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Events Fire Canal Road/Forster Square  - YMCA (8/6)
Last tram service - car 104 (6/5)
Bingley Coumcil proposes by-pass
Jowett Cars - Jupiter sports car 
The Park, Harrogate Road - community centre (12/6)
Cliffe Castle donated to Keighley by Sir Bracewell Smith
Lord Mayor - Alton Ward
New Victoria cinema changed name to Gaumont
Coal seam exposed in Tyersal Lane
Rugby League in schools - 12 month trial
Wool Record & Textile World Magazine [Flickr]
Bradford City 19 (D3) - Avenue 22R (D2) - Northern 21 (RL)
National Petrol rationing ended (26/5)
Soap rationing ended (9/9)
Klaus Fuchs found guilty of spying
Link between cigarettes and cancer established
Timothy Evans hanged for murder
England beaten by USA in World Cup (28/6) (Wikipedia)
Proposal to charge 1 shilling for prescriptions
Edgar Rice Burroughs died (19/3) [Flickr]
Legal Aid introduced
Peak District - first National Park
Coronation Stone stolen from Westminster
George Bernard Shaw died (2/11)
George Orwell died (21/1) [Flickr]
Princess Anne born (15/8)
Ark Royal launched (5/5)
International India became a republic (26/1) [Flickr]
Vaslav Nijinsky died (8/4) [Flickr]
Korean War started {1953}
Sport FA - Arsenal (Liverpool)
WC - Uruguay (Brazil) - Brazil
RLCC - Warrington (Widnes)

1st - Portsmouth (Wolverhampton)
RL - Wigan (Huddersfield)
RL - Wigan (Huddersfield) - playoffs
F1 - Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo)
Firsts Gas turbine powered car - Rover
Kidney transplant - Chicago (17/6)
Farnborough Air Show (7/7) [Flickr]
J Sainsbury self-service store
Xerox copy machine invented
F1 race - Silverstone (13/5) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Educating Archie - BBC radio
The Archers - BBC radio (Midland Region)
Andy Pandy - BBC childrens tv
Cinderella (Disney)
The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - CS Lewis
Treasure Island - Walt Disney
Eagle - comic (14/4)

Architecture Ravenscliffe Infants school  Bridge across River Aire, Myrtle Park, Bingley (8/6) 
Events Population 292,405
Festival of Sport - Cooperative Hall (2/3)
Bentlet Street wool warehouse fire
Market Rights and Leasehold purchased by Corporation (20/3)
700th Anniversary of Markets Charter [Yorkshire Film Archive]
Holme Moss television transmitter
Lord Mayor - Horace Hird
Bowling Junction station closed (3/12)
Floodlit game at Odsal - first outside London (24/10) [Flickr]
Price of Telegraph & Argus increased to 2d (7/5)
Bradford City 7 (D3) - Avenue 6 (D3) - Northern 14 (RL)
National PM - Winston Churchill - Con {1955}
Burgess & Maclean escaped to Russia
Ivor Novello died (6/3)
Pension payable at 60/65 - proposal was 65/70
Festival of Britain (3/5) [Flickr]
Nationalisation of railways (1/1)
Coronation Stone found at Forfar
International Suez Canal Zone seized by British troops
Egypt rejects peace treaty with Britain 
Korea captured by communists

Sport FA - Newcastle United (Blackpool)
RLCC - Wigan (Barrow)

1st - Tottenham (Manchester United)
RL - Warrington (Wigan)
RL - Workington (Warrington) - playoffs
F1 - Juan Manuel Fangio (Alfa Romeo)
Firsts Zebra pedestrian crossings
United Nations building, New York (9/1)
Hydrogen bomb test - USA, Pacific Ocean (12/5)
Arts/Media First Party Political Broadcast (15/10)
The Archers - BBC radio (National) 
The Goon Show (Crazy People)
(28/5) [Flickr]
Deutsche Grammaphon - 33rpm record
Alice in Wonderland - Walt Disney 
An American In Paris
Products Bounty chocolate bar
Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk 1 (external link)
Ford Console Mk 1 (external link)

Architecture Buttershaw Infants school
Clayton Infants school 
Margaret McMillan foundation stone
Brookfield school  
Events Zebra crossing in Town Hall Square
Empire cinema closed (25/1)
Dudley Hill station closed (7/4)
Bradford City Manager - Albert Harris {1952}
Odsal Top roundabout
Bradford Northern win RL title
Lord Mayor - John Shee
Horton Park station closed (15/9)
St Dunstans station closed (15/9)
Cinemas & Theatres (15/2) [Flickr]
Bradford City Manager - Ivor Powell {1955}
Bradford City 15 (D3) - Avenue 8 (D3) - Northern 1 (RL)
National King George VI died  (6/2) [Flickr]
Princess Elizabeth proclaimed as Queen (6/2) [Flickr]
Queen Elizabeth II returns from Kenya (7/2) [Flickr]
Queen Elizabeth II publicly proclaimed (8/2) [Flickr]
Funeral of King George VI (15/2) [Flickr]
Myxomatosis introduced to destroy rabbits
Identity cards abolished (21/2) [Flickr]
Flying Enterprise sinks off Falmouth
Tea rationing ends (3/10)
Clean Air Act
John Cobb died attempting water speed record (29/9) [Flickr]
International Kenya - State of Emergency - Mau Mau
King Farouk of Egypt abdicated (26/7) 
British Atomic bomb test in Australia (3/10) [Flickr]
Eva Peron died (26/7) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Newcastle United (Arsenal)
RLCC - Workington (Featherstone)
Olympic Games (15th) - Helsinki, Finland
1st - Manchester United (Tottenham)
RL - Bradford Northern (Wigan)
RL - Wigan (Bradford Northern) - playoffs
F1 - Alberto Ascari (Ferrari)
Firsts Miss World contest
Bristol Britannia aircraft maiden flight (16/8)
Adidas used at Olympics (Helsinki)
Comet - scheduled flight (2/5) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Mousetrap - Agatha Christie opened (25/11)
MAD magazine
New Musical Express (NME) - music paper
Singing In The Rain 
Sooty tv show
Diary of Anne Frank -
USA Breakfast tv [NBC] (14/1)
Products Mr Potato Head - Hasbro
Airfix construction set - Golden Hind
Matchbox cars - Jack Odell
Weber "kettle" barbecue

Architecture Springfield, Duckworth Lane - Children's Home (11/2)   
Events St George's Hall re-opened (30/9) (Flickr)
Jowett cars into liquidation
Train crash - Forster Square -1 died
Wardley 20 year Development Plan (?/9)
David Hockney attended School of Art
First cross city bus service
School crossing (Lollipop) service
Lord Mayor - Angus Crowther
Baildon station closed (5/1)
Wyke station closed (21/9)
Birkenshaw station closed (5/10)
Julia Andrews appeared at the Alhambra
Frankie Laine, Gaumont (19/10)
Bradford City 16 (D3) - Avenue 7 (D3) - Northern 3 (RL)
National Queen Elizabeth II coronation (2/6) (Flickr)
Queen Mary died (24/3)
Royal yacht Britannia launched (16/4) 
Sweets rationing ended (5/2) [Flickr]
John Christie hanged for murder 
International USA - Dwight D Eisenhower
Mount Everest climbed by Hillary & Tensing (29/5) [Flickr]
Joseph Stalin died (5/3) [Flickr]
Dylan Thomas died, New York (9/11)
Korean War ended (27/7) [Flickr]
Mau Mau leader Jomo Kenyatta jailed
Kruschev beomes leader of USSR
Sergei Prokofiev died (5/3) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Blackpool (Bolton) - "Matthews Final"
RLCC - Huddersfield (St Helens)

1st - Arsenal (Preston)
RL - St Helens (Halifax)
RL - St Helens (Halifax) - playoffs
F1 - Alberto Ascari (Ferrari)
Firsts DNA identified - Watson & Crick
Flashing direction indicators in UK
Polio vaccine tested [Dr Jonas E Salk]
Matchbox cars
Arts/Media Quatermass Experiment (18/7) - BBC tv
Panorama - BBC tv
Kiss Me Kate
Guinness -  Toucan trademark
Allied Carpets
Calamity Jane
Products Babycham (see also 1993)
Polo Fruits
Blue Daz - washing powder
Ford Prefect [£395]
Ford Anglia [£360]
Birds Eye Fish Sticks [Fingers] (USA)

Architecture Margaret McMillan college (20/1
Buttershaw Infants school
Eccleshill Upper school 
Reevy Hill school
St Anthonys school
Playground - Westgate/Lumb Lane
Events City Circle bus route (25/7)
Royal Visit - Queen Elizabeth II (28/10) (Flickr)
Laurel & Hardy at Alhambra
Diesel train from Bradford to Leeds
Stock car racing, Odsal stadium
Thomas William Pierrepont died (10/2) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Henry James White
102,569 attendance at Odsal
Swan Arcade sold to Arndale Property Trust
Cinemas & Theatres (24/10) [Flickr]
International Harvesters take over Jowett factory (Flickr)
Bradford City 5 (D3) - Avenue 9 (D3) - Northern 9 (RL) 
National Food rationing ended (4/7) [Flickr]
Flashing indicators for cars made legal (1/1)
Smoking linked to lung cancer (13/2) [Flickr]
Independent Television Act
Road Traffic Bill published [MOT tests] 
International USA Atomic bomb tests (1/3) [Flickr]  
Sport FA - West Bromwich Albion (Preston)
WC - West Germany (Hungary) - Switzerland
RLCC - Warrington (Halifax)
Sports Personality - Chris Chataway (Athletics)
1st - Wolverhampton (West Bromwich Albion)
RL - Halifax (Warrington)
RL - Warrington (Halifax) - playoffs
F1 - Juan Manuel Fangio (Mercedes Benz)
Firsts Roger Bannister - sub 4 minute mile (6/5) [Flickr]
Eurovision Television link up (6/6)
Report linking smoking & cancer published (12/2) 
Lester Piggott's first Derby win (2/6) [Flickr]
Picture cards in Brooke Bond tea
Rugby League World Cup [France]
Atomic submarine - USS Nautilus (21/1) [Flickr]

Arts/Media Sports Personality of the Year - BBC tv
Marlboro Man - cigarette advert
Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien

Products/Prices Austin Cambridge
Kellogs Sugar Frosted Flakes
NCR paper - National Cash Register Co 
Whisky £1.50 - Monopoly £0.64 - Corgi truck £0.40


Architecture Rolarena destroyed by fire (13/7)
Thorpe Edge Junior school
St John (RC) church
Nab Wood Crematorium (11/7)
Events Hippodrome cinema changed name to Roxy
Frances Laidler died (6/1)
Proposal for Inner Ring Road
Elysian Palace cinema closed (12/3)
Darley Street PO moves to Sunbridge Road
Radios fitted to Bradford ambulances
Bradford City v Chester (8/10) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - HW Semper (died) - RC Ruth
Empress cinema closed (15/7)
Wilsden station + all on line closed (23/5)
Espresso coffee available at Farmer Giles (19/8)
Bradford City Manager - Peter Jackson {1961}
Bradford City 21(D3) - Avenue 16 (D3) - Northern 17(RL)
National PM - Sir Anthony Eden - Con {1957}
Donald Campbell breaks water speed record 
Colour television tests [Flickr]
Sir Alexander Fleming died (11/3) [Flickr]
Winston Churchill resigned as PM (5/4)
Ruth Ellis hanged at Holloway Prison (13/7) [Flickr]
International USA evacuates it's North Vietnam consulate
Albert Einstein died (18/4) [Flickr]
Le Mans track disaster (11/6) [Flickr]
James Dean died (30/9)
Hungarian uprising (23/10) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Newcastle United (Manchester City)
RLCC - Barrow (Workington)
Sports Personality - Gordon Pirie (Athletics)
1st - Chelsea (Wolverhampton)
RL - Warrington (Oldham)
RL - Warrington (Oldham) - playoffs
F1 - Juan Manuel Fangio (Mercedes Benz) 
Firsts Disneyland, Anaheim, CA (18/7)
Television advert - Gibbs SR toothpaste
Floodlit international at Wembley - Spain (30/11)
MacDonald's restaurant, California (9/4)
ABTA formed in London
Snooker break of 147 - Joe Davis (22/1)
Coca-Cola in cans
Vienna State Opera House (5/11)
Arts/Media  ITV - ABC Television (22/9)
"Murraymint too good to hurry mint" - advert
Davy Crockett - Walt Disney
This is Your Life -  BBC tv [Eamonn Andrews]
"Snap, crackle and pop" - Rice Krispies advert
Oklahoma! - Film [Rogers & Hammerstein]
Sunday Night at the London Palladium
Quatermass II (22/10) - BBC television [Flickr]
Guinness Book of Records (27/8)
Double Your Money - ITV [Hughie Green] (26/9)
"Gibbs SR - tingling fresh" - advert (YouTube)
Persil - first washing powder advertised on tv
Children's Hour Christmas Appeal (Children in Need) - BBC tv

