Concerts & Package Tours : 1957  (July - August)

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Summer Season 1957

Blackpool (Palace Theatre) - Four weeks

Afternoon shows

Tommy Steele & The Steelemen
Desmond Lane
The Ken-Tones
John Barry Seven
Reg Thompson (compere)

"The Tommy Steele Afternoon Show"

Promoter - Harold Fielding

Full copy of programme

Summer Season 1957

Morecambe (Winter Gardens)

Followed his Blackpool afternoon show

Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
Desmond Lane (The penny whistle boogie man)
Paul & Peta Page (The puppeteers)
The Kentones (Britain's new recording stars)
Mile & Bernie Winters (From television's Six-Five Special)
Aerial Kenways (Sensational aerialists)
Reg Thompson (Umknown to millions)
The Three Martins (Dance cocktail)

Full copy of programme

Summer Season 1957

Southsea (Kings Theatre)

opened 8th July 1957

David Whitfield
Harry Worth
Audrey Jeans
King Brothers
Billy Dainty
The Skylons
Southsea Belles

"Light Up The Town" - "The Gay Summer Revue"

Promoter - Bernard Delfont

Full copy of programme

July 1st 1957

Manchester (Palace Theatre)

Guy Mitchell
Sylvia & Audrey (Delightful Dancers)
Jack Francois (Tap Dancer)
Al Roxy & Glenda (Wise and Otherwise)
Duncan's Collies (Canine Capers)
Billy Maxam (Wise Cracking Humorist)
Renee Strange (The Glamorous Puppeteer)
Walton & Lorraine (On The Roller)


Full size version of poster

July 1957

01 - Aberdeen (The Capitol)
08 - Stockton (Globe)
15 - Coventry (Theatre)
22 - Morecambe (Winter Gardens)
29 - Southport (Garrick)

Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
Paul & Peta Page (The puppeteers)
Mike & Bernie Winters (From "Six-Five Special")
Reg Thompson (Unknown to millions)
The Three Martinis (Dance cocktail)

Los Brazilianos (Novelty and originality)
Ron Scott (Just a wee joke and chorus)
Roy Rivers

Harriott & Evans
Bob Hatch
Mandos Sisters

The Kentones (also Morecambe & Southport)
Eleanor Gunter
Aerial Kenways (also Morecambe)

Desmond Lane (also Southport)

see above

Full copy of Aberdeen programme
Full copy of Coventry programme


July 6th 1957

St Peters Church, Woolton, Liverpool

The Quarrymen

This is the gig where John Lennon first met Paul McCartney

Full copy of programme (reproduction)


July 7th 1957

Blackpool (Palace Theatre)

Terry Dene (From BBC's Six Five Special)
Michael Holliday (From BBC's Pleasure Boat)
The Four Millionaires (Singing for you)
Johnny Laycock (Crazy music)
Harry Jacobson (I love a piano)
The Three Skylarks (Grace & rhythm in song)
Arthur Logan & The Concert Orchestra

Promoter - Harold Fielding

Full copy of programme (Flickr)

July 7th 1957

Morecambe (Winter Gardens)

Frankie Vaughan
Syd Munson Orchestra
July 8th 1957

Aberdeen (The Capitol)

Petula Clark
Norman Evans
Canfield Smith with Snodgrass
Billy "Uke" Scott
Dru & Dijon
Three Brittons
Victor Seaforth
Johnny & Suma Lamonte
July 8th 1957

Hull (Palace)

Terry Dene & His Dene Aces
Julie Dey
Joan Winters & Guy Fielding
Eddie Macdonald
Leon Cortez
George & Lydia
Denise Vane
Gogo & Partner
July 8th 1957

London (Hippodrome)

Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Alma Cogan
Estelle Sloan
Vic Hyde
George Holmes
Des O'Connor
Eddie Vitch
Evers & Toni
Allan Kemble & Christine
July 8th 1957

Newcastle (Palace)

Vipers Skiffle Group
Charles Ancaster
The Morlands
Keith Shirley
Daubney & Fay
Tommy St. Dennis
George Betton
July 8th 1957

Nottingham (Empire)

Terry Wayne
McKinnon Sisters
Patrick O'Hagan
Johnnie & Duggie Dean
George & Anne Doonan
Nelson Lloyd
The Hillbillies
Flying Comets
July 9th 1957


Loving You

USA release date


July 15th 1957

Bristol (Hippodrome)

Lonnie Donegan

It appears that this show didn't take place

July 15th 1957

Hull (Palace)

