaye (Rhythm & style)
Fe Jover (Cutely comical)
Kelty & Della (Beauty in the balance)
Larry Grayson (He's priceless)

March 31st 1958

Birmingham (Hippodrome)

Johnny Duncan & The Bluegrass Boys
Carlo Sisters (Aerialists)
The Southlanders (Decca's sepia singing stars)
Morecambe & Wise (Radio & TV comedians)
Manetti Twins (Comedy knockabout stars)
Freddie Earle (The 'Earl' of laughs)
Ann & Val Shelley (Artistry in rhythm)
The Hippodrome Orchestra

Full copy of programme

March 1958



6.5 Special

Lobby Cards

April 5th 1958

London (Trocadero, Elephant & Castle)



Pat Boone
Ken Mackintosh & His Orchestra


Full copy of programme

April 5th 1958

Brighton (Dome)

Terry Dene
Laurie London

Promoter - Arthur Howes

April 1958 

06 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
07 - Liverpool (Empire) - 6 nights
13 - Hull (Regal)
14 - Birmingham (Hippodrome) - 6 nights
20 - Bradford (St. George's Hall)
21 - Finsbury Park (Empire) - 6 nights
27 - East Ham (Granada)
28 - Glasgow (Empire) - 6 nights

May 1958

04 - York (Rialto)
05 - Newcastle (Empire) - 6 nights
11 - Woolwich (Granada)


Charlie Gracie
Ronnie Aldrich & the Squadronaires

The variety shows also included

Smoothey & Layton
Allen Brothers & June
Sally Logan
Horler Twins

Promoters: Lew & Leslie Grade and Harold Davison

The previous year he became the first American solo rock 'n' roll artist to tour the UK

see above for March 1958    
April 1958

07 - Newcastle (Empire)
14 - Leeds (Empire)
21 - Glasgow (Empire)
28 - Edinburgh (Empire)

May 1958

05 - Liverpool
12 - Manchester
19 - Bristol
26 - Sheffield

June 1958

02 - London (Finsbury Park Empire)


The Hilltoppers
Ray Alan (with Steve & Skippy)
Alan Clive (Host of stars)
Marguerite & Charles (Aerial action)
Johnny Mack (American dancing star)
Jean & Jackie Dawson (Crazy rhythm)
The Three Martinis
Authors & Swinson (Masters of mime)



April 7th 1958

Burnley (Palace)

see also January 7th 1958

Wee Willie Harris (Decca and 6.5 Special sensation)
Les Hobeaux (HMV recording stars)
Tony Crombie & His Rockets (The new 2I's discovery)
Reed & Delroy (Melody and song)
The Most Brothers (Decca recording stars)
Ronnie Collis (Tap happy)
Jerry Harris (compere)

"Stars of the 6.5 Special at the 2I's"

Promoters - Arthur Fox & Paul Lincoln

Full copy of programme

April 1958

13 - Liverpool (Empire)
14 - Sheffield (City Hall)
15 - Hanley (Victoria Hall)
16 - Birmingham (Town Hall)
18 - Newcastle (City Hall)

Johnnie Ray
Ken Mackintosh & His Orchestra

Promoter - Arthur Howes

April 14th 1958 Laurie London Number 1 in the USA

First British male singer to top "Cashbox" chart

April 1958

14 - Kettering (Granada)
15 - Grantham (Granada)
16 - Bedford (Granada)
17 - Aylesbury (Granada)
18 - Maidstone (Granada)
19 - Slough (Granada)

Full copy of programme

Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Betty Smith & Her Quintet
Dowie & Kane (Pistol packin' rhythm)
Barbara Law (Lovely new singing star)
Fran Dowie (The man the women love to hate)
Jackie Ross (Creating an impression)

April 14th 1958

Nottingham (Empire)

Terry Dene & His Dene Aces
Fey Jover
Kelty & Della
Ken Swan
Barry Anthony
Three Skylarks
Hal Roach
The Lane Twins
April 18th 1958

Woolwich (Granada)