Products Lego 
Birds Eye Fish Fingers (UK)
Hole added to Polo mints (Wikipedia)
Mars Treets sweets
Blend 37 freeze dried instant coffee

Architecture Public Washhouse, Leeds Road
Buttershaw Comprehensive School (3/9)
Shirley Manor school 
St Winifride's school
Holme Wood estate
Horton Lane Congregational Church demolished
Events Picturedrome/Astra cinema closed (29/1) (external Link)
Tivoli cinema closed (24/2)
Clayton/Rialto cinema closed (17/3)
Topic Folk Club founded (external link)
Lord Mayor - Horace Robert Walker
Majestic/Picture House closed (27/10)
Pavillion cinema closed (24/11)
Bradford City 8 (D3) - Avenue 23 (D3) - Northern 8 (RL) 
National Import/export of heroin officially banned
MPs vote to abolish death penalty (16/2)
Traffic wardens announced by MoT
Coventry Cathedral fnd stone (23/3)
Jim Laker takes 19 wickets (30-31/7) [Flickr]
A.A. Milne died (31/1) [Flickr]
Health Minister - cigarettes do not cause harm
British Rail ended 3rd class travel (3/6)
Premium Bonds announced in Budget (18/4) [Flickr]
International Suez Canal nationalised by Presidemt Nassar
Hungarian uprising against Soviet occupation (23/10)
Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco (19/4) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Manchester City (Birmingham) [YouTube]
EC - Real Madrid (Stade de Rheims) - Paris  [YouTube]
RLCC - St Helens (Halifax)
Olympic Games (16th) - Melbourne
Sports Personality - Jim Laker (Cricket)
1st - Manchester United (Blackpool)
RL - Warrington (Halifax)
RL - Hull (Halifax) - playoffs
F1 - Juan Manuel Fangio (Lancia Ferrari)
Firsts Premium Bonds (1/11) Calder Hall nuclear power station (17/10) {2003} 
Arts/Media "Katie" - OXO advert
Rock Around the Clock - film
West Side Story - musical [New York]
Carousel - Rogers & Hammerstein
The King & I
PG Tips "Chimp" advert
"Don't forget the fruit gums mum" - Rowntrees advert
Muffin the Mule - ITV
High Society
Products Tetley Tea Bags
Play Doh - Joe McVicker [wallpaper cleaner]
Fox's Glacier Fruits
Corgi die cast models
Bounty (Plain) chocolate bar

Architecture Sir Robert Peel statue moved to Peel Park
Bolling Road police station (14/3)
Thorpe Edge estate - commenced
Idle Congregational church
Woodside estate 
Fairfield school
Woodside school
St Francis' school
Demolition - Market St, Bridge St, Broadway
Events Bradford Flower Fund Homes founded
Low Moor cinema closed (15/6)
Queens Hall cinema closed (15/6)
Bill Haley & the Comets, Gaumont (17/2) 
For sale : 19/21 Bolton Road [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - David Black
Saltaire cinema closed (19/10)
Institute of Technology (Bradford Tech)
Bradford City 9 (D3) - Avenue 20 (D3) - Northern 21 (RL)
National PM - Harold MacMillan - Con (10/1) {1963} [Flickr]
Asian flu epidemic 
Housing Act
Post Office announces Post Codes (12/11) 
Anthony Eden resigns as Prime Minister (9/1) [Flickr]
International USA - Dwight D Eisenhower
Treaty of Rome - EEC formed with 6 countries (25/3)
Humphrey Bogart died (14/1) 
Sputnik 1 (4/10) [Flickr]
Sputnik 2 (3/11) - Laika the dog
Elvis Presley joins US army (20/12)
Sport FA - Aston Villa (Manchester United)
EC - Real Madrid (AC Fiorentina) - Madrid
RLCC - Leeds (Barrow)
Sports Personality - Dai Rees (Golf)
1st - Manchester United (Tottenham)
RL - Oldham (Hull)
RL - Oldham (Hull) - playoffs
F1 - Juan Manuel Fangio (Maserati) 
Firsts TV detector vans
ERNIE - premium bond draw (1/6)
Link made between cigarettes and cancer - USA Surgeon General
Plastic watering can - Geeco
Vauxhall Victor
Arts/Media Room at the Top - John Braine
Sky at Night - BBC tv [Patrick Moore] (24/4) [Flickr]
Queen - Christmas message on tv (25/12)
Six-Five Special - BBC tv (16/2)
Captain Pugwash - BBC tv
"Have a break, have a Kit-Kat" advert
Army Game - ITV (19/6)
"Full of Eastern Promise" - Turkish Delight advert
The Mousetrap (13/9)
Emergency Ward 10 - tv series {1967}
Products Fairy Snow - soap powder

Mackintosh's Weekend sweets
Munchies sweets 

Architecture Picturedrome/Astra cinema demolished
Marks & Spencer extension [Savoy cinema]
Bus shelter, Main Street, Wilsden
Court House, Hall Ings demolished
"The Villa", Rooley Lane {199?}
Events Busbys taken over by Debenhams - cv 1973, 1978
Buddy Holly, Gaumont (9/3)
Coronet cinema closed (27/9)
Salts Mill taken over by Illingworth Morris 
Lord Mayor - Norbert William Durrant
Thornton cinema closed (25/1)
Oak Lane/Oriental cinema closed (13/12) 
Bradford City 3 (D3) - Avenue 22R (D3) - Northern (20)
National Women peers admitted to House of Lords
BMA state that smoking causes lung cancer (29/1)
Munich air crash - Manchester United (6/2) [Flickr]
Elvis Presley joined the Army (24/3) 
International Charles de Gaulle elected president of France 
Edmund Hilary reaches the South Pole (4/1) [Flickr]
Pope John XXIII {1963}
Billie Holiday died (17/7) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Bolton (Manchester United)
EC - Real Madrid (AC Milan)
WC - Brazil (Sweden) - Sweden
RLCC - Wigan (Workington)
Sports Personality - Ian Black (Swimming)
1st - Wolverhampton (Preston)
FC - Barcelona (London)
RL - Oldham (St Helens)
RL - Hull (Workington) - playoffs
F1 - Mike Hawthorn (Ferrari) 
Firsts "Radar" speed checks in London (20/1)
Parking tickets issued in London (26/3)
Yellow no-parking lines in London (16/6)
Stereo records
Ikea - Sweden
London Planetarium (19/3)
NASA created (29/07)
Motorway opened by Harold Macmillan (5/12) [Flickr]
Aldermaston CND march (4/4)
Hovercraft invented by Christopher Cockerell
BOAC scheduled transatlantic jet flight
Parking Meters - Mayfair, London  (5/2)
CND formed (17/2)
Sony become Sony Corporation
STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) phone call in UK (5/12) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Grandstand - BBC tv
Blue Peter - BBC tv
Oh Boy! - ITV (13/9)
My Fair Lady - London (29/4) [Flickr]
Quatermass and the Pit (22/12) - BBC tv 
"Esso Blue dealer" advert
South Pacific - Rogers & Hammerstein
Products WD-40
Galaxy chocolate 
Austin Healey Sprite
Cadbury's Picnic chocolate bar 

Architecture Thornton House, Market Street
Ivebridge House, Market Street 
St Columba (RC) church
Forster Square, row of temporary shops 
Events Beck burst, Thornton Road flooded (2/1)
Water supplies cut off because of drought (22/10)
Automatic doors on trolleybuses
Idle Picture Palace closed (7/2)
Wyke cinema closed (26/2)
C&A, Broadway opened (?/5) {closed 2001}
Broadway House - development advert (16/3) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Ernest England
Greengates cinema closed (4/4) 
Colliseum cinema closed (20/6)
Birch Lane cinema closed (26/9)
Coventry Hall cinema closed (12/12)
Bradford City 11 (D3) - Avenue 14 (D4) - Northern (10)
National M1 opened - no speed limit   
International Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the "Big Bopper" JP Richardson died in air crash in Iowa (3/2) [Flickr]
Fidel Castro president of Cuba (16/2)
Lou Costello died (3/3)
Russia launches Luna 1 (2/1) [Flickr]
Erroll Flynn died aged 50 (14/10) [Flickr]
Maria Lanza died aged 38 (7/10) [Flickr]
Dark side of the moon, first pictures (7/10)
Hawaii became a state (50th) 
Sydney Bechet died (14/5) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Nottingham Forest (Luton Town)
EC - Real Madrid (Stade de Rheims)
F1 - Jack Brabham (Cooper-Climax) (Wikipedia)
Sports Personality - John Surtees (Motor cycle racing)
1st - Wolverhampton (Manchester United)
RL - St Helens (Wigan)
RL - St Helens (Hunslet) - playoffs
RLCC - Wigan (Hull)
Firsts Post codes - Norwich (28/7) 
Hovercraft flight (7/6) [Flickr]
Sodium lamps - road lighting (17/8) 
Arts/Media The Guardian newspaper
Boy Meets Girl - ITV 
"Drinka Pinta Milka Day"
Porgy & Bess
Products Caramac chocolate
Opal Fruits sweets
Strand - cigarettes
Barbie Doll - Elliot Handler/Mattel
Mini - car 

Architecture Bulmer and Lumb, Halifax Road
St Blaise School
Immaculate Conception (RC) church
Charles Street rooftop car park 
Events Eddie Cochrane & Gene Vincent, Gaumont (30/1)
Baildon Picture House closed (19/3)
Freeman - Richard Cornelius Ruth (29/11)
Freeman - Henry James (29/11)
Great Britain v Australia at Odsal Stadium (8/10) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Edgar Robinson
Freeman - Walter Hodgson (29/11)
Fatal train crash at Forster Square (18/9) [Flickr]
WH Smith, Broadway (17/4)
Bradford City 19 (D3) - Avenue 11 (D4) - Northern 26 (RL)
National Building Societies Act
Lady Chatterley obscenity trial
Beer increased to 1/7d a pint
Eddie Cochran died in car crash (17/4) [Flickr]
International USA - John F Kennedy
Brasilia (21/4) [Flickr]  
Adolf Eichman captured in Argentina
Paula Wolf (Adolf Hitlers sister) died (1/6) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Wolverhampton (Blackburn)
EC - Real Madrid (Eintracht Frankfurt)
EU - USSR (Yugoslavia)
RLCC - Wakefield (Hull)
Olympic Games (17th) - Rome
Sports Personality - David Broome (Show Jumping)
1st - Burnley (Wolverhampton)
FC - Barcelona (Birmingham)
RL - St Helens (Wakefield)
RL - Wigan (Wakefield) - playoffs
F1 - Jack Brabham (Cooper-Climax) [Wikipedia]
Firsts Football on tv - Blackpool v Bolton (10/9)
MOT - cars 10+ years old - see 1967
Dr Martens boots manufactured in UK

Arts/Media Coronation Street - Granada tv (9/12) [Flickr]
Wham - ITV
Supercar - Gerry Anderson
"You're never alone with a Strand" - advert 
Products Phostrogen - plant food (Official website)
Strand - cigarettes (Wikipedia)
Shield (Signal) - toothpaste
Etch a Sketch - Arthur Granjean [Wikipedia]
Game of Life - Reuben Klanner [Wikipedia]
Mackintosh's Good News sweets
Tupperware [UK]  (official website)

