Big Bands & Jazz : 1956 

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May 22nd 1939

Bradford (Alhambra)

Harry Roy & His Band
4 Astounderz
Hope & Ray
Bill & Len Loew
Dehl Trio

Outside the period but interesting because of the age

October 5th 1953

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Eric Winstone & His Orchestra
Robb Wilton
Albert Whelan
Sidney Burchall
Jules Adrian & Grace Spero
Edith Lewin
Leslie Adams

Outside the period but interesting because of the age

February 12th 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

The Sid Phillips Band Show
Rosemary Archer and Frank Nelson

1956 lineup

Sid Phillips (1907-1973)
British dance band formed by Sid Phillips after the war in 1945. Before the war he was a prominent member of the Ambrose Orchestra. Became known as "England's King Of The Clarinet". The band recorded for HMV

February 26th 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Chris Barber's Jazz Band
with Lonnie Donegan, Monty Sunshine and Ottilie Patterson
Ken Colyer's Jazzmen with the Skiffle Group


February 26th 1956

Colchester (Regal)

Johnny Dankworth Orchestra

see also September 9th 1956

June 3rd 1956

Bolton (The Grand)

Ken Colyer's Jazz Men with Bob Kelly

September 9th 1956

Bradford (Gaumont)

Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra
Cleo Laine and Frank Holder

1952 band lineup

British big band led by Johnny Dankworth on alto sax. He is married to Cleo Laine one of the featured singers.

In June 1956 the single Experiments With Mice reached number 7 in the charts. African Waltz in February 1961 also reached the top 10

Dankworth provided the theme music for a number of films including The Criminal and Modesty Blaise

The band is still touring in 2005

Official website

September 23rd 1956

Bradford (Gaumont)

Sid Phillips Band Show
Frank Nelson, Kay McKinley, Professor Glover, Norman Cave

Second visit of the year - see February 12th 1966

October 21st 1956

Hanley (Victoria Hall)

The Eric Delaney Band Show


October 21st 1956

Blackburn (King George's Hall)

Sid Phillips & His Band
Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group

October 21st 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Chris Barber's Jazz Band
Dick Bishop's Skiffle Group

October 1956

21 - London (Empress hall)
22 - Preston (Public Hall)
23 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
24 - Birmingham (Town Hall)
25 - Cardiff (Sophia Gardens)
26 - London (Royal Albert Hall)
27 - Ramsgate (Coronation)
29 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
30 - Norwich (St. Andrew's Hall)
31 - Bournemouth (Winter Gardens)

November 1956

02 - Hanley (Victoria Hall)
03 - York (Rialto)
04 - Liverpool (Empire) - matinee
04 - Manchester (Kings Hall)
05 - Sheffield (City Hall)
06 - Wolverhampton (Civic Hall)
07 - Glasgow (St. Andrew's Hall)
08 - Edinburgh (Usher Hall)
09 - Newcastle (City Hall)
10 - Bradford (St. George's Hall)
11 - Lewisham (Gaumont)
13 - Luton (Cresta)
14 - London (Royal Festival Hall)
15 - Sheffield (City Hall)
16 - Birmingham (Town Hall)
17 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
18 - Edmonton (Regal)

Lionel Hampton Orchestra

Promoter: Harold Davison

His first tour of the UK was controversial because he included rock'n'roll. Johnny Dankworth walked out of one of his concerts and demanded his money back. Melody Maker published letters such as "Spare us this trash , Hampton"

Lionel Hampton was born in 1908 and died in 2002


Full scan of programme (Flickr)

November 24th 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Ted Heath & His Music

Winner of the NME poll Big Band category

Ted Heath (1900-1969)
Trombonist and band leader

October 31st 1956 - Gloucester

December 2nd 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Jiver Hutchinson & His Band
with Marion Williams, Johnny Ford and Johnny Williams

Guest star : Bill McGuffie

December 15th 1956

Sheffield (City Hall)

Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band

Bad Penny Blues
13 July 1956 - #19 - 6 weeks in charts

December 23rd 1956

Bradford (St George's Hall)

Jack Parnell & His Orchestra
with Irene Miller and Gene Williams

Drummer who previously played with Ted Heath
Born 1923 and started his own band in 1951. Disbanded his band in 1958 and became musical director of the ATV Orchestra

Irene Miller also sang with Ken Mackintosh and the Tito Burns Sextet. She died in 2005 aged 77


Manchester (Free Trade Hall)
Hull (Cecil Theatre)
Leeds (Town Hall)
Sheffield (City Hall)
Hanley (Victoria Hall)
Belfast (King's Hall)

Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Hedley Ward Trio
Jazz Couriers
George Melly

"Rhythm With The Stars"

Promoter - Daily Express

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Big Bands & Jazz : 1956