Michael Holliday
Ossie Morris
Trio Chromatique
Jack Beckitt
McAndrew & Mills
Donald B. Stuart
Jean & Van Terry
Henri Vadden & Assistant
Two Matanzas
July 22nd 1957

Aberdeen (Capitol)

Frankie Vaughan (with Raymond Long at the piano)
Jack Radcliffe (assisted by Helen Norman & Billy Dick)
Eleanor Gunter (Art in the balance)
Murray Campbell (Ace trumpeter)
Elizabeth & Collins (Knife throwing with a difference)
Anne Metcalfe (From television's "Bid For Fame")
Smoothey & Layton (The fringe of fun)
The Falcons (Falling for you)
Jack Bolesworth & His Orchestra

Promoter - Harold Fielding

Full copy of programme

July 22nd 1957

London (Hippodrome) - Two weeks


Shirley Bassey
Hedley Ward Trio (vocal & instrumental group)
Norman Evans (Over the wall - The Dentist)
Murio & Sheila (International dance stylists)
Les Mallini (Knockabout comedy)
Arthur Worsley with Charlie Brown (Ventriloquist)
Rey Overbury & Suzette (Musician with twinkling feet)
Pierre Bel (Unique juggler)

Full copy of programme

"The Stage" review

July 22nd 1957

Sunderland (Empire)

Terry Dene & His Dene Aces
Vipers Skiffle Group
Shane & Lamar
Pat Hatton & Peggy
The Dernos
Jeffrey Lenner
De Vel & Partner
Dickie Dawson
July 29th 1957

Ipswich (Hippodrome)

The Dallas Boys (Rock 'n' Roll romeos of rhythm)
Georgette (Glamour on the wire)
Jackie Ross (Comedy impressionist)
O'Keefe Bros. & Annette (Sensational balancers)
Bill Waddington (Witty willie)
Ann & Bobbie Black (Scottish songs & music)
Archie Glen (Blotto as usual)
Jayne & Alan Howard (International Dancers)
Hippodrome Orchestra - Paul Gomez

Full copy of programme


July 1957

!5 - London (Finsbury Park Empire)
29 - Glasgow (Empire)

August 1957

05 - Manchester (Hippodrome)
12 - Liverpool (Empire)
19 - Birmingham (Hippodrome)
26 - Newcastle (Empire)

Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

Chas McDevitt (Guitar & vocal)
Nancy Whiskey (Guitar & vocal)
Tony Kohn (Guitar & vocal)
Bill Bramwell (Electric guitar & vocal)
Lennie Harrison (Bass)
Marc Sharratt (Washboard)



Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group with Nancy Whiskey
Terry Dene with his Dene Aces (not Manchester)

Des O'Connor (Modern style comedian)
Marguerite & Charles (Comedy acrobats)
Billy Revel & Pat Fields (Those friendly enemies)
The Curzon Trio (Comedy acro-cyclists)
Shane & Lamar (Dancing time)

Full copy of Finsbury Park programme

Jack Radcliffe
Sally Logan
Shane Lamar
Bill Wareman & Marcia

Tony Fayne & David Evans
Garth Meade
Clementi Twins
Sally Logan
McKinnon Sisters
Desmond Marks

Burke & Kovac
Ted Lune
Dickie Dawson
Darly's Dogs
Rosto & Partner
Edna & Jimmy Webster

Jeffrey Lenner (A song and a smile)
Clifford Stanton (Personalities on parade)
Shipway Twins (Hanging around bars)
June Birch (Vivacious trumpet star)
Renee Dymott (The unusual girl)
The Empire Orchestra (Under the direction of Tom Young)

Full copy of Newcastle programme

Ron Parry (As sane as you are)
The Kenways (Aerial thrills)
Clifford Stanton (personalities on parade)
Ann & Bobbie Black (Scottish songs & music)
Two Palmers (Equilibrists)
The McKinnon Sisters (Dance team)

August 4th 1957

Southampton (Gaumont)

Charlie Gracie
Shirley Bassey
Ted Heath & His Music

The SS Mauritania docked at Southampton on the 3rd August 1957

This was his first UK date prior to his series of concerts

The Ted Heath orchestra included Red Price on saxophone

August 1957

05 - London (Hippodrome) - 12 nights
18 - Blackpool (Opera House)
19 - Coventry (Theatre) - 6 nights
25 - Morecambe (Winter gardens)
26 - Stockton (Globe) - 6 nights

September 1957

02 - Glasgow (Empire) - 6 nights
09 - Manchester (Palace) - 6 nights
15 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
16 - Liverpool (Empire) - 6 nights
22 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
23 - Birmingham (Hippodrome) - 6 nights
29 - Walthamstow (Granada)