Architecture Mecca Ballroom (?/9) (Flickr)
Horton Park Nursery
Bradford Cathedral extension cornerstone
St Michael's school
St Anthony (RC) church
Events Population 295,922
Provident Clothing became public company (25/7)
Princes Theatre closed
Morrisons opened supermarket at Girlington (Victoria cinema)
Dorothy Perkins swam channel
Victoria cinema closed (16/12)
Smallpox outbreak
Bradford City v Bury (15/4) (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Benjamin Wilfred Berry
Park Road cinema closed (14/1)
Cosy cinemas closed (4/3)
Tennyson cinema closed (1/7)
Grange cinema closed (15/7)
Roxy cinema closed (8/11)
Bradford City Manager - Bob Brocklebank {1964}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 22R (D3) - Avenue 4P (D4) - Northern 24 (RL)
National Princess Diana born (1/7) {1997}
AA stopped saluting members
George Formby died (6/3) [Flickr]
Work commences on the M62
Marilyn Monroe divorced (24/1) [Flickr]
International USA - John F Kennedy (died in office) (Wikipedia)
Mercury 3 - Alan Shepard - space (5/5)
Adolf Eichman - Nazi war criminal - hanged in Israel (31/5)
Tristan Da Cunha evacuated because of volcano (10/10) [Flickr]
Kennedy - "Man on the Moon" speech (25/5) [Flickr]
Ernest Hemingway committed suicide
Vostok 1 - Yuri Gagarin - First man in space (12/4) (Wikipedia)
Vostok 1 - Yuri Gagarin -First man in space (12/4) (Flickr)
Orient Express - final trip (20/5)
Sport FA - Tottenham (Leicester City)
LC - Rotherham (Aston Villa)
CW - AC Fiorentina (Rangers)
RLCC - St Helens (Wigan)
Sports Personality - Stirling Moss (Formula One)

1st - Tottenham (Sheffield Wednesday)
EC - Benfica (Barcelona)
FC - AS Roma (Birmingham City)
RL - Leeds (Warrington)
RL - Leeds (Warrington) - playoffs
F1 - Phil Hill (Ferrari) (Wikipedia)
Firsts Mothercare, Kingston  
Arts/Media Disney purchased rights to Pooh Bear
"Only the crumbliest, tastiest chocolate ..." - Cadburys Flake advert
West Side Story
"Hands that do dishes ...." - Fairy Liquid advert
"Milky Bar Kid" - advert 
Products Ken [Barbie's boyfriend]   

Architecture Swan Arcade demolished (Flickr)
Bingley Building Society Head Office (19/11)
John Peters [Wolfe & Hollander]
Edmond Campion school
St Walburga (RC) church
Events Royal visit - Queen Mother (29/3)
Billy Fury - Gaumont
Drighlington station closed (1/1)
Haworth station closed (1/1)
Carlton cinema closed (31/3)
Dispersal Scheme - T&A Report (Flickr)
Bradford Park Avenue floodlights blown down by gale (11/2)
Lord Mayor - Harold Kershaw Watson
Marlboro cinema closed (10/10)
Lyceum cinema closed (13/10)
Glenroyal cinema closed (1/12)
Smallpox epidemic - mass vaccinations
Bradford City 5 (D4) - Avenue 11 (D3) - Northern 30R (RL)
National Building Societies Act
Car number plates added a suffix letter - see 1983 
Parlophone records sign the Beatles
Met Office weather reports use centigrade instead of fahrenheit (15/1) [Flickr]
International Marilyn Monroe died (6/8)
Jamaica became independent (6/8) 
Escape from Alcatraz (12/6) [Flickr]
Mercury 6 - John Glenn - orbit (20/2) [Flickr]
Adolf Eichman hanged (31/5) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Tottenham (Burnley)
LC - Rochdale (Norwich)
CW - Atletico Madrid (AC Fiorentina)
WC - Brazil (Czechoslovakia) - Chile
RLCC - Wakefield (Huddersfield)
Sports Personality - Anita Lonsbrough (Swimming)
1st - Ipswich (Burnley)
EC - Benfica (Real Madrid)
FC - Valencia (Barcelona)
RL - Wigan (Wakefield)
RL - Huddersfield (Wakefield)
F1 - Graham Hill (BRM)
Firsts Telstar launched (10/7) [Flickr] Transatlantic TV link via Telstar (11/7) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Love Me Do single - The Beatles (5/10) [Flickr]
Fireball XL5
- Gerry Anderson
USA Today - newspaper
"We try Harder" - Avis advert
That Was The Week That Was - BBC tv
Guinness - Harp trademark
Spiderman - Amazing Fantasy
"We're going well, we're going Shell" - Shell advert
Sunday Times - colour supplement

Products After Eight Mints
Cadbury's Contrast sweets
Embassy - cigarettes
Ford Cortina - Mark I 
Topic chocolate bar

Architecture Town Hall. - three storey extension
Cardinal Hinsley school
Margaret Clitheroe school
Forster Square subway - first in Bradford
Sunwin House extension
St Brendans School
St Johns School
Salts Grammar School

Events Union Street fire (18/5)
Hall Ings extension opened? (17/3)
Plaza cinema closed (20/3)
Fire at Globe Mills, City Road
Lord Mayor - Tom Wood
Institute of Technology becomes University
Bradford Northern disbanded after 13 games (10/12)
Bradford City 23 (D4) - Avenue 21R (D3) - Northern 14 (RL2)
National PM - Sir Alex Douglas Home - Con {1964}
Great Train Robbery (8/8)
Redesigned £5 note issued (21/2)
Hugh Gaitskell died (18/1) [Flickr]
Duty free shop opened at Heathrow
Contraceptive pill available on prescription (19/6)
Beeching Report (railways) published (27/3) [Flickr]
The Profumo Affair [Flickr]
John Profumo resigns (5/6) [Flickr]
International John F Kennedy assassinated in Dallas (22/11)
USA - Lyndon B Johnson
Alcatraz (prison) closed (21/3)
JFK - "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech (26/6) [Flickr]
"Hot Line" between White House & Kremlin (30/8)
Pope Paul VI {1978}
Sport FA - Manchester United (Leicester City)
LC - Birmingham City (Aston Villa)
CW - Tottenham (Atletico Madrid)
RLCC - Wakefield (Wigan)
Sports Personality - Dorothy Hyman (Athletics)
1st - Everton (Tottenham)
EC - AC Milan (Benfica)
FC - Valencia (Dynamo Zagreb)
RL - Swinton (St Helens)
F1 - Jim Clark (Lotus) 
Firsts Audio Cassette tape [Philips]
Year "letter" added to UK car number plates
Zip code - 5 digit - USA (1/7)
Woman in space - Valentina Tereshkova (16/6) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Please Please Me - Beatles (22/3)
With the Beatles  - Beatles (22/11)
"Old English Sheepdog (Digby)" - Dulux advert
Dr Who - William Hartnell {1966} - BBC tv 
Stingray - Gerry Anderson
"Schh ...you know who" - Schweppes Tonic Water advert
Billy Liar - film

Products New Omo - washing powder
Kodak Instamatic cameras
Lava lamp - Mathmos, UK
Toffee Crisp chocolate bar
Tootie Fruities sweets

Architecture Arndale House
John Street Market demolished - see 1969
Holy Trinity Church, Bingley demolished (6/4)
Grattan, Anchor House, Ingleby Road
Eccleshill Library (3/3)
Belle Vue Boys School (new building)
Princes Theatre demolished (site is now Imax)
New Inn demolished
Events Bradford University - was Institute of Technology
John Street Open Market closed
David Hockney moved to Los Angeles
New Inn, Thornton Road closed
Beatles, Gaumont (9/10)
Train crash - Exchange - 3 died (3/6)
Bradford Northern reformed
Vallances - Arndale House (10/12)
Lord Mayor - Weber Marshall Hird
Bradford & Bingley Building Society (7/4)
Plans for M606 published (20/2) - see 1972
Alhambra purchased by Council
Rolling Stones, Gaumont (4/3) (26/9)
Rolling Stones, St Georges Hall (14/5)
Bradford City 5 (D4) - Avenue 13 (D4)
National PM - Harold Wilson - Lab {1970}
Death penalty abolished (21/12)
Wimbledon FC turned professional
Pound note ceased to be legal tender (11/3)
Education Act
Children & Young Persons Act
Ian Fleming - James Bond author - died (12/8)

International Jim Reeves died (31/7) [Flickr]
Football riot in LIma, Peru (24/5) [Flickr]
Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston (25/2) [Flickr]
Nelson Mandela jailed (12/6) [Flickr]
Sport FA - West Ham United (Preston)
LC - Stoke City (Leicester City)
CW - Sporting Lisbon (MTK Budapest)
EU - Spain (USSR)
RLCC - Widnes (Hull KR)
Olympic Games (18th) - Tokyo
Sports Personality - Mary Rand (Athletics)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United)
EC - Inter Milan (Real Madrid)
FC - Real Zaragoza (Valencia)
RL - Swinton (Wigan)
F1 - John Surtees (Ferrari)

Firsts BBC2 (20/4) [Flickr]  
Arts/Media A Hard Days Night - Beatles (10/7)
Beatles For Sale - Beatles (4/12)
Radio Caroline
"Tiger in your tank" - Esso advert
The Magic Roundabout (France)
Thunderbirds - Gerry Anderson
Mary Poppins - Walt Disney
"Tick-a-tick-Timex" - Timex watch advert
 Sun - newspaper [was Daily Herald] (15/9)
My Fair Lady
Products Gold Blend instant coffee

Architecture Bradford University (Flickr)
Wardley House (?/4) or 1966
St Brendan (RC) church 
Events Town Hall renamed City Hall
City Hall stonework cleaned
Technical College - Westbrook extension
Nelson Street warehouse fire (3/6)
Legrams Lane greyhound stadium closed (30/10)
Essoldo cinema closed (30/10)
Traffic wardens
Damart factory in Bingley
Rolling Stones, Gaumont (4/10)
Lord Mayor - Jack Wilkinson
Apperley Bridge station closed (22/3)
Frizinghall station closed (22/3)
Manningham station closed (22/3)
Saltaire station closed (22/3)
Low Moor station closed (14/6)
Asda, Leeds formed - see also 1949 
Bradford City Manager - Bill Harris {1966}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 19 (D4) - Avenue 7 (D4) - Northern 17 (RL)
National Sir Winston Churchill died (24/1) [Flickr]
Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill (30/1)  [Flickr]
Kray Twins arrested (7/1) [Flickr] 
Freddie Mills died (24/7) [Flickr]
Beatles awarded MBE (12/6) 
Substitute allowed in football (1st - Kevin Peacock, Charlton)
Ronnie Biggs escapes from Wandsworth Prison  (8/7) [Flickr]
 Freddie Trueman takes 200th wicket (26/7) [Flickr]
International USA - Lyndon B Johnson 
Malcom X assassinated (21/2) [Flickr]
Gemini 5 - spacewalk
Sport FA - Liverpool (Leeds United)
LC - Chelsea (Leicester City)
CW - West Ham United (TSV Munich 1860)
RLCC - Wigan (Hunslet)
Sports Personality - Tom Simpson (Cycling)
1st - Manchester United (Leeds United)
EC - Inter Milan (Benfica)
FC - Ferencvaros (Juventus)
RL - St Helens (Wigan)
RL - Halifax (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Jim Clark (Lotus) 
Firsts Jet airliner landed using automatic pilot (10/6)  Mt. Blanc Tunnel opened (16/7) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Help - Beatles (6/8)
Rubber Soul - Beatles (3/12)
Cigarette advertising banned on TV in UK (31/7)
Till Death Us Do Part - BBC tv
Beatles at Shea Stadium, New York (15/8)
Tomorrow's World - BBC tv series 
Sound of Music - Rogers & Hammerstein
The Magic Roundabout - BBC tv (18/10) {1977}
Products GI Joe
Tipp-Ex correction fluid
Mackintosh's Reward sweets
Rowntree's Jelly Tot sweets 

Architecture Forster Square subway (28/3)
Wardley House (?/4) or 1965
Silver Blades Ice Rink
St George school
Colisseum cinema demolished
St Saviour's church, Fairweather Green 
Events City Hall floodights
Laisterdyke station closed (4/7)
Regal cinema closed ( 23/11)
Oxford cinema closed (8/1)
Lord Mayor - Louis Cowgill
STD telephone dialling
Bradford City Manager - Willie Watson {1968} (Wikipedia)
Bradford City 23 (D4) - Avenue 11 (D4) - Northern 7 (RL)
National Aberfan landslide disaster (21/10) [Flickr]
George Blake escaped from Wormwood Scrubs (22/10) [Flickr]
Decimalisation announced (1/3) [Flickr]
World Cup stolen (20/3) [Flickr]
England win the World Cup (30/7)
Plans for colour television announced (3/3) [Flickr]  
Henry Cooper beaten by Cassius Clay [21/5] [Flickr]
Labour win the General Election (30/3) [Flickr]
International Walt Disney died  Indira Gandhi became PM of India (19/1) 
Sport FA - Everton (Sheffield Wednesday)
LC - West Ham United (WBA)
CW - Borussia Dortmund (Liverpool)
WC - England (West Germany) - England 
RLCC - St Helens (Wigan)
Sports Personality - Bobby Moore (Football)
1st - Liverpool (Leeds United)
EC - Real Madrid (Partizan Belgrade)
FC - Barcelona (Real Zaragoza)
RL - St Helens (Swinton)
RL - St Helens (Halifax)
F1 - Jack Brabham (Brabham)
Arts/Media Revolver - Beatles (5/8)
Adam Adamant Lives! - British tv series
"Go to work on an egg" - advert
Dr Who - Patrick Troughton {1969} - BBC tv
Softly Softly - British tv series
Computer Weekly - magazine
Cathy Come Home - BBC tv

Products Hot Wheels - Elliot Handler/Mattel
Jenson Interceptor [£3743] 
Ford Cortina - Mark II
Action Man 

Architecture Central Library (17/7) - Princess Alexandria
WE Forster statue re-erected (30/11) 
Forster House (?/7)
St Anthony (RC) church, Windhill 
Events Morrisons became public company
Collinson's Cafe stopped playing music (31/12) (Flickr)
Mainline trains transferred to Exchange station
Samuel Ledgard taken over by West Yorkshire
Bradford Pictorial Monthly magazine (17/7)
Pink Floyd, Bradford University (22/06)
Daimler Fleetline - first rear engined bus
Lord Mayor - Tom Lee (died) - JW Taylor
Dudley Hill cinema closed (1/4)
Towers Hall cinema closed ((21/5)
Central Library,bradford_timeline/12201990793/">Three astronauts die in Apollo test fire (27/1) [Flickr]
Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu (1/5) [Flickr]
Wall Street Crash (19/10) [Flickr]
Jack Ruby died (3/1) [Flickr]
Jayne Mansfield dies in car crash (29/6) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Tottenham (Chelsea)
CW - Bayern Munich (Rangers)
RLCC - Featherstone (Barrow)
SB - Green Bay Packers (Kansas City Chiefs)
Sports Personality - Henry Cooper (Boxing)
1st - Manchester United (Nottingham Forest)
EC - Celtic (Inter Milan)
FC - Dynamo Zagreb (Leeds United)
RL - Leeds (Hull KR)
RL - Wakefield (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Denny Hulme (Brabham)
Firsts BBC2 - colour
Dolby noise reduction system
Super Bowl 1
MOT - cars 3+ years old - see 1960
Heart transplant - Dr Christiaan Barnard (3/12) [Flickr]
UK Cash Dispenser (ATM) - Sutton,Surrey
Rugby League game played on a Sunday (17/12)

Arts/Media Sergeant Pepper - Beatles (1/6)
News at Ten - ITN (3/7) - Burnette & Gardner
"Arthur the cat" - Kattomeat advert
Mission Imposiible - USA tv series
"Henry & Clement Freud" - Chunk dog food advert 
Rolling Stone magazine (9/11) [Flickr]
Captain Scarlett - Gerry Anderson
"Captain Bird's Eye" - Birds Eye fish fingers advert
Callan - British tv series
A Man Called Ironside - USA tv series
"A million housewives every day pick up .." - Heinz Beans advert
Products Smash - Instant potato
Twix chocolate bar
Revels sweets 
Maclaren Baby Buggy
Marathon chocolate bar

Architecture Richard Oastler statue moved to Northgate  Arnold Laver, Canal Road 
Events City centre flooded - 1" water in 8 minutes (2/7) (Flickr)
Wool Exchange purchased by council
Gaumont cinema closed (30/11) - refurbishment
Elite cinema closed (24/2)
Jane Harrison awarded the George Cross
"My Secret Life" - obscene book trial (22/4) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Arthur Walton
Freeman - John Ruscoe (24/9)
Bradford City Manager - Grenville Hair {1968}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City Manager - Jimmy Wheeler {1971}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 5 (D4) - Avenue 24 (D4) - Northern 6 (RL)
National National Provincial  merged with Westminster Bank 
Queen Elizabeth - last transatlantic voyage
First decimal coins issued (23/4) [Flickr]
Ronan Point flats collapsed (16/5) [Flickr]
International Robert Kennedy assassinated (5/6) [Flickr]
Dr Martin Luther King assassinated (4/4) [Flickr]
Yuri Gagarin was killed (27/3) [Flickr]
Apollo 7 - manned flight (11/10) [Flickr]
Apollo 8 - round moon (21/12) 
Sport FA - West Bromwich Albion (Everton)
LC - Leeds United (Arsenal)
CW - AC Milan (SV Hamburg)
EU - Italy (Yugoslavia)
RLCC - Leeds (Wakefield)
SB - Green Bay Packers (Oakland Raiders)
Olympic Games (19th) - Mexico City
Sports Personality - David Hemery (Athletics)
1st - Manchester City (Manchester United)
EC - Manchester United (Benfica)
FC - Leeds United (Ferencvaros)
RL - Leeds (Wakefield)
RL - Wakefield (Hull KR) - playoffs
F1 - Graham Hill (Lotus)

Firsts Yorkshire Television (29/7)
Ford Escort 
Customs - red/green channels
Legoland, Denmark (1/5)
Arts/Media White Album - Beatles (22/11)
Joe 90
- Gerry Anderson
Wombles - Elizabeth Beresford
"And all because the lady loves Milk Tray" - advert
"A Double Diamond works wonders ..." - advert

Products Persil Automatic - washing powder  Gossard Wonderbra 

Architecture John Street Market (?/8) - see 1977
Bradford University Nuclear Science block
The Tyrls
Chellow Heights water treatment plant
Wellington Junior school
Morrisons Supermarket, Girlington
Delf Hill school
Grove House school
St Matthew's school
Lilycroft Methodist chapel
Belle Vue Girls School (new building)
Unitarian Chapel, Town Hall Square demolished 
Events Cinecenta (17/4) {1983}
Odeon Twin cinema (21/8)
Greenfield greyhound stadium closed (5/3)
Rupert Street Washhouse closes
"Green Man" crossing - Hall Ings/Bridge Street
Changing Bradford - YEP publication (Flickr)
Leprosy in Bradford (11/3) [Flickr]
Press award for Peter Harland - editor of the T&A (25/3) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Eddie Newby
Odeon, Manchester Road closed (22/3) (Flickr)
Collinson's Cafe, Market Street closed (30/9) (Flickr)
Manchester Road Baths close
Heroin in Bradford [Flickr]
Land available for development (advert) [Flickr]
Bradford City 4P (D4) - Avenue 24 (D4) - Northern 19 (RL)
National Prince of Wales investiture (1/7) [Flickr]
John Lennon married Yoko Ono (20/3) [Flickr]
London Underground - Victoria Line opened
Matt Busby announces his retirement (14/1) [Flickr]
Kray twins found guilty of murder (4/3) [Flickr]
Emley Moor television transmitter collapsed (19/3) [Flickr]
Robin Knox-Johnston solo voyage around the world (22/4) [Flickr]
Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park
Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) died (3/7) [Flickr]
50p Coin (14/10) [Flickr]
Maiden flight of Concorde (2/3) [Flickr]
John Wyndham died (11/3) [Flickr]
Billy Cotton died (25/3) [Flickr]
International USA - Richard M Nixon
Apollo 9 - docking with LM (3/3)
Apollo 10 - within 9 miles of surface (18/5)
Apollo 11 - blasts off (16/7) 
Moon landing - Neil Armstrong (20/7) [Flickr]
Apollo 12 - landing (14/11)
Boris Karloff died (3/2)
General Dwight D. Eisenhower died (29/3) [Flickr]
Judy Garland died (22/6) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Manchester City (Leicester City)
LC - Arsenal (Swindon Town)
CW - Slovan Bratislava (Barcelona)
RLCC - Castelford (Salford)
SB - New York Jets (Baltimore Colts)
Sports Personality - Ann Jones (Tennis)
1st - Leeds United (Liverpool)
EC - AC Milan (Ajax)
FC - Newcastle United (Ujpest Dozsa)
RL - Leeds (St Helens)
RL - Leeds (Castleford) - playoffs
F1 - Jackie Stewart (Matra) 
Firsts BBC1 - colour
B&Q, Southampton - Block & Quayle
Sun - tabloid edition
Concorde - maiden flight (9/1)
Arts/Media Yellow Submarine - Beatles (17/1)
Abbey Road - Beatles (26/9)
Beatles last live appearance (30/1)
Sun - tabloid edition
Monty Python's Flying Circus - BBC TV (5/10) [Flickr] 
Gardeners World - BBC tv
Special Branch - British tv series
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) - British tv series
Department S - British tv series
Clangers - BBC tv
Products  Ford Capri - £890 {1987} Raleigh Chopper bike 

Local A Visit To City Hall (Flickr)
Map of Bradford city centre (Flickr)
Photos Taken From The Town Hall Clock Tower (Flickr)
Map of Bradford and Street List (Flickr)

Architecture Towers Hall cinema demolished after fire
Odeon, Manchester Road demolished
Nelson Street Telephone Exchange demolished
Airedale General Hospital
Adolphous Street goods station demolished 
Provincial House or 1971 {2002)
Events Park Avenue not re-elected to league
Friday bus strikes (Sept/Oct)

Lord Mayor - JEB Singleton
Freeman - James H Shaw (30/6)
Freeman - Henry H Stewart (30/6)
Bradford City 10 (D3) - Avenue 24R (D4) - Northern 12 (RL) 
National PM - Edward Heath - Con {1974}  Half crown (2/6) ceases to be legal tender 
International Apollo 13 - "Houston we have a problem" (13/4)
Gypsy Rose Lee died (26/4) [Flickr]   
Officers take over Libya - Colonel Gaddafi (10/1) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Chelsea (Leeds United)
LC - Manchester City (WBA)
CW - Manchester City (Gornik Zabrze)
WC - Brazil (Italy) - Mexico
F1 - Jochen Rindt (Lotus)
SB - Kansas City Chiefs (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - Henry Cooper (Boxing)
1st - Everton (Leeds United)
EC - Feyenoord (Celtic)
FC - Arsenal (Anderlecht)
RL - Leeds (Castleford)
RL - St Helens (Leeds) - playoffs
RLCC - Castleford (Wigan)
Firsts Sun - Page 3 (17/11)
Ford Cortina - Mark III
Penalty shootout in English football (5/8)
Boeing 747 maiden transatlantic flight
IBM System/370 mainframe 
Jumbo Jet landed at Heathrow (12/1)
Arts/Media Let It Be - Beatles (8/5)
Question of Sport - BBC tv series
Dr Who - Jon Pertwee {1974} - BBC tv 
Hawaii Five O - USA tv series
"Mr Shifter - the piano's on my foot" - PG Tips advert

Products Chopper bike   

Architecture Provincial House (?/3) - Lord Selkirk - Official opening {2002}
Arndale Kirkgate Centre
Bradford College - Kent building 
Broadway pedestrian precinct (?/4)
Unitarian chapel, Russell Street