Sarah Vaughan

April 1958

20 - London (Coliseum)
21 - Manchester (Hippodrome)
27 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
28 - Liverpool (Empire)

May 1958

05 - Glasgow (Empire)
12 - Newcastle (Empire)

Full copy of Manchester programme

Full copy of Leicester programme

Marvin Rainwater
Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys (not Newcastle)
Freddie Earle (not Glasgow)
Marie de Vere Girls (not Leicester or Glasgow)

Don Hooton (Comedy star from the USA)
Two Matanzas (Knife edge acrobats)
Jean & Peter Barbour (Stilt dancing puppeteers)

Phil Fernando
Sandy Brown's Jazz Band

Fran Dowie
Two Matanzas
The Daring Rosinas

Leslie Randall (Star of TV's Joan & Leslie)
The Daring Rosinas (Thrills in the air)
Tex McLeod (Cracking gags and whips)
Two Matanzas (Knife edged acrobats)

Candy Sisters
Morecambe & Wise
Carlo Sisters
Phil  Fernando
The Falcons


April 21st 1958

Newcastle (Empire)

Wee Willie Harris (Decca and 6.5 Special sensation)
Tony Crombie & His Rockets (The new 2 I's discoveries)
Hollander & Hart (A guy, a girl and a guitar)
The De Vere Girls
Les Hobeaux (HMV recording stars)
The Most Brothers (Decca recording stars)
Jeanne & Jon (A well balanced pair)
The Empire Orchestra - Tom Young
Jerry Harris (compere)

"Stars of the 6.5 Special at the 2-I's"


Full copy of programme

April 21st 1958

Cardiff (Gaumont)

Lonnie Donegan  
April 21st 1958

Southampton (Guildhall Ballroom)

Don Lang & His Frantic Five
Jack Train
Peter West
Hampshire County Cricket Club Ball
April 25th 1958

Southsea (Savoy Ballroom)

Don Lang & His Frantic Five  
April 26th 1958

26 - Coventry (Gaumont)
27 - London (Trocadero)
29 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
30 - Sheffield (City Hall)

Frankie Vaughan
Raymond Long (pianist)
Frank Weir & His Orchestra

The King Brothers

Audrey Jeans
The Five Dallas Boys
Murray Campbell

Promoter - Harold Fielding

Full copy of Sheffield programme

April 27th 1958

Derby (Hippodrome)

Michael Holliday  
April 28th 1958

Sunderland (Empire)

Terry Wayne
The Four Ramblers
Carl Barriteau
Fey Jover
Clarkson & Leslie
Chas Ancaster
Dale Kelty & Della
Frankie Burns
Ken Swan & McGhee

April 28th 1958

Southend (Odeon)

The Beverley Sisters (at the piano Johnny Roberts)
Tommy Cooper (Magical humour)
Billy Dainty ("Going mad" - coming?)
Ugo Frediani (Juggling wonder)
Johhny Stewart (the funny man from Wales)
Ety Van Veen Duo (Continental musical equilibrists)
Tommy Locky (BBC entertainer - Unusual & unique)
Dancing McKenna (On with the show)

Promoter - Bernard Delfont

Full copy of programme

April 1958

30 - Dundee (Caird Hall)

May 1958

01 - Edinburgh - Cancelled
05 - Plymouth (Theatre Royal)- see separate entry
12 - Lewisham (Gaumont)
19 - Leeds (Odeon) - see separate entry
26 - Glasgow (Empire)

see also June 1958

Tommy Steele

Jackie Dennis replaced him at Plymouth, Leeds and possibly Lewisham & Glasgow

Spring 1958

Venue Unknown

Winifred Atwell
Eric Delaney Band with Vicki Anderson & Gene Williams

"The Biggest Rhythm Show Of 1958"


Full copy of programme


Dates & venues unknown

Marty Wilde & His Wildcats
Wee Willie Harris
Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
The Bachelors
The Rockets
Jimmy Tarbuck (compere)

Promoter - John Smith


Full copy of programme


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Concerts & Package Tours : 1958  (March - April)

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