Charlie Gracie
Bill Waddington (Lancashire comedian)
Raf & Julian (Two wrongs make a riot)
Fredye Marshall (Singing star of Porgy & Bess)
Elimar (Prince of jugglers)
Tattersal with Jerry & co (Ventriloquist)
Gillian & June (Steps in rhythm)
The Hippodrome Orchestra

Promoter - Harold Davison

Fredye Marshall was a replacement for Dorothy Squires who refused to share top billing with Charlie Gracie (see below)

Fredye Marshall


Wandering Eyes (London HLU 8467)
Released August 1957

Melody Maker

London Hippodrome

Programme - Stockton

Running Order - Birmingham

Globe Theatre Stockton

Full copy of Birmingham programme

August 5th 1957

Sheffield (Empire) - week

Lonnie Donegan
Des O'Connor
August 1957

05 - Bradford (Alhambra)
12 - Sheffield (Empire) - week
19 - Leeds (Empire) - week

September 1957

02 - Hanley (Theatre Royal) - week
09 - Nottingham (Empire) - week
23 - Middlesbrough (Empire) - week

November 1957

01 - London (Metropolitan)

Personality Platters

The sister show of "Disc Doubles"

Full copy of Nottingham programme

August 12th 1957

Brighton (Astoria)

Dickie Valentine
Shani Wallis (Vivacious stage, film & TV personailty)
Walthon & Dorraine (Rolling in fun)
George Martin (TV's casual comedian)
Allen Bros & June (Unusual as usual)
Fred Lovelle (The uncanny)
Sylva & Audrey (Dance team)

Full copy of programme

August 12th 1957

Plymouth (Palace)

Larry Page & His Pageboys
Les Hobeaux
Gom & Moss
George & Fred Eastwood
Alexandra & Devina
Bonna Dea
Tommy Dee
August 19th 1957

Gloucester (Regal) - week

Tommy Steele & The Steelmen
Paul & Peta Page (The puppeteers)
Desmond Lane (The penny whistle boogie man)
Mike & Bernie Winters (From TV's Six-Five Special)
The Three Botonds (Thrills in the balance)
Reg Thompson (Unknown to millions)
The Three Martinis (Dance cocktail)


Full copy of programme

August 19th 1957

London (Metropolitan Music Hall) - week

The Vipers Skiffle Group (The kings of skiffle)
Jim Dale ("Mr. Piccadilly Line")
The Carrol Sisters (Aerial teenagers
Ricky McCabe (The new comedian)
Jack Francois (The dancing comedian)
Pillay & Rene (India's sensational chair balancers)
Susan & Valerie Pardoe (Two misses with the hits)
Ivan Dozin & The Metroaires

Stanley Dale presents "The Great National Skiffle Contest"
introduced by Jim Dale

Full copy of programme

August 1957

19 - London (Metropolitan)  (see separate entry)
26 - Derby (Hippodrome)

September 1957

16 - Nottingham (Empire)
23 - Sheffield (Empire)
30 - Leeds (Empire)

November 1957

04 - Chiswick (Empire)

December 1957

02 - London (Finsbury Park (Empire)
09 - Birmingham (Hippodrome)
15 - Barking (Odeon)


Jim Dale
Wally Whyton with The Vipers
Stan Van (The Zany Man)
Susan & Valerie Pardoe (Two misses with the hits)
Jimmy Edmundson (TV's new star comedian)
Campbell & Rogerson (The spirit of the carnival)
The Betty Fox Eight Dancing Teenagers

"The National Skiffle Contest"

Promoter - Stanley Dale


August 26th 1957

Plymouth (ABC Theatre Royal) - week

Lonnie Donegan
Mundy & Earle
Des O'Connor
Mandos Sisters
Rosto & Partner
Peter Quinton
Richards & Yolanda
De Vere Dancers
August 31st 1957


Record Mirror - Top Ten

 1 - Diana - Paul Anka
 2 - Love Letters In The Sand - Pat Boone
 3 - Last Train To San Fernando - Johnny Duncan
 4 - All Shook Up - Elvis Presley
 5 - Island In The Sun - Harry Belafonte
 6 - Water Water/Handful Of Songs - Tommy Steele
 7 - Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley
 8 - Bye Bye Love - Everly Brothers
 9 - With All My Heart - Petula Clark
10 - Paralysed - Elvis Presley

I bet you know the words to all of these!

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Concerts & Package Tours : 1957  (July - August)

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