Events Population 294,177
Pink Floyd, University (10/10)
Lord Mayor - Herbert Moran
Bradford City Manager - Bryan Edwards {1975}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 19 (D3) - Northern 27 (RL) 
National Decimalisation Leaflet [Flickr]
Decimalisation (16/2) [Flickr]
Cigarettes forced to carry health warning
Chay Blyth - sailed around the world in a yacht
Ibrox Stadium disaster (2/1) [Flickr]
International Apollo 14 - landing (16/4)
Apollo 15 - Lunar Rover (26/7) 
Igor Stravinsky died (6/4) [Flickr]
Jim Morrison (Doors) died (3/7) [Flickr]
Coup in Uganda led by Idi Amin (25/1) [Flickr]
Louis Armstrong died (6/7) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Arsenal (Liverpool)
LC - Aston Villa (Tottenham)
CW - Chelsea (Real Madrid)
RLCC - Leigh (Leeds)
SB - Baltimore Colts (Dallas Cowboys)
Sports Personality - Princess Anne (Eventing)
1st - Arsenal (Leeds United)
EC - Ajax (Panathinaikos)
FC - Leeds United (Juventus)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RL - St Helens (Wigan) - playoffs
F1 - Jackie Stewart (Tyrell)
Firsts Disneyland, Orlando, FL
Hard Rock Cafe, London
CAMRA formed - Campaign for Real Ale (16/3)

Arts/Media "I'd like to buy the world a coke" - Coca Cola advert
"Anytime, anyplace, anywhere" - Martini advert
The Persuaders - British tv series
The Two Ronnies - BBC tv {1987} 
Products Space Hopper Clackers 

Architecture Norfolk Gardens Hotel
Magistrates Court (?/6) - opened by Lord Hailsham (Flickr)
Belle Vue Girls  (opened by Margaret Thatcher)
Shipley Baths
Idle Picture Palace/Ace Bingo demolished 
M606 opened (8/8) (official opening 20/9)
United Reformed Church, Wilsden
Events Last trolley bus (24/3)
Prince's Hall name changed to Studios 1-4 (13/8)
Alexandra Hotel closes
Natural Gas conversion commences
Bradford In The Picture - T&A publication (Flickr) 
Lord Mayor - Audrey Firth
One-man bus operation (31/12)
Leathers Chemical Works, Canal Road demolished
David Bowie, St Georges Hall (6/6) 
Bradford City 24R (D3) - Northern 2 (RL)
National Local Government Act
Miners strike/Three day week
Harold Wilson resigns as Prime Minister (16/3) [Flickr]  
Duke of Windsor died (28/5) [Flickr]
Chi Chi the panda died
Joined the EEC (22/1) 
J. Arthur Rank died (29/3) [Flickr]
International Apollo 16  (16/4)
Apollo 17 launch failure (6/12) [Flickr]  
Apollo 17 (7/12) [Flickr]
Apollo 17 - Last man on the moon (11/12) [Flickr]
Malcolm X shot (21/2)
J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) died (2/5) [Flickr]
Ida Amin expelled Asians from Uganda
Queen Elizabeth burnt out in Hongkong harbour (9/1) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Leeds United (Arsenal)
LC - Chelsea (Stoke City)
CW - Rangers (Dynamo Moscow)
EU - West Germany (USSR)
RLCC - St Helens (Leeds)
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Miami Dolphins)
Olympic Games (20th) - Munich
Sports Personality - Mary Peters (Athletics)
1st - Derby County (Leeds United)
EC - Ajax (Inter Milan)
UE - Tottenham (Wolverhampton)
RL - Leeds (Bradford Northern)
RL - Leeds (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Emerson Fittipaldi (Lotus)

Firsts World Trade Center, New York {destroyed by terrorists 2001}  
Arts/Media "Labrador puppy" - Andrex advert
Van der Valk - British tv series
Columbo - USA tv series
"Lipsmackingthirstquenching...." - Pepsi Cola advert
Rainbow - British childrens tv (16/10)
Sounds - music newspaper {1992}
Newsround - BBC tv
McCloud - USA tv series
"Secret lemonade drinker" - R Whites advert
Emmerdale (Farm) - British tv soap
Dougal and the Blue Cat - feature film
Products Odyssey/Magnavox - video game   

Architecture Exchange station (14/1)
Shipley Baths
Mercury House, Manchester Road (?/8) (Flickr)
Bingley Library (17/4)
Kirkgate Market, Arndale Centre (12/11)
Saltaire Methodist church
Baildon station (5/1)
"Old" Exchange Station becomes a temporary car park (21/12) (Flickr)
 St. Theresa & St. Winefride's church, Buttershaw (Flickr)
Mechanics Institute demolished (4/7) (Flickr)
Kirkgate Market demolished (Flickr)
Events Kirkgate Market closed (3/11)
Northgate pub closed (30/9)
Bob Martin chairman of Bradford City
Busbys changed name to Debenhams - cv 1958, 1978
Bradford In The Picture - T&A publication (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Derek Smith - JEB Singleton
Freeman - JB Priestley (8/9)
David Bowie, St Georges Hall (1/6)
Queen, St Georges Hall (6/11)
Bradford City 16 (D4) - Northern 23R (RL)
National VAT (1/4) 
United Kingdom joins the EEC (1/1) [Flickr]
Reflective car number plates 
International USA - Richard M Nixon (resigned) 
Sydney Opera House - Official opening (20/10) [Flickr]
Betty Grable died (2/7) [Flickr]
Watergate, USA
Pablo Picasso died (8/4) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Sunderland (Leeds United)
LC - Tottenham (Norwich City)
CW - AC Milan (Leeds United)
RLCC - Featherstone (Bradford Northern)
SB - Miami Dolphins (Washington Redskins)
Sports Personality - Jackie Stewart (Formula One)
1st - Liverpool (Arsenal)
EC - Ajax (Juventus)
UE - Liverpool (Borussia Moenchengladbach)
RL - Warrington (Featherstone)
RL - Dewsbury (Leeds) - playoffs
F1 - Jackie Stewart (Tyrell)
Firsts Commercial radio
Skylab (14/5) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Greetings from Asbury Park NJ - Springsteen
Tetley's Tea Men" - Tetley's Tea advert
Capital Radio, London
Streets of San Francisco - USA tv series
"Martians" - Smash advert
Wombles - BBC tv series 
Products Dungeons & Dragons - D Arnesson & S Gygax  Oxydol soap powder withdrawn 

Architecture Civic Precinct (13/11) - opened by Queen
Police Headquarters, Civic Precinct {2009/2010) (Flickr)
Bradford Permanent Building Society, Westgate (Flickr)
East Ward Labour Club (28/6)
Piece Hall Yard renovated
St Francis (RC) church
Jacobs Well, Manchester Road (Flickr)
OS Wains (Britannia House) changed shop front
Olicana House [LG]
Broadway pedestrian precinct extended (Flickr)
Events Bradford Metropolitan District Council (1/4)
Royal visit - Queen Elizabeth II (13/11)
Park Avenue FC into liquidation (8/4)
Vistors book at City Hall signed by Lord Feather
Council purchase Park Avenue ground
Talbot Hotel closed down (23/3)
Film The Exorcist banned in Bradford (24/4)
Industrial Museum, Moorside Road opened (14/12)
Alhambra management taken over by Council
STD telephone programme completed
The Millat - Urdu daily newspaper (29/9)
Bradford In The Picture - T&A publication (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Tom Hall
Leader - John Singleton [C] {1979}
Minimum bus fare 3p
Theatre Royal cinema re-opened (16/11)
ABC Film centre re-opened (18/11)
Council appoints a dog catcher 
Number of MPs reduced from 4 to 3 (28/2)
Bradford City try to change name to Metro
Royal visit - Duke of Edinburgh (10/7)
Black Dyke Mills band at Proms - Albert Hall
George Newby & Co, Tyrell Street closed
Bradford City 8 (D4) - Northern 1P (RL2)
National PM - Harold Wilson - Lab {1976}
Local Government reorganisation (1/4)
Beatles formally split up (24/12) 
Housing Act
Rent Act
International USA - Gerald R Ford 
Duke Ellington died (24/5) [Flickr]
Patty Hearst kidnapping (4/2) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Liverpool (Newcastle United)
LC - Wolverhampton (Manchester City)
CW - FC Magdeburg (AC Milan)
WC - West Germany (Holland) - West Germany
RLCC - Warrington (Featherstone)
SB - Miami Dolphins (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - Brendan Foster (Athletics)
1st - Leeds United (Liverpool)
EC - Bayern Munich (Atletico Madrid)
UE - Feyenoord (Tottenham)
RL - Salford (St Helens)
RL - Warrington (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Emerson Fittipaldi (McLaren)
Firsts Sears Tower, Chicago
McDonalds in England - Woolwich, London 
Teletext service - BBC Ceefax (23/9)
"Refreshes the parts other beers can't reach" - Heineken advert 
Arts/Media Wild, Innocent & the E. St Shuffle - Springsteen
"It's frothy man" - Cresta soft drink advert
"Bread delivery - steep street" - Hovis advert (Ridley Scott)
Dr Who - Tom Baker {1981} - BBC tv
Kojak - USA tv series
"Up up and away - balloon" - Nimble bread advert
Tiswas - British childrens tv series

Products/Prices Rubik Cube - Erno Rubik
Whisky £3.50 - Monopoly £2.99 - Corgi truck £0.75
next 1984 

Architecture Provincial House - Second block {2002}
Bradford & Bingley Building Society HQ (?/5)
Manchester Road/Rooley Lane subway (13/5)
St Matthew's Church, Main Street, Wilsden
Rhodesway School baths (16/5)
Kirkgate Arndale rooftop car park (4/7)
Events Richard Dunn wins British Heavyweight title
Pennine Radio
Midland Hotel closed (25/4)
Huddersfield & Bradford Building Societies merged
"Hair" - Alhambra (24/2)
Emmanuelle banned from cinemas
Bradford City launch public appeal for funds (4/11)
Lord Mayor - Doris Birdsall
Black Panther (Donald Neilson) arrested
Revised route for Airedale Trunk Road published (18/4)
Brown Muff's exterior changed - corner window removed
Royal Visit - Prince Charles (17/12)
Bradford City Manager - Bobby Kennedy {1978}(Wikipedia)
Bradford City 10 (D4) - Northern 7 (RL1)
National Common Market Referendum
North Sea Oil pipeline opened by Queen (3/11)
P.G. Wodehouse died (14/2) [Flickr]
Charlie Chaplin knighted (4/3) [Flickr]
London Underground - Moorgate disaster (28/2)
Margaret Thatcher elected Leader of The Conservative Party (11/2) [Flickr]
International "Terracotta Army" discovered in China (11/7) Vietnam War ended (30/4) 
Sport FA - West Ham United (Fulham)
LC - Aston Villa (Norwich City)
CW - Dynamo Kiev (Ferencvaros)
RLCC - Widnes (Warrington)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - David Steele (Cricket)
1st - Derby County (Liverpool)
EC - Bayern Munich (Leeds United)
UE - Borussia Moenchen (Twente Enschede)
RL - St Helens (Wigan)
RL - Leeds (St Helens) - playoffs
F1 - Niki Lauda (Ferrari) 
Firsts Automatic kettle (Swan)
Betamax VCR 
Microsoft (Bill Gates & Paul Allen)

Arts/Media Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen (Wikipedia)
Police Woman - USA tv series
"Humphries about" - milk advert
The Sweeney - British tv series
Rockford Files - USA tv series

Architecture Telephone Exchange extension
Victoria Hall, Bingley demolished 
Wilsden Village Hall
"old" Exchange Station demolished - see also 1973
Events Richard Dunn v Mohammed Ali (25/5)
Aire Valley road enquiry
Black Dyke Mills Band - Freedom of the City
Essoldo cinema destroyed by fire
Council banned The Exorcist (3/3)
First bus lane - East Parade to Forster Square (12/4)
Lord Mayor - Frank Hillam
St James' Wholesale market closed (17/1)
Valley Road Power Station closed
Box junction markings - Manningham Lane/Oak Lane
Newby/Brown/Fenelon "Poulson" trial
Bradford City 17 (D4) - Northern 11 (RL1)
National PM - James Callaghan - Lab {1979} 
Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon to separate (19/3) [Flickr]
Agatha Christie died (12/1) [Flickr]
James Callaghan becomes Labour Party leader (5/4) [Flickr] 
International Israeli commandos rescued passengers at Entebbe (4/7)  Howard Hughes died (5/4) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Southampton (Manchester United)
LC - Manchester City (Newcastle United)
CW - Anderlecht (West Ham United)
EU - Czechoslovakia (West Germany)
RLCC - St Helens (Widnes)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Dallas Cowboys)
Olympic Games (21st) - Montreal
Sports Personality - John Curry (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (QPR)
EC - Bayern Munich (St Etienne)
UE - Liverpool (SC Bruges)
RL - Salford (Featherstone)
RL - St Helens (Salford) - playoffs
F1 - James Hunt (McLaren)

