Concerts & Package Tours : 1957  (November - December)

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November 4th 1957

Southampton (Gaumont) -week









Lonnie Donegan
Billy Baxter
Smooth & Layton
Peter Quinton
Paul & Peta Page
The Shipway Twins
The Cooper Twins
Marie De Vere Dancers

November 8th 1957


Jailhouse Rock

USA release date

November 10th 1957

Colchester (Regal)

Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Terry Lightfoot & His Jazzmen


November 1957

11 - London (Metropolitan)
18 - Leicester (Palace)
25 - Edinburgh (Empire)

Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Shirley Douglas
Terry Wayne & His Rhythm Boys

"The Melody Go-Round"

November 18th 1957

Birmingham (Hippodrome) - week

Lonnie Donegan  
November 24th 1957

Hull (Regal) - week

Cyril Stapelton with The Show Band Show
Marion Ryan
Ronnie Hilton

November 25th 1957

Hanley (Theatre Royal) - week

Terry Dene & His Dene Aces
Les Hobeaux (HMV recording stars)
Miki & Griff (Comedy vocal team)
Sonny Roy (The funny boy)
The Teenagers (Britain's own)
Horler Twins (Dance team)
Zom (New Style comedian)
Terry Kennedy & His Sidemen (Britain's star group)

Full copy of programme (Flickr)

November 25th 1957

Leeds (Empire) - week

Lonnie Donegan  
December 1st 1957

Worksop (Regal)

Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group with Shirley Douglas
The John Barry Seven
Johnny Newcombe & The Wabash Four

December 2nd 1957

Chester (Royalty Theatre) - week

Terry Dene & Dene Aces (Decca's dynamic Deneage sensation)
Barry Anthony (The explosive spark)
Britain's Own Teenagers (The sensational rock kids)
Sonny Roy (The funny boy)
Averill & Aurel (Modern dance stylists)
Ken Swann & McGhee (The unusual ventriloquist)
Colin Fleming (Rolling & wheeling)

Promoter - Arthur Fox


Full copy of programme (Flickr)

December 2nd 1957

Newcastle (Empire) - week

Lonnie Donegan  
December 1957

06 - Lewisham (Town Hall)
07 - Bexhill (De la Warr Pavilion)
08 - Southampton (Guildhall)
09 - Tunbridge Wells (Assembly Hall)
10 - Margate (Winter Gardens)
11 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
12 - Bristol (Colston Hall)

"Skiffle Jamboree"

Promoter - James Laurie

December 1957

07 - Elephant & Castle (Trocadero)
08 - Kilburn (Gaumont State)
09 - Liverpool (Empire) - 6 nights
15 - Bradford (Gaumont)
16 - Newcastle (Odeon)
17 - Glasgow (Odeon)
18 - Manchester (Odeon)
19 - Birmingham (Odeon)
20 - Cardiff (Gaumont)
21 - Nottingham (Odeon)
22 - Edmonton (Regal)


Billie Anthony, Paul Anka, Bob Cort and John Barry

John Barry became famous for his James Bond  film music. However, his first chart success was with Hit and Miss in 1960 - the theme tune for Juke Box Jury. He died in 2011

Billie Anthony had a top ten single in 1954 with a cover of the Rosemary Clooney song "This Ole House"

Paul Anka
Bob Cort Skiffle
Billie Anthony
The Gitsom Sisters
John Barry Seven
Dickie Dawson

Promoters: Lew & Leslie Grade

His latest single I Love You Baby was at number 3 and his number 1 hit Diana was still in the charts at 15 - Born Ottawa, Canada 1941 and still performing .
He wrote the English lyrics for My Way which was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1968

Quote by Peter Holdsworth in the T&A
"When a 16 year old can say he will earn enough money to retire at 18 if he wishes then someone has lost all sense of proportion"  

Full copy of programme (Flickr)

December 15th 1957

Tunbridge Wells (Assembly Hall

Full copy of programme (Flickr)

Johnny Duncan & His Blue Grass Boys

Johnny Duncan (guitar) - Denny Wright (guitar)
Jack Fallon (bass) - Lennie Hastings (drums)

Terry Lightfoot's Jazzmen

Terry Lightfoot (clarinet) - Colin Smith (trumpet)
Johnny Bennett (trombone) - Bill Reid (bass)
Wayne Chandler (banjo) - Ginger Baker (drums)

Promoter - John Smith

December 28th 1957

Sheffield (City Hall)

This poster is from an earlier 6.5 Special Tour

Terry Dene
Johnny Duncan & His Bluegrass Boys
Chas Mc Devitt
Les Hobeaux
The Worried Men Skiffle Group
Wee Willie Harris
The Most Brothers
Terry Kennedy & His Sidemen
Zom (compere)

The Granada Walthamstow is from earlier on in the tour (October 27th)


Full copy of programme (Flickr)

December 1957


Chiswick (Empire)

Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
The Romanos Brothers
Benson Dulay & Company
Marie De Vere Dancers
The 16 Beam Babes


Promoters - Lew & Leslie Grade


Full copy of programme (Flickr)

December 1957

Southampton (Gaumont)

The Beverley Sisters
Semprini (Old ones & new ones)
Bill Maynard (The popular comic)
Bernard Miles (Uncrowned king of the Chiltern Hills)
Michael Holliday (Columbia recording star)
The Rosinas (Aerial sensationalists)
Tommy Locky (TV's comedy novelty)
Kathleen & Ann Kemp (Dancers de luxe)

"Christmas Party"

Promoters : Bernard Delfont & Robert Luff

Full copy of programme

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Concerts & Package Tours : 1957  (November - December)

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