Firsts Concorde - maiden flight (21/1) [Flickr]
5.25" computer disk announced by Shugart

Arts/Media Starsky and Hutch - USA tv series
"Splash it all over : Henry Cooper" - Brut advert 
"Honey Monster" - Sugar Puffs advert
"Coast to coast" - Yorkie advert 
Products Grifter bike
Cadbury's Caramel chocolate bar  
Rowntree's Yorkie chocolate
Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bar  

Architecture Transport Interchange (27/3)
Jubilee Gardens, Bingley
John Street Market fire (4/11) - see 1978
Richard Dunn sports centre?
Chester Street Bus Station closed (?/3)
Hall Ings pedestrian bridge (11/7)
Events Royal visit - Princess Anne (22/6)
Heavy snow fall - traffic stopped (13/1)
Jacobs Well traffic lights switched off
Yorkshire TV - breakfast broadcasting
Dog warden appointed (1/6)
Lord Mayor - Paul Hockney
Freeman - Black Dyke Mills Band (14/4)
Lingards store closed
Seven trees planted behind Law Courts for Jubilee (6/3)
Bradford City 4P (D4) - Northern 8 (RL)
National Pub licensing hours extended [Fri/Sat until 11pm] (1/4)
London Underground - Piccadilly Line extended to Heathrow
Charlie Chaplin died (25/12)
Bing Crosby died (14/10) [Flickr]
International USA - Jimmy Carter  Elvis Presley died (16/8) 
Sport FA - Manchester United (Liverpool)
LC - Aston Villa (Everton)
CW - SV Hamburg (Anderlecht)
RLCC - Leeds (Widnes)
SB - Oakland Raiders (Minnesota Vikings)
Sports Personality - Virginia Wade (Tennis)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester City)
EC - Liverpool (Borossia Moenchengladbach)
UE - Juventus (Athletico Bilbao)
RL - Featherstone (St Helens)
RL - St Helens (Warrington - playoffs
F1 - Niki Lauda (Ferrari)
Firsts Rings detected round Uranus (30/3) [Flickr]
Arts/Media Star Wars - George Lucas
The Professionals - British tv series
"Wedding photographer : David Bailey" - Olympus Cameras advert
"Luton Airport : Lorraine Chase" - Campari advert
"Triumph has the bra for the way you are" - advert
Charlie's Angels - USA tv series
"Fruit and Nut case" - Cadburys advert
Products Gore-Tex fabric
Cadbury's Double Decker chocolate bar
Lego Technic
Apple II - computer
Commodore Pet - computer   

Architecture John Street Market (17/11) Valley Rd/Canal Rd cooling tower demolished (4/9) 
Events Royal visit - Prince Charles (?/11)
Studios 1-4 changed name to Unit Four
Bradford City Manager - John Napier {1978}
Busby's/Debenhams closed (29/4) - cv 1958, 1973
Thorn Consumer Electronics closed (26/7)
Bradford Northern win Premiership
Lord Mayor - Arthur F Trigg
Brown, Muff 's changes name to Rackhams
Dire Straits, University (1/11)
Bradford City Manager - George Mulhall {1981}
Bradford City 22R (D3) - Northern 2 (RL1)
National May Day bank holiday  TV Licence increased to £25 
International Pope John Paul I {1978}  Pope John Paul II {2005} 
Sport FA - Ipswich Town (Arsenal)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Liverpool)
CW - Anderlecht (Austria/WAC)
WC - Argentina (Holland) - Argentina
RLCC - Leeds (St Helens)
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Denver Broncos)
Sports Personality - Steve Ovett (Athletics)

1st - Nottingham Forest (Liverpool, Everton)
Rel .. West Ham, Newcastle, Leicester
2nd - Bolton (Southampton, Tottenham)
EC - Liverpool (FC Bruges)
UE - PSV Eindhoven (Bastia)
RL - Widnes (Bradford Northern)
RL - Bradford Northern (Widnes) - playoffs
F1 - Mario Andretti (Lotus) 
Firsts Space Invaders - arcade game   
Arts/Media "Leonard Rossiter & Joan Collins" - Cinzano Bianco advert 
Darkness on the Edge of Town - Springsteen
Return of the Saint - British tv series
Mars a day helps you wotk rest and play" - advert
Smash Hits - music magazine
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy broadcast (8/3) [Flickr]
Anna Ford - first female newsreader
Hazell - British tv series
"Surfer" - Old Spice advert
Blakes Seven - BBC tv {1981)
Daily Star - newspaper
Products Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate - chunky bar   

Architecture Busby's/Debenhams destroyed by  fire (30/8) 19 Peckover Street [LG} demolished - fire damage 
Events Target - Shipley area (26/4)
Bingley college closed
Heaviest snowfall since 1947 (19/1)
Pay and Display car parks (11/6)
Lord Mayor - John Stuart Senior
Leader - Brian Womersley [C] {1980}
Bradford City 15 (D4) - Northern 8 (RL1)
National PM - Margaret Thatcher - Con {1990}  London Underground - Jubilee Line opened
International John Wayne died (11/6)   
Sport FA - Arsenal (Manchester United)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Southampton)
CW - Barcelona (Fortuna Dusseldorf)
RLCC - Widnes (Wakefield)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Dallas Cowboys)
Sports Personality - Sebastian Coe (Athletics)

1st - Liverpool (Nottingham Forest, West Brom)
Rel .. QPR, Birmingham, Chelsea
2nd - Crystal Palace (Brighton, Stoke)
EC - Nottingham Forest (Malmo)
UE - Borussia Mgladbach (Red Star Belgrade)
RL - Hull KR (Warrington)
RL - Leeds (Bradford Northern) - playoffs
F1 - Jody Scheckter (Ferrari)
Firsts Prestel videotex system
Jubilee Line, London Underground (30/4)
Visicalc - spreadsheet Apple II
Galaxians - arcade game
Asteroids - arcade game
Arts/Media Miss World - last time on BBC tv
"Handbuilt by Robots" - Fiat Strada advert
"So good I bought the company : Victor Kiam" - Remington advert
Shoestring - British tv series
"Dancing Woman" - Shake 'n' Vac advert
"Viz" - magazine 
Products Daz Automatic - soap powder
Sony Walkman 
Shake 'n' Vac

Architecture St Matthew (RC) church Valley Road Power Station chimney demolished 
Events Roxy/Silver Dollar Bingo converted to mosque
Bradford University won University Challenge
Bradford Northern win league
U2, University (12/11)
Lord Mayor - Arnold Lightowler
Leader - Derek Smith [L] {1982}
- extended to Bingley (15/9)
Bradford City 5 (D4) - Northern 1 (RL1)
National Iranian Embassy siege (5/5) [Flickr]
Radio Caroline [pirate radio] sank (20/3) [Flickr]
Peter Sellers died (24/7) [Flickr]
John Lennon shot & died (8/12) [Flickr]
Prescription raised to £1 (1/12) 
International Alfred Hitchcock died (29/4) [Flickr]  
Sport FA - West Ham United (Arsenal)
LC - Wolves (Nottingham Forest)
CW - Valencia (Arsenal)
EU - West Germany (Belgium)
RLCC - Hull KR (Hull)
SB - Pittsburgh Steelers (Los Angeles Rams)
Olympic Games (22nd) - Moscow
Sports Personality - Robin Cousins (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United)
EC - Nottingham Forest (Hamburg)
UE - Eintracht Frankfurt (Borussia Mg)

RL - Bradford Northern (Widnes)
F1 - Alan Jones (Williams)

Firsts Sony Walkman
Sinclair ZX80 - computer
Giant panda born in captivity - Mexico (12/8)
Defender - arcade game
PacMan - arcade game
3.5" computer disk announced by Sony 
Arts/Media Empire Strikes Back - George Lucas
Juliet Bravo - British tv series
"Eight out of ten cats" - Whiskas advert
"Do you love anyone enough . . ." - Rolo advert
The River - Bruce Springsteen
The Gentle Touch - British tv series
"Just one cornetto ..." - Wall's advert
Children in Need - telethon 
Products Sinclair ZX80 computer
Rubik's Cube
Cornetto (ice cream)

Architecture Telegraph & Argus Press Hall (22/7)
Royal Mail sorting office, Valley Road 
Park Avenue stands demolished
Events Population 454,198
Yorkshire Sports closed down (2/5)
Bradford Northern win championship
Yorkshire Ripper [Peter Sutcliffe] arrested (2/1)
Yorkshire Ripper [Peter Sutcliffe] jailed for life (22/5) [Flickr]
Shipley Glen Tramway given to Council
Bradford Northern win league
Lord Mayor - Danny Coughlin
Bradford Star
Royal visit - Prince Charles
Bradford City Manager - Roy McFarland {1982}
Bradford City 14 (D4) - Northern 1 (RL1)

National Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer to marry (24/2) [Flickr]
Prince Charles married Diana (29/7) 
Brixton riots 
International USA - Ronald Reagan
Bob Marley died (11/5)
Bill Haley died (9/2)
Space shuttle
France legally abolished guillotine (18/9) 
Sport FA - Tottenham (Manchester City)
LC - Liverpool (West Ham United)
CW - Dynamo Tiblisi (Carl Zeiss Jena)
RLCC - Widnes (Hull KR)
SB - Oakland Raiders (Philadelphia Eagles)
Sports Personality - Ian Botham (Cricket)
1st - Aston Villa (Ipsw/TD> Sinclair ZX81 computer (5/3) [Flickr]  

Architecture Crossflats station (17/5)
Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley Road
Carlisle Road Mosque
Events T&A - Saturday edition tabloid format (6/2)
National & Provincial Building Society (merger)
Rank Wharfedale close Idle factory
Laidler Bar, Victoria Hotel {199?}
Yorkshire Building Society
Wilsden twinned with Eppeville
Let's Think Of The Future- Council publication (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Joan Lightband
Leader - Tom Hall [C] {1984}
Bradford International Jazz Festival
Pace Micro Technology formed
Bradford City Manager - Trevor Cherry {1987}
Bradford City 2P (D4) - Northern 5 (RL)
National Falklands War (2/4) [Flickr]
Prince William born (21/6) [Flickr]
Raising of the Mary Rose (11/10) [Flickr]
International Maradona signs for Barcelona (28/5) [Flickr]  
Sport FA - Tottenham (QPR)
LC - Liverpool (Tottenham)
CW - Barcelona (Standard Liege)
WC - Italy (West Germany) - Spain
RLCC - Hull (Widnes)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Cincinatti Bengals)
 Sports Personality - Daley Thompson (Athletics) 
1st - Liverpool (Ipswich Town)
EC - Aston Villa (Bayern Munich)
UE - IFK Gothenburg (Hamburg SV)

RL - Leigh (Hull)
F1 - Keke Rosberg (Williams)
Firsts Channel Four
Harrogate Conference Centre 
Missile Command - arcade game
Arts/Media Brookside - C4 tv {2003}
Dr Who - Peter Davison {1984} - BBC tv  
Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
Cagney and Lacey - USA tv series
Products Sinclair Spectrum computer  Aero (chunky) 

Architecture Photography, Film & Television Museum (16/6) [Flickr]  
Events Cinecenta closed (7/9)
Bradford City bankrupt
Windsor Baths closed  
Lord Mayor - Norman Free
Valley Parade floodlight blown down (1/2) [Flickr]
Bradford City 12 (D3) - Northern 9 (RL1)
National £1 coins introduced to replace the £1 note (21/4) [Flickr]
Car number plates added a prefix letter - see 1963 & 2001
Shergar (Derby winner) kidnapped (8/2)
Sport FA - Manchester United (Brighton)
LC - Liverpool (Manchester United)
CW - Aberdeen (Real Madrid)
RLCC - Featherstone (Hull)
SB - Washington Redskins (Miami Dolphins)
Sports Personality - Steve Cram (Athletics)
1st - Liverpool (Watford)
EC - Hamburg SV (Juventus)
UE - Anderlecht (Benfica)
RL - Hull (Hull KR) 
F1 - Nelson Piquet (Brabham)
Firsts CD [Sony & Philips]
J League (Japanese soccer league)
Arts/Media Now That's What I Call Music 1
"Follow the Bear" - Hoffmeister lager advert
Breakfast Time - BBC TV (17/1) [Flickr]
Return of the Jedi - George Lucas
"JR Hartley - Fly Fishing" - Yellow Pages advert
The Bill - ITV 
Products Cadbury's Wispa chocolate bar
Apple IIe (Wikipedia)
Apple Lisa (Wikipedia)

Architecture Saltaire station (9/4)   
Events J.B. Priestley died (14/8) [Wikipedia]
Woolworths close Darley Street branch (?/4)
Arnold Laver, Canal Road fire
Alhambra closed for refurbishment
City Gent - Bradford City fanzine  
Lord Mayor - Olive Messer
Leader - Ronnie Farley [C] {1986}
BBBS first ATM
Bradford City 7 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
National Miners strike
BT privatised (30/11) 
Tommy Cooper died (15/4) [Flickr]
Eric Morecambe died (28/4) [Flickr]
York Minster fire (10/7) [Flickr]
IRA bomb at Grand Hotel, Brighton (12/10) [Flickr]
Diana Dors died (4/5) [Flickr]
International Indira Gandhi assassinated (31/10) 
Heysel Stadium (29/5) [Flickr]
Count Basie died (26/4) [Flickr]
Sport FA - Everton (Watford)
LC - Liverpool (Everton)
CW - Juventus (FC Porto)
EU - France (Spain)
RLCC - Widnes (Wigan)
SB - Los Angeles Raiders (Washington Redskins)
Olympic Games (23rd) - Los Angeles
Sports Personality - Torvill & Dean (Figure Skating)
1st - Liverpool (Southampton)
EC - Liverpool (Roma)
UE - Tottenham (Anderlecht)

RL - Hull KR (Hull)
F1 - Niki Lauda (McLaren)

Firsts  Apple Macintosh - computer   
Arts/Media Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
"Hello Tosh - Gotta Toshiba" - advert
"Vorsprung durch technik" - Audi advert
The Bill - British tv series
"Pandas" - Kit Kat advert
"Crufts - Top breeders recommend it" - Pedigree Chum advert 
Products/Prices My Little Pony
Apple Macintosh computer 
Whisky £7.00 - Monopoly £8.99 - Corgi truck £3.99
next 1994 

Architecture Camera Lucida, Photographic Museum (11/1)  Bus shelter, Main Street, Wilsden 
Events Valley Parade fire - 56 died (11/5)
"Russian Anna" died (?/11)
Bruce Springsteen, Roundhay Park, Leeds (7/7)
Bradford City : First game in Division 2 (1/9) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - Mohammed Ajeeb
England v West Germany @ Elland Road (Flickr)
"Wish You Were Here" - Bradford's tourist industry (6/3) [Flickr]
Bradford City 1P (D3) - Northern 8 (RL1)
National Heysel stadium (29/5) [Flickr]
Miners strike ends (3/3) [Flickr]
Johnny Wardle died (23/7) [Flickr]
405 line tv service switched off  (3/1) 
English football teams banned from Europe (2/6) [Flickr]
International USA - Ronald Reagan  Contraceptives on sale in Irish Republic (20/2) 
Sport FA - Manchester United (Everton)
LC - Norwich City (Sunderland)
CW - Everton (Rapid Vienna)
RLCC - Wigan (Hull)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Miami Dolphins) 
1st - Everton (Liverpool)
EC - Juventus (Liverpool) - Heysel Stadium
UE - Real Madrid (Videoton)
RL - Hull KR (St Helens)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Windows 1.0 (2/7 - 20/11)  Sinclair C5 electric "car" 
Arts/Media Live Aid (13/7)
Miami Vice - USA tv series
"Launderette : Nick Kamen" - Levis advert
Dr Who - Colin Baker {1986} - BBC tv
Eastenders - BBC tv (19/2)
Taggart - British tv series
Blind Date - British tv series
"How do you eat yours" - Creme egg advert
Products Cadbury's Boost chocolate bar    Cherry Coke [Coca Cola]

Architecture JB Priestley statue (31/10) (Flickr)
Zetland Mill, Wharf Street demolished - see 1924
Bradford Fire Disaster Memorial (11/5)
Events Joe Johnson - world snooker champion
Valley Parade reopened - England XI (14/12) [Flickr]
"Bradford's Bouncing Back" campaign
West Riding CC abolished (31/3)
Alhambra reopened (27/5 - Gala (30/10)
Concorde - first visit to Leeds/Bradford airport
4 Currer St {LG} damaged by fire
Yorkshire Rider starts operation
Lord Mayor - Bill Nunn
Leader - Phil Beeley [L] {1988}
John Braine died (28/10)
Eastbrook Hall closed (31/8)
Salts Mill closed down
Bradford City 13 (D2) - Northern 12 (RL1)
City top scorer - Greg Abbott/John Hendrie/Bobby Campbell - 10
National British Gas privatised (5/12)
Channel Tunnel Treaty signed
GLC abolished
M25 - final section opened (29/10)
Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson (23/7)
Building Societies Act 
Financial Services Act 
Cigarette advertising banned from cinemas
International Challenger space shuttle exploded (29/1)
Clint Eastwood elected Mayor of Carmel (8/4) 
Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Sport FA - Liverpool (Everton)
LC - Oxford United (QPR)
EC - Steaua Bucharest (Barcelona)
UE - Real Madrid (FC Koln)
CW - Dynamo Kiev (Atletico Madrid)
WC - Argentina (West Germany) - Argentina
SB - Chicago Bears (New England Patriots)
1st - Liverpool (Everton, West Ham)
Rel .. Ipswich, Birmingham, WBA
2nd - Norwich (Charlton, Wimbledon)
RL - Halifax (Wigan)
RLCC - Castleford (Hull KR)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Pudsey Bear (Children In Need mascot)   
Arts/Media Q magazine - UK music magazine
Moonlighting - USA tv series
Independent - UK newspaper
"Tell Sid" - British Gas advertising campaign
Live 1975-1985 - Bruce Springsteen
The Equalizer - USA tv series
Today - UK newspaper {1995}
BBC "Daytime" television (27/10)
Products Cabbage Patch Kids - Xavier Roberts
Pictionary - Rob Angel

Events Royal visit - Prince Charles
Grammar School, Manor Row destroyed by fire
Salts Mill purchased by Jonathan Silver
Margaret Thatcher visited Valley Parade
Ritz (ABC/Cannon) cinema, Broadway closed (17/9)
Lord Mayor - Laurie Coughlin
Bradford City Manager - Terry Dolan {1989}
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - John Hendrie - 14 
National "Black Monday" - Stock Market (19/10)
Red telephone boxes removed
Hungerford shooting - 14 died (19/8)
Docklands Light Railway opened
Herald of Free Enterprise capsized (6/3)
Golliwogs removed from Noddy books
First division reduced to 21 clubs for 1987/88 season
Kings Cross fire
International Terry Waite kidnapped (24/1)  "Wall Street Crash" (19/10)
Sport FA - Coventry City (Tottenham)
LC - Arsenal (Liverpool)
EC - FC Porto (Bayern Munich)
UE - IFK Gothenburg (Dundee United)
CW - Ajax (Lokomotiv Leipzig)
SB - New York Giants (Denver Broncos) 
1st - Everton (Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur)
Rel .. Leicester, Manchester City, Aston Villa
2nd - Derby (Portsmouth)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Halifax (St Helens)
F1 - Nelson Piquet (Williams) 
Firsts Windows 2.0 (9/12)
Ikea - England
Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida
PageMaker - 1st Windows DTP
Excel - 1st Windows spreadsheet
FOX Television Network (5/4)
Arts/Media Inspector Morse - British tv series
Ruth Rendell Mysteries - British tv series
"Couple : Sharon Maughan & Tony Head" - Gold Blend advert
"Ology : Maureen Lipman" - BT advert
Dr Who - Sylvester McCoy {1989} - BBC tv
Tunnel of Love - Bruce Springsteen
 Joshua Tree - U2
"Changes : throw away fur coat etc" - VW advert
"If you see Syd" - British Gas privatisation advert
Products Cadbury's Twirl chocolate bar    

Architecture Ivegate Arch (?/7)  
Events Telegraph & Argus tabloid format (3/10)
Fiesta 88 - St James Market
Royal visit - Prince Edward
Elite cinema destroyed by fire
Royal visit - Princess Anne
Best Listed Buildings - publication (FlickR)
Lord Mayor - Smith Midgley
Leader - Eric Pickles [C] {1990}
Princess Margaret visits Alhambra (14/4)
Bradford City 4 (D2) - Northern 4 (RL1)
City top scorer - Ron Futcher - 14
National Lockerbie, PanAm flight 103 (21/12)
SAS Gibraltar shootings
All day opening for pubs except on Sunday (21/8) 
Piper Alpha explosion (6/7)
British Steel privatised (2/12)
First division reduced to 20 clubs for 1988/89 season
International Parliament House, Canberra inaugurated (9/5)  Roy Orbison died
Sport FA Cup - Wimbledon (Liverpool)
League Cup - Luton Town (Arsenal)
European Cup - PSV Eindhoven (Benfica)
Uefa Cup - Bayer Leverkusen (Espanol)
Cup Winners Cup - Mechelen (Ajax)
EU - Holland (Soviet Union)
Superbowl - Washington Redskins (Denver Broncos)
1st - Liverpool (Manchester United, Notts Forest)
Rel .. Chelsea, Portsmouth, Watford, Oxford
2nd - Millwall, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough 3rd)
RL - Widnes (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Halifax)
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Olympic Games (24th) - Seoul
Firsts Windows 2.1/286/386
Samna Ami - 1st Windows word processing  
Comic Relief

Arts/Media Miss World - last time on ITV
Hello - UK "celebrity" magazine 
Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley (11/6)
"Just Do it" - Nike advert
Products HP DeskJet   

Architecture Grattan, Thornton Road
Abundant Life Centre, Wapping Road 
Theatre Royal, Manningham Lane demolished

Events Royal visit - Prince Charles
Pace moved to Salts Mill
Bradford's Way Ahead - T&A Special  (Flickr)
Bradford City Manager - Terry Yorath {1990}
Anamaria Wiils appointed as Theatres Manager (?/5) [Flickr]
Lord Mayor - George Hodgson
Royal visit - Princess Diana (Manorlands,Oxenhope)
City v Spurs - FA Cup (7/1) [Flickr & Youtube]
Bradford City 14 (D2) - Northern 8 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National Hillsborough disaster - 95 died (15/4)
Salman Rushdie into hiding - Satanic Verses 
Laurence Olivier died (11/7) [Flickr]
Water privatised (11/12)
English clubs allowed to participate in European competitions (11/4)
International USA - George Bush
San Francisco earthquake
Salvador Dali died  (23/1)
Berlin Wall down
Tiananmen Square massacre - Beijing
Hungary became independent republic (23/10) 
Sport FA - Liverpool (Everton)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Luton Town)
EC - AC Milan (Steaua Bucharest)
UE - Napoli (VfB Stuttgart)
CW - Barcelona (Sampdoria)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Cincinatti Bengals) 
1st - Arsenal (Liverpool, Notts Forest)
Rel .. Middlesbrough, West Ham, Newcastle
2nd - Chelsea (Manchester City, Crystal Palace 3rd)
RL - Widnes (Wigan)
RLCC - Wigan (St Helens)
F1 - Alain Prost (McLaren)
Firsts Glass Pyramid, Louvre, Paris House of Commons televised (21/11)
Arts/Media Agatha Christie's Poirot - British tv series  Sky Television (5/2) 

Architecture Eccleshill Police Station  Dixons City College
Events Philip Smith's butchers, Ivegate closed (?/12)
4 Currer Street [LG] destroyed by fire
West End Project - 3D Developments (Flickr)
Bradford City Manager - John Docherty {1991}
Lord Mayor - Ernest Saville (died)
Leader - Tommy Flanagan [L] {1992}
Bradford City 23R (D2) - Northern 4 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National PM - John Major - Con {1997}  Poll tax implemented 
International Gulf War (2/8)
Nelson Mandela released
Jean-Marc Bosman started proceedings against Belgian FA
Electricity privatised (10/12)
Boris Yeltsin President of Russian Republic
Sport FA - Manchester United (Crystal Palace)
LC - Nottingham Forest (Oldham Athletic)
EC - Milan (Benfica)
UE - Juventus (Fiorentina)
CW - Sampdoria (Anderlecht)
WC - West Germany (Argentina) - Italy
SB - San Francisco 49ers (Denver Broncos)
1st - Liverpool (Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur)
Rel .. Sheffield Wed, Charlton, Millwall
2nd - Leeds United (Sheffield Utd, Sunderland 6th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RLCC - Wigan (Warrington)
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Firsts Windows 3.0 (22/5)  
Arts/Media The European {?}  BSB and Sky merged (?/11) 

Architecture Valley Parade - Holywell Ash Lane stand   
Events Design Exchange, Little Germany
Royal visit - Princess Diana (Shipley)
Britannia Mills, Nelson Street destroyed by fire
Festival Radio commenced broadcasting
Lord Mayor - Syd Collard
Bradford City Manager - Frank Stapleton {1994}
Bradford City 8 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - ? 
National Freddie Mercury died
Dangerous Dogs Act 
PowerGen/National Power (11/3)
First division increased to 22 clubs for 1991/92 season
International Terry Waite & Thomas Sutherland released   
Sport FA - Tottenham (Nottingham Forest)
LC - Sheffield Wednesday (Manchester United)
EC - Red Star Belgrade (Marseille)
UE - Inter Milan (Roma)
CW - Manchester United (Barcelona)
SB - New York Giants (Buffalo Bills)
1st - Arsenal (Liverpool, Crystal Palace)
Rel .. Sunderland, Derby County
2nd - Oldham (West Ham, Sheffield Wed, Notts County)
RL - Wigan (Widnes)
RLCC - Wigan (St Helens) 
F1 - Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Firsts One Canada Square [Canary Wharfe], London   
Arts/Media Pavarotti - Hyde Park concert
BT "prancing piper" logo
"Papa & Nicole" - Renault Clio advert

Architecture Grandad's Clock & Chair, Currer Street   
Events Fire at Allied Colloids
Pictureville Cinema (?/4)

Lord Mayor - Barry Thorne
Leader - Gerry Sutcliffe [L] {1994]
Bradford City 16 (D3) - Northern 11 (RL1)
City top scorer - ?
National Premier League formed for 1992/1993
Windsor Castle fire 
Betty Boothroyd first lady Speaker in the Commons
International Mike Tyson jailed for 6 years
Disneyland, Paris opened (12/4)
Los Angeles riots
Champions League replaced European Cup for 1992/1993
Sport FA - Liverpool (Sunderland)
LC - Manchester United (Nottingham Forest)
EC - Barcelona (Sampdoria)
UE - Ajax (Torino)
CW - Werder Bremen (Monaco)
EU - Denmark (Germany)
SB - Washington Redskins (Buffalo Bills)
1st - Leeds United (Manchester United, Sheffield Wed)
Rel .. Luton, Notts County, West Ham
2nd - Ipswich (Middlesbrough, Blackburn 6th)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Castleford)
F1 - Nigel Mansell (Williams)
Olympic Games (25th) - Barcelona
Firsts Windows 3.1 (6/4)   
Arts/Media Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen
Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen 
"Orange man" - Tango advert
MTV (Un)Plugged - Bruce Springsteen
Heartbeat - British tv series

Architecture Homage to Delius, Crown Court (25/11)
Alexandra Hotel demolished 
Lawcroft House - Toller police station
Events Superdome plan published

Lord Mayor - Bob Sowman
Bradford City 10 (D2) - Northern 3 (RL1)
City top scorer - Sean McCarthy - 17
National Bobby Moore died  Queen pays income tax for first time 
International USA - Bill Clinton  Israel & Palestine sign peace agreement 
Sport FA - Arsenal (Sheffield Wednesday)
LC - Arsenal (Sheffield Wednesday)
CL - Marseille (AC Milan)
UE - Juventus (Borussia Dortmund)
CW - Parma (Antwerp)
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Buffalo Bills)
PL - Manchester United (Aston Villa, Norwich)
Rel .. Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest
1st - Newcastle (West Ham, Swindon 5th)
RL - Wigan (St Helens)
RLCC - Wigan (Widnes)
F1 - Alain Prost (Williams)
Firsts Windows 3.11-WFW (8/11)   
Arts/Media Cracker - British tv series
GMTV - Breakfast tv programme (1/1)
Jurassic Park - Stephen Spielberg
OK - UK "celebrity" magazine 
Products Beanie Babies - Ty Warner  Baby Deer removed from Babycham bottle (came back ?)

Events Bradford City Manager - Chris Kamara
Bradford City Chairman  - Geoffrey Richmond (?/1)

Lord Mayor - Danny Mangham
Leader - Tony Cairns [L] {1997}
Bradford City 7 (D2) - Northern 2 (RL1)
City top scorer - Sean McCarthy 14
Sport FA - Manchester United (Chelsea)
LC - Aston Villa (Manchester United)
CL - AC Milan (Barcelona)
UE - Inter Milan (Austria Salzburg)
CW - Arsenal (Parma)
WC - Brazil (Italy) - USA
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Buffalo Bills) 
PL - Manchester United (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle)
Rel .. Sheffield United, Oldham, Swindon
1st - Crystal Palace, Notts Forest, Leicester 4th)
RL - Wigan (Bradford Northern)
RLCC - Wigan (Leeds)
F1 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton)
Firsts Channel Tunnel opened (6/5)  www.yahoo.com (external link)
Arts/Media Due South - USA tv series  NYPD Blue - USA tv series 
Products   Whisky £9.50 - Monopoly £9.99 - Corgi truck £5.99
next 2004 

Architecture Transperience Theme Park & Museum (1/7) {1997}
Victoria cinema/"Morrisons", Girlington demolished
Royal Standard House, Manningham Lane
Events Riots in Manningham
City Vaults
Bradford Northern change name to Bradford Bulls
Lord Mayor - Marilyn Beeley
Bradford City 14 (D3) - Northern 7 (RL1)
City top scorer - Paul Jewell - 14
National Dunblane massacre  Premier League reduced to 20 clubs 
International Nelson Mandela president South Africa   
Sport FA - Everton (Manchester United)
LC - Liverpool (Bolton)
CL - Ajax (AC Milan)
UE - Parma (Juventus)
CW - Real Zaragoza (Arsenal)
SB - San Francisco 49ers (San Diego Chargers)
PL - Blackburn Rovers (Manchester United, Notts Forest)
Rel ... Crystal Palace, Norwich, Leicester, Ipswich
1st - Middlesbrough (Bolton)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RLCC - Wigan (Leeds)
F1 - Michael Schumacher (Benetton)
Firsts Windows 95 (24/8)  Yahoo (2/3) 
Arts/Media The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen  eBay founded as AuctionWeb - changed name to eBay in 1997

Architecture Valley Parade - Midland Road stand (26/12)   
Events Royal visit - Prince Charles & Diana (Saltaire)
Royal visit - Princess Anne
Eastbook Hall fire (?/2)
Bradford City at Wembley - play off finals
Building A Brighter Bradford - Council publication (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Gordon Mitchell
Leeds - Armoury
O'Neills, Ivegate 
Fate & Firkin, Ivegate
Bradford City 6P (D2) - Northern 7 (RL1) - Bulls 3 (SL)
City top scorer - Mark Stallard - 9
International "Bosman" ruling on football contracts (19/2)   
Sport FA - Manchester United (Liverpool)
LC - Aston Villa (Leeds United)
CL - Juventus (Ajax)
UE - Bayern Munich (Bordeaux)
CW - Paris St Germaine (Rapid Vienna)
EU - Germany (Czech Republic) - England
SB - Dallas Cowboys (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Olympic Games (26th) - Atlanta
PL - Manchester United (Newcastle United, Liverpool)
Rel .. Manchester City, QPR, Bolton
1st - Sunderland (Derby, Leicester 5th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RL - St Helens (Wigan) - Super League
RL - Wigan (?) - playoffs
RLCC - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
F1 - Damon Hill (Williams)
Products Cadbury's Fuse chocolate bar    

Architecture Fibres, St Blaise Square (23/4)  Valley Parade, Allied Colloids stand 
Events Bradford Centenary
Royal visit - Queen (27/3)
Yorkshire Sports relaunched (9/8)
Freeman - Barbara Castle (6/6) (Flickr)
Jonathan Silver died (25/9)
Bradford Bulls win Super League championship
Centenary Leaflet - West Yorkshire Archive Service (Flickr)
Lord Mayor - Tony Cairns
Leader - John Ryan [L] {1998}
The Old Bank, Market Street
Blob Shop, Chester Street
Edwards, Ivegate
Bradford City 21 (D1) - Bulls 1 (SL)
City top scorer - Ole Bjorn Sundgot - 6
National PM - Tony Blair - Lab {2 May 1997- 27 June 2007}  Diana killed in car crash (31/8) 
International USA - Bill Clinton  Hong Kong taken over by China (1/7) 
Sport FA - Chelsea (Middlesbrough)
LC - Leicester City (Middlesbrough)
CL - Borussia Dortmund (Juventus)
UE - Schalke 04 (Inter Milan)
CW - Barcelona (Paris St Germaine)
SB - Green Bay Packers (New England Patriots)
PL - Manchester Utd (Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool)
Rel .. Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Notts Forest
1st - Bolton (Barnsley, Crystal Palace 6th)
RL - Bradford Bulls (London Broncos)
RL - Wigan (St Helens) - playoffs
RLCC - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
F1 - Jacques Villeneuve (Williams)
Arts/Media "Martin Luther King & Ian Wright" - One 2 One advert  

Architecture Aldermanbury   
Events Mirage Club (was Cinecenta)
Superbowl plans scrapped
Bar 2B, Westgate (by rosemarie at tforge)
John Fosters (Black Dyke) ceased production

Lord Mayor - Tony Miller
Leader - Ian Greenwood [L] {2000}
BD One, Ivegate
Bradford City Manager - Paul Jewell {2000}
Bradford City 13 (D1) - Bulls 5 (SL)
City top scorer - Edinho & Robert Steiner - 10
National Peace Plan for Ireland Omagh bombing 
International Zippergate - Monica Lewinsky  
Sport FA - Arsenal (Newcastle United)
LC - Chelsea (Middlesbrough)
CL - Juventus (Real Madrid)
CW - Chelsea (Stuttgart)
UE - Lazio (Inter Milan)
WC - France ( Brazil) - France
SB - Denver Broncos (Green Bay Packers)
PL - Arsenal (Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea)
Rel .. Bolton, Barnsley, Crystal Palace
1st - Nottingham Forest (Middlesbrough, Charlton 4th)
RL - Wigan (Leeds)
RL - Wigan (Leeds) - playoffs
RLCC - Sheffield (Wigan)
F1 - Mika Hakkinen (McLaren)
Firsts Sky Digital (1/11)
ON Digital (15/11)
ITV2 (7/12) 
Arts/Media Titanic - James Cameron  Tracks - Bruce Springsteen 
Products Windows 98 (25/6)  Cadbury's Marble chocolate bar  

Architecture Abbey National HQ
Chicago Rock Cafe
Carlsberg Stand (Kop), Valley Parade
Photography, Film & TV Museum reopened 

Events Bradford City - Promoted to Premier League 
Bradford Bulls win Super League championship
Varsity Bar
Lord Mayor - Harry Mason
Bradford City 2P (D1) - Bulls 1 (SL)
City top scorer - Lee Mills - 24
National Paddington train crash   
International Kosovo crisis   
Sport FA - Manchester United (Newcastle)
LC - Tottenham (Leicester)
CL - Manchester United (Bayern Munich)
CW - Lazio (Real Mallorca)
UE - Parma (Marseille)
SB - Denver Broncos (Atlanta Falcons)

PL - Manchester United (Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds)
Rel .. Charlton, Blackburn, Notts Forest
1st - Sunderland (Bradford City, Watford 5th)
RL - Bradford Bulls (St Helens?)
RL - St Helens (Bradford Bulls)
RLCC - Leeds (London)
F1 - Mika Hakkinen (McLaren)
Arts/Media Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace - George Lucas  Tracks 18 - Bruce Springsteen 
Products Cadbury's Miniature